๐Ÿ‘ƒHow To Minimize Large Pores โ€ข Skincare Solutions for Clogged Pores & Blackheads

Finally, today I’m touching on the most requested topic ever which is about Pores! How to minimize the enlarged pores or how to at least minimize the look of the pore, and how to deal with congested and clogged pores like blackheads and whiteheads I partnered up with the Pond’s Institute to deliver more science-based, research-based, and more solution-based skincare tips for you guys, so let’s get started. Three main causes of large pores The very first one being very, very, interestingly your skin sagging or losing its firmness. An easier way to understand this is to think about your bellybutton, and I know it sounds gross but this is the easiest analogy I can think of right now so consider your bellybutton as your pore on your surface of the skin. When you eat a lot your belly grows, right? [The] firmness and the plumpness of your belly is going to somewhat provide a cushion around your bellybutton making your bellybutton look smaller. If you have a flatter belly, your bellybutton will look more obvious because there’s simply no fat that’s surrounding. So this is what’s simply happening to our face as well it’s no different, I promise you. Simply, the more mature our skin gets, it’s going to lose its elasticity It’s going to slow down in the collagen production and the elastin support that used to provide a really good cushion to hide the pores. So if you’re over 30 and above, that’s when you want to induce your collagen production with the help With Vitamin A derivatives like Retinol, Retinoic Acid, Retinoid Vitamin B3, like Niacinamide, Vitamin C like L-Ascorbic Acid is a wonderful, wonderful active ingredient that can induce the collagen production. But if you’re in your teens and your 20s I don’t think it’s necessary to incorporate these protein-active ingredients but what I demand you to do is to hydrate and moisturize really, really well and never neglect to do it because I know so many of you guys neglect moisturizing, neglect hydrating and keep drying their skin out because it seems like it’s oily but the truth is, the drier your skin becomes the more visible your pores are going to look You just need more hydration and moisturization with good humectants, like Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, which is probably in a lot of products that you already use, so never neglect to moisturize. The second main cause is definitely the excessive sebum production. I have a full dedicated video on how to manage oily skin How to control the sebum production in a very healthy manner so definitely go check out that video I gave out a lot of useful tips that doesn’t incorporating drying out your skin It’s definitely something that will help your skin to find its own balance I know in summertime, a lot of you guys tend to get oilier including myself as well I mean the heat itself will raise the temperature of our skin speeding up the trans-epidermal water loss process meaning that your skin is losing the water content inside the skin and what your skin tends to do is that they want to balance that out they want to compensate the dehydration so they pump out more oil to compensate that So basically, in summertime you want to manage the heated skin like the temperature of your skin and keep it cool and chill. Secondly, you want to take care of your dehydrated skin So green tea matcha cotton pad mask comes really, really handy Especially in summertime it’s something that I really really love doing I simply saturate a bunch of cotton pads with matcha Or green tea. You can use even green tea bags and just store it in the fridge it not only cools down the skin but green tea is naturally known for its very very amazing sebum regulating property Second thing that you can do is to store a sheet mask or store your toners or your essence in the fridge and then apply that, and to not only fix the dehydration but also regulate your sebum production Niacinamide AKA Vitamin B3 AKA my Holy Grail Ingredient is going to be a very wonderful superstar ingredient in your skincare game so something like Pond’s Flawless White Day Cream that contains Niacinamide is not only going to help with you with hydrating, moisturizing your skin but it’s also going to regulate the sebum production So moving on to the last main cause of large pores is definitely and obviously Congested Pore Problems so any kind of accumulated dirt or dead skin cells that build up inside the pore gland and any kind of traffic jam that’s happening is going to physically enlarge the pores and also the bad habits like squeezing and picking on the pores or picking on the pimples will cause enlarged pores Before we jump into the solution I want to briefly touch on the FAQs about clogged pores and congested pores that I collected on my instagram so the very first question is “Does the steaming really open up the pores?” The heat is going to soften the hardened oil inside the pore tunnel so it’s going to make it easier to extract the pore That’s why a lot of estheticians will kind of warm up your skin a little bit before they do any kind of extractions That being said, “is blackhead extraction recommended?” This is such a tricky one to answer because I know regular extraction that’s done professionally and correctly can do wonders in keeping your pore clear However in most cases at home, a lot of you guys try to squeeze it too hard, press it too hard damaging the skin cells, enlarging the pores just worsening the problem and you know, you might have a chance to get infected by bacterias. If you can visit a professional with this matter that will do wonders. “Are pore strips recommended?” (sighs) I’m–I’m done guys. I’m– Solution for congested skin problem The basic step should be properly removing your makeup and I know it sounds really cliche but when I say “properly” I really really mean it because so many of you guys rely on makeup wipes and there’s still makeup, dirts that are clogging your pores I find double cleansing methods to be the most effective way in removing the makeup but also the kindest way to respect your skin barrier function Use a dedicated makeup remover like cleansing oil, cleansing cream, cleansing balms Step number two is exfoliating regularly with BHA, AKA Salicylic Acid This is a chemical exfoliant that is oil soluble Now, don’t let the chemical exfoliants scare you Don’t let the name with acid scare you at all It’s going to be way more gentle and more effective than the physical scrubs that you might be using right now Inside the pores, it’s mainly oil so what it means is that BHA has an ability to penetrate and meet the oil and dissolve the oil and clean the pores if you use BHA probably two or three times a week with the strength of probably 2% is going to really help preventing the blackhead formation Step Number Three is using an absorbing ingredients such as Charcoal, Bentonite Clay Kaolin Clay and these are the ingredients that knows how to draw the impurities out of the pores However if you keep using it in a daily basis it does have a possibility to dry out your skin as well so finding a good hydrating clay mask is something that I would highly recommend you guys to do it Clay mask have better tends(?) to reach the pores than any kind of physical scrubs that you might use but it’s not going to be as penetrating as chemical exfoliant such as Salicylic Acid so if you use BHA in conjunction with clay mask in a regular basis in your skincare routine I guarantee that you’re going to prevent more stubborn blackheads from forming Step number four is Wearing less layers of makeup Especially in summertime your skin is already really Really oily and sweaty and when that’s mixed up with your foundation More chance to clog your pores so in summertime probably wearing less makeup or opting for a foundation that you know it’s not going to clog your pores is crucial Or go liberate your skin from foundation Just use sunscreen and a little bit of concealer That’s something that I would do in summertime and that has been working immensely
in keeping my pores less congested Last step is to use sunscreen Deliberately and reapply it if you can I know a lot of you guys steer away from sunscreen because it seems like it’s clogging your pores Just go through a little bit more trials and errors to find the right sunscreen Do not give up because UV light not only causes free radical damage giving your skin that oxidative stress it’s going to cause inflammation it’s going to break down the collagen meaning that your skin is going to mature easily Therefore it all drills down to the poor problems that I was talking about before it speeds up the lipid peroxidation it can make your sebum gloopier and oilier and it’s going to have more chance of clogging the pores you can have more breakouts all because of the UV light if you have to take away one thing out of this entire video I would definitely say use more sunscreen Hope this video was helpful I will leave more articles or more references that you can read up on in the info box below as well as some product
recommendations so I hope you guys can check it out there and you are more than welcome to join this Palm Palm Fam by hitting that red subscribe button down below I’ll speak to you guys on my instagram @aboutliahyoo Till then, stay healthy and happy! Bye!

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  2. Just one important question plz should i use cream while i have acne my mother told me that creams close the pores so i don't know what to do look i wash my face and then put my toner and gel to get rid of acne and that's it so should i put a moistrising cream too in a way my skin is oily plz answer me

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    Which of these products can be causing this bad skin texture?
    I'm using a cleanser twice a day, a moisturizer at night, and a moisturizer with SPF during the day. Can you please help me figure this out because I'm really hating the way my skin is looking even though it's more moisturized than before?

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  19. Of all the YouTubers about skin care routine, I believe you are the best. The way you explain is very clear and straightforward. I also feel your sincerity when you advice on how we can build our own skin care routine and not just endorse. Anyway, one of the best if not the best product I've tried for managing large pores that's truly effective is Skinmiso- Skinmiso Pore Corset Serum and Skinmiso Pore Zero Night Cream. The effectiveness and price point are the best for me. It is truly worth its value and one can see the difference. I have aging skin and guilty of pricking white heads. Refining my skin by minimizing my pores has been solved because of this product. Hope I get to hear your comment about this product.

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  50. Pore strips are NOT recommended because they only remove the upper layer and black heads is because of a deeper layee issue from excess oil, so what you see when you move your strip will only give results the for a few hours if not minutes but the next day it show up again.
    For black heads use zapzyt let it lather then leave on for a few minutes then wash then use stridex pads then moisterize daily and exfoliate nose area only once a week and the entire face maybe 10 days of two weeks

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  53. Guys I have huge pores since i was like 15yrs old. It got worse and i have more than i was 15. It would never shrink and be gone. When i was in US i didnโ€™t think of the heat and my pores. As i came back to Korea I realized My pores are all open and bigger. I have pores on my forehead,nose, cheeks.
    I started putting cold Aloevera from the fridge and I have a handy steel massage thing in the fridge. I rub it with aloe vera on my face everyday and only use aloe vera for a week. I did before too but this time i saw a big change after seeing all disgusting big pores after US. Keep your face cool and chill. Use Aloe vera if your face is dang oily as me!!

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  55. I started using vitamin c serum since 25. Itโ€™s one thing I canโ€™t really live without. Whenever I stop using it, I can really see the difference. It gives you brighter skin, healthy glow, fades dark spots, plumper skin, prevents pimples, hastens healing in cases of inflammation and breakouts. Itโ€™s just wonderful but just be mindful about the concentration. Proper usage such as timing and moderation is crucial as it may also sensitize your skin.

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    Also, your videos are great! I love both the presentation, your soothing voice, the fact that you explain the science behind it but keep it simple, and the occassional humor bits 10/10! > This is all I want from youtube honestly XD

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