🎄 Christmas lights troubleshooting fix icicle LED new set up life hacks 🎄

oh I hope it’s working we’ll go home right now oh yeah oh I whats up guys this is a key and my dog our dog in wants to help me hey buddy are you doing alright this is my new channel for my english speaking friends in the new subscribers so let’s see today another life broadcast i want to show you how I’m sitting christmas lights so long story short and also this is new free just I’m rotating of the results will be boring new route for free app on my iPhone 2006 s ii so second broadcast so far so good i don’t know if i can view let’s see view on the new tab to view that broadcast I don’t want to overwhelm it with my wireless network but i’m just doing a regular broadcast on my business channel pretty often yes so if we have a questions about both guess that probably can help you I doubt know what you watchin it’s only seven subscribers at this point yeah but it’s in there in HD at seven-twenty so far and I just in case I opened them live broadcast if somebody watching it how answer questions so again long long story short I let’s just go outside probably a good idea then we’ll go outside soon maybe i can now we’ll just do it real quick and here’s new see what’s going on whoo haha yeah if you guys one of four seasons or higher is the base best place i’ll show you my setup some areas of this year grass kind of messed up but that’s ok so what I have for years that unit you can put a timer or you can set automatically it will turns when it the desk so not really using timer those lights fine we add that thing area here okay that’s our standard set up around the front door ok problem began soon here we go right there it was ok but now it’s not so usually i’m buying it’s too maybe 70 or something like this i don’t remember it’s probably it’s Phillips four years old at least but usually i’m buying 303 sets the third sets i’m using for extra lights and those excuse me regular condition bulbs alright so the other set i’m using for just replacing bulbs well i don’t think so i bought it i bought three of them i just bought two and that’s the problem so I don’t have any spare bulbs i use the other bulbs they different voltage so here we go that’s new philips you sit over there leds so now I got different the funny part i got last 13 of them at target online and I pick them up same Dame later and it was really messy at the store so busy so here we go the point I’m trying to me it to make you getting this is two point eight meters then we’ll go hold on my man this is point two meters each section so I need the three at least and the fourth will use LED as much better quality means they just life longer for ladies they burning out of course but I definitely use the fourth strength for them bulbs means not above the leds will go out so that’s my plan let’s see if anybody watch that go we’ll go about christmas tree ornaments i did already you know no doubt so dr. definitely want to go out today maybe feet food all right my man or that will be all for today thanks for coming supporting my brand new channel cooking videos I probably do some broadcast later showing my new area for cooking outdoor with my big green egg & Grill okay and we’ll just keep going see you guys soon bye

Bernard Jenkins

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