14 Biggest Men’s Grooming Mistakes & How To Fix Them

– Hey you, welcome back. I’m Ashley Weston, I’m a
celebrity menswear stylist. So today I want to talk about the top 14 grooming mistakes men make. So some of these mistakes,
you might not even know that you’re making them, and the thing is, though,
that all of these mistakes are really off putting. So let’s get into what those mistakes are so that you’re aware of
them and you can fix them. Number 14 on the list
is unkempt body hair. So I’m talking about your chest,
arms, legs, and down there. You want to make sure to always have your body hair nicely trimmed. You want to go too far where
it’s just bare skin, now. But use like a one or two on a clipper and just trim your body hair
every three to four months. Number 13 on the list is unruly eyebrows. It’s really distracting when
you’re talking to someone and their eyebrow hairs
are just out of control. They’re like really long and they’ve got like a little unibrow thing going on. Be sure to just trim your eyebrow hair, and if you do have a little
bit of hair in between, it’s all right, just go
pluck them or get them waxed, but definitely don’t shape your eyebrows, you don’t want to look super feminine. The 12th grooming mistake men make is not taking care of your skin. So you always want to present
the best possible version of yourself and that includes your face. So if you’re struggling with
acne or oily or dry skin, or even just premature
aging, it’s really important to have a skin care routine in place. So you wanna wash and moisturize
your face every single day and if you are going to be out in the sun, you need to wear sunscreen,
because that’s really gonna protect you from,
you know, more wrinkles and sunspots down the road. And number 11 is going too
long in between haircuts, which really just makes
you look very sloppy and it’s very hard to
style overgrown hair. So if you have a shorter hairstyle, you wanna get your haircut
done every two to three weeks. If you have a slightly longer hairstyle, go about every three to four weeks, and if you have more of a
shaped or buzzed hairstyle, then make sure to get your haircut done every couple days up to a week. Number 10 is noticeable ear and nose hair. So this is something that at least from a woman’s perspective, it’s really gross when
you’re talking to someone, and you see like a little straggler coming out of the nose or like ear hair. Every couple of days, look in the mirror, just look up your nose, see if anything’s peeking out and trim it. There’s like trimmers for
nose and ear hair specifically that makes it so easy to do. So take care of that so
that you’re not distracting someone with your noticeable
nose and ear hair. The ninth grooming mistake men make is having unkempt facial hair. It’s again, really distracting
and very off putting when you are talking to someone and their facial hair is so long that it’s starting to just creep into, you know, their lips
or to cover their lips. If you’re gonna have a beard
or facial hair of some sort, make sure to trim it nicely, you know, especially around the lips area. And if you want a little
bit of stubble or whatnot, you gotta make sure to shave your neck. It just keeps the entire look, you know, very clean and fresh and distraction-free. Number eight on the list is
dirty, greasy, ungroomed hair. When I, this, I feel like
hair is almost one of the, especially dirty and greasy
hair is one of those immediate, like stomach turners for me. Like, I just get so grossed
out and I want to like vomit when I see dirty, greasy hair. You really need to make sure
that if before you step out in public, just wash
your hair and style it, so that you look like a, you
know, self-respecting man. The seventh grooming mistake
is having bloody gums or just (beep) in your teeth. Ugh! It’s so gross to even say it. I know bloody gums! But you got to make sure to
go to the dentist regularly so that, you know, you
have a nice teeth cleaning every six months and
always just take some floss or at least toothpicks with you, so that after meals you can
just like excuse yourself, go to the bathroom and if you
see anything in your teeth, you can get it out
before you start talking to more people and they
start noticing like, ooh, you have some pepper in there. Number six, and this is gonna
repel everyone around you and that is bad breath. Definitely, this is very easily avoidable, you just got to brush
your teeth regularly, and if, you know, you’re
feeling that you mouth not tasting very fresh, pop in a mint before you’re gonna be talking to someone. And the fifth grooming
mistake is being stinky. So either you’re not taking enough showers and you’re not using deodorant, or you’re just dousing
yourself in cologne. So just make sure that
you’re taking showers on a regular basis, using deodorant, and be very light-handed
with your cologne. Numero cuatro is dirty, long
fingernails and toenails, and it also goes for just
really jagged, short, bitten nails as well. Gotta make sure to have
your nails nicely trimmed and cleaned, because nobody wants to shave or touch someone’s hands
or be around someone that has like these gross,
gnarly looking nails. The third grooming mistake that men make is just not moisturizing enough. So we’ve already talked about facial skin, but now I’m talking about your body. So specifically, your hands,
elbows, knees and feet. Ugh, it does not look great and it doesn’t feel great when
you’re shaking someone’s hand and their hands are just so
dry and chapped and cracked or they have like really
ashy, bumpy elbows and knees. And it’s something that’s
very easily, like solvable. All you got to do is
after you take a shower, grab some lotion, plop it in your hands, just moisturize your hands, put some on your elbows, knees, and feet, you’re good to go, you’re not gonna look like a dried-up prune. Number two on the list is neck hair. It just drives me crazy when I see a guy, you know, so well dressed,
hair perfectly combed, and then he turns his head away and boom! It’s like hairy neck, right
there, looking at you, and it’s such an easy thing to fix. So don’t wait till your
next haircut appointment for your barber to take
care of your neck hair, you want to just every couple days when you’re shaving, you know, just give it a couple
little swipes back there, so it’s nice and clean,
and then you’re good to go. Number one, numero uno, the top dog of all the grooming mistakes out there is dry, cracked lips. It is so incredibly distracting
when you are talking to someone and their
lips are just peely, dry, bloody, kind of cracked. It’s so gross. It’s like you’re so hard to concentrate. If you’re lips are feeling
a little dried out, use some ChapStick, problem solved. If you like this video,
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for more videos like this, and see you in the next one. Bye.

Bernard Jenkins


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    if we were in the same social group and you started to criticize my body hair I will become disinterested in hanging out with you.

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