2005 Chevy Equinox Low Power, Low Fuel Pressure Troubleshooting

Bernard Jenkins


  1. This was a great video. Could have passed for premium. Material lol. Question. When doing the amerpage test, instead of checking power and ground at the pump, what's the ideal amperage you're looking for and what amperage would make you say screw it and check power and ground at the pump anyway?

  2. This guy is the TRUTH! Scanner Danner is the man. I've been a Mopar master/ASE Master for nearly 20 years. Site unseen, I believe in your theory and operation. Way to make the engineers look like rookies. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  3. I liked the amperage check to verify ground and voltage good theory of a lean back fire! the old carb days when……ouch!

  4. I would agree with the impeller theory since there would be a lesser current draw if the pump is not working as hard.


  6. Hey Guys, Many new videos out from others , picked yours to watch first, "of course". What does that tell you? Your my favorite, been following you along time. Even had your premium for two years way back when. I could go on and on but I'll just say without your videos I wouldn't be diagnosing vehicles. Thanks again. p.s. blow through fuel filter to check for clog, I know you know that, just for others who don't know.

  7. Good video. I learned over the time in the field that aftermarket parts draw more current them oem to the point i get scared of frying a computer driver because those aftermarket parts drawing up to 30% more amps. I bet that guy short with money got the pump from a local autopart store. If it need a fuel pump it will get a fuel filter too nice and simple.

  8. Great lesson! I'm subscribing! Cheers from Europe. One more question Paul, what could that mean that MAF value at idle is higher than suppose to be?

  9. Hey Paul, thanks for sharing! Seen that lower amps higher rpms with a plugged filter BEFORE the pump. It went to even lower amps and even higher rpms during snap throttle. It was a lexus gx pump. Got a pico capture. Filter change fixed that car for then ) Have a nice day.

  10. There is a lot of videos of bad fuel pressure
    But with every video new lesson
    Thank you so much teacher .

  11. Another great video, Paul! Newer vehicles are starting to come with 3 phase AC brushless fuel pumps. I've been doing tons of research on new BMWs, and oh boy are they getting complicated.

    The current generation 7 series has a 3 phase fuel pump. It is controlled by a driver module that talks to the engine control module, so nothing out of the ordinary compared to most modern cars. Measuring the module current allows you to measure the pump current too. The pressure spec of this pump is between 72 to 85 PSI, which falls in line with a lot of other cars with GDI. The reason the industry is switching to brushless fuel pumps is that they are more efficient. Less load on the electrical system means less load on the alternator, which means less load on the engine, which means less fuel burned.

    Speaking of the alternator, it now has its own built in module. It talks to the engine control module through a LIN bus. Its only a two wire alternator too. There's the battery cable and the single LIN bus wire. It grounds to the block of course. Sounds simple, right? Well you must use OEM, no exceptions. BMW service info literally says that the alternator will not charge if an incorrect or non-approved alternator installed.

  12. Flame front characteristics is probably going to run into more static than it's worth to a professor of chemistry, and like everything else it's his opinion anyway what happens in your motor. But there are a few die hard YT fools out there doing see thru plastic cylinder heads on lawn mower engines and using odd fuels to document the flame front and there certainly are some ignition events seen that are agonizingly slow to include backfire thru the opening intake valve – seen and confirmed. You are correct sir, it can happen on rare occasion as was the case here as well.

  13. Another great job and explanation, your son is very lucky to have you as a teacher and father <3

  14. it could be igniting from the following cylinders exhaust stroke, due to not burning at all and passing raw fuel vapor into the exhaust manifold 🙂

  15. I like this video mister Danner , relevant year vehicle and very good in depth diagnostic procedures . From 05 upward i would think is very relevant thank you and again please keep the years up it makes for a very exciting video thanks so much have a great day .

  16. Fantastic video, I like the way the hilights are linked in the description. Just a question: what do you think an exhaust leak trims will look like? Positive? Negative?

  17. Had 1988 Audi with exactly this symptom but I learned from you that 02 sensor are not used with WOT so I put the pedal to the floor and car response great…………. that's a clue problem was the connector to the 02 sensor was not connected. Great Video both Danners

  18. Paul thanks for showing the U activate tool in your videos. Just purchased one thru your website and AESwave. Can't wait for it to arrive. Between your book your class and the tools it's opened up a whole new world. You and your son Caleb keep up the quality work. ❤️❤️

  19. Paul also just found out our library system offers free of charge wiring diagrams thru automate. All systems all cars. Compared a few of them to mitchel and they appear to be exactly the same. Should check your local library and see if they are on the network. Our library here in Bellport NY is top of the line. ❤️

  20. Never been a fan of shiverlay. But, to each their own.
    130,000 miles, and replace a fuel pump.. REALLY? WTF? My 98 Taurus had 230,000 on the ORIGINAL fuel pump and still ran great when I sold it.

  21. First there was The lone Ranger and Tonto /NOW its Scanner Danner and Sparkplug [Caleb] LOL Cheers Mate

  22. On some early 2000's euro boxes with a saddle tank style split tank the pump is on one side of the tank and the in-tank pressure regulator and in-tank filter on the other side of the tank . On these cars the filter is an old style paper element in a two part plastic housing held together by a bayonet style fitting. A common cause of no-starts is the the two parts of filter housing coming apart inside the tank resulting in no fuel pressure and all the fuel getting pumped into the side of the tank away from the pump suction. The fix is simply to reassembly the filter housing and if possible lock it together more securely either using a special OEM supplied locking wedge or McGuyver a home made equivalent

  23. Great stuff as usual, Paul! Like I always say, I ALWAYS learn something new on each one of your vids, even though I've been at this for some time now. I didn't realize that pressure drop was normal on a returnless system with the regulator in the tank! This will keep me from chasing my tail some day, I'm sure. THANK YOU yet again! 👍👍 Sure wish I had vids like this to watch back when OBD-II first came out. Would've made my life SOOOO much easier!!

    Interesting that this Equinox has a nearly identical fuel tank to the Ford Mustang – I had to replace a fuel tank, pump, and sender on a 2005. The owners kept dumping all their stale, ethanol-separated fuel into this thing as it sat parked, unused for years. The inside of the fuel tank looked like it was full of salt water for 4 years, lol. Nothing was salvageable. That was the first time I ever saw a split tank, with a tee joining both sides of the tank to the fuel pump, and a separate sending unit by itself on one side. On the Mustang, if I remember right, the 2 senders sent signals to the computer, which averaged the 2 into a gauge reading. Interesting setup.

  24. Paul, ANOTHER great video…trying to help a Corvette Forum member with 99 C5 with loss of power between 2900-3200 RPM…runs fine at idle and cruising…no DTC's….told him to post O2's and fuel trim PIDS with his Torque Lite App…sounds like maybe a pump…he changed the filter and it ran a little better…I have a fuel line adapter with a shut off valve that I can connect into the fuel rail…closing the valve I can decrease fuel flow to the fuel rail simulating a clogged filter or pump…I want to make a video for the Forum members like this showing data PIDS relating to low volume delivery to the rail…I can even show current flow with my Picoscope….what kind of camera do you use to make videos ??…I can use my iPhone X strapped to my head…LOL !!…God Bless !!

  25. Please seeking suggestions, 1995 Eldorado 4.6 developed small hesitation, now its basically rough idle cold start and if you rev it in park it struggles significantly until 2000 rpm 'breaking free, or clearing up' and revs fine, upon that the ISC motor sticks at that 2000 rpm-ish, and clicks after engine is turned off, here's where I hope your interested,
    Fuel pressure running 36 lbs
    Replaced pump without voltage test (dough) problem persists Pressure same if not similar.
    I connected the red GM pump test lead to 12v and NOTHING
    I connected the grey feed wire 12v direct and got about 40 lbs key on.
    So I improved the pressure by directly applying volatage instead of the key on.
    Am I finding a 12v feed wire problem as that red jumper ties into the feed?
    To top it off the trans blew in the middle of trying to diagnose.

  26. GREAT "Theory Of Operation" AND Verication Of Operation! I LIKE that explanation of the partially/or fully plugged fuel filter and the damage to the pump that will cause pump failure later!
    The before and after readings were The Chocolate Icing On The Chocolate Cake! Thankyou.

  27. "We need to take this for a test drive"……"There's no point in taking it for a test drive in this condition"……"We'll take it for a test drive"….😂

  28. 23:08 check amperage for filter condition

    27:25 you mentioned that the amperage is maybe slightly high

    If it is slightly higher amperage, does that indicate the fuel filter is starting to gradually start to clog?

  29. yep, plugged fuel filter = the pump has been working extra hard, best bet is replace it also, also what kind of junk is in the strainer and tank bottom.
    nobody changes them until it's too late and that's one of the reasons they've moved it to in-tank.

  30. maybe regulator failure?
    not had any of the heats shrink butt splices split open that I know of, guess I'll find out in the future lol. I've used mostly good brand, but have used a bunch of horrible fright chinesium ones also O_O

  31. drag racing/exhibition in school zone/property! isn't that like a huge fines, suspended license and misdemeanor :)))

  32. Gd morning Scanner Danner i have the same problem with my Nissan Armada 2004,when I'm driving after a while she start like doing the same symptom ,i took her to the Nissan dealer to check on scanner and they determined that the cause was the transmission electronic valve body wich cost 900 dollars,they did the job and i took her from them and drove but she still with the same issue,nothing change.My question is if you think is the same problem like in this video(fuel pump) because they told me that maybe is the coils misfiring wich that i dont agree at all,plus they want me to give them more money to fix the other issue wich i know is a rip off,escuse my grammar,thanks!

  33. great video!… I guess you already know, but all your explanations and real life anecdotes is what makes this (and all your other videos) videos a gem. I love that you take the time to explain and not assume that all your viewers are at the same point in their training/experience.. Merci beaucoup ! (from QC, Canada)

  34. Great video danner I was once told a good rule of thumb is 1 amp current draw per 6-10 psi fuel pressure and the vacuum operated pressure regulators will raise fuel pressure 2-3 psi due to the loss of manifold vacuum during a wot or a snap the ones in the tank don't have this control thus resulting in a 2-3psi drop and I want to say I learned the current draw from one of your lessons. Your one heck of a teacher I feel your one of the lucky ones that found their true calling not working on cars but teaching thank you

  35. Its call shit that u didnt know was there and customers hate when i tell some of them they car got to sit for a day as a home tech lol

  36. Very cool that you break out the time line for the tests. You don't have to stop and make notes you've already done that. Well of course that's the teacher in you.
    Great cameraman and lesson from the Professor. Excellent video guys.

  37. Wisdom = to know fate can be a bitch. If I get the urge to “punch it” there’s probably a cop right behind me.

  38. he can come fix my 2001 pontiac montana 3.4 getting a code or a throttle poisioning sensor and a code for the ecm

  39. I haven't never replaced a ecm myself at no time i personaly have never had a ecm go bad before i loated it but dont know how to find out whats wrong with it

  40. this is what my van started doing except it never lost power like that but i scanned it and got a code for the ecm and the throttle poisioning sensor replaced the map air flow sensor

  41. 03 4runner Sport in the background…I miss that truck.

    Btw, just found your channel. Wonderful stuff, you're saying stuff here I want to tell my customers but they don't often trust me when they watch youtube videos on DIY diagnosing and think throwing parts at fault codes will always solve the problem.

    Love your channel, I'll probably be around for a while.

    EDIT: Re: Fuel pumps and filters, same thing happened to me on my Taurus with 250k. Low fuel pressure triggering lean misfire codes. Changed the fuel filter and the pressure returned, only to have low pressure return soon after. Sold the car before I replaced the pump because of a trans issue, but yeah, good advice. Loving your channel even more.

  42. Damn, just finished the video. I would have learned a hell of a lot faster if I had a teacher like you. Instead I got one that read everything out of the manual and prepped the students for the ASE exam only. No wonder I dropped out of school.

    Phenomenal channel, absolutely love what you do.

  43. Scanner Danner,

    Can you come out to my home and diagnose my vehicle for your next episode?

    1995 Nissan Maxima
    Loss of Power
    Poor Idle
    Exhaust Stinks

    and my primary ignition wire off the ignition switch drops to 13.2v

    Voltage drops as vehicle warms up..

    That’s with all accessories off and in drive..

    No check engine light..

  44. I trying to get the site for qg18 wiring diagram on a CS2 Lancer Mitsubishi wire diagram engine room if you can help me

  45. what sucks about a returnless fuel system is, not being able to use the key method to prime the fuel rail in the same way.

  46. Awesome video Paul…..
    And for your son to have you as a tutorial live in action, you couldn’t dream for anything better…..

  47. I've said this before but it's worth repeating. I see a video that's almost an hour long and I think, "I don't have time to watch this". But then I get lost in the process and before I know it I'm late for work.

  48. Your videos are always very thorough and informative. I have a 99 ck 2500 with a 5.7 and a 99 Tahoe with a 5.7. My pick-up has a rebuilt engine, stock rebuild as far as I know, I replaced the injectors and cap and rotor. It has around 45 psi of fuel pressure, which is low from what you have said in other videos. cruising around it has an intermittent miss. I don't notice it under acceleration. I have a blue driver scanner, no trouble codes. Any idea what to check?

    The Tahoe just decided to not start Monday morning. 180k miles all original. Cranks, has 60psi of fuel pressure, has spark. I am leaning towards a skipped tooth on the timing chain. Any other ideas?

    I really appreciate your time and your channel.

  49. One of the master techs in my shop says your explanation of why the combustion gasses are popping back into the intake because the fuel air mixture is burning slower when lean is incorrect. i don't have enough information to dispute either of you, but I would like to hear a little more about it from you.

  50. "The fuel pump failed 2 weeks after you changed the fuel filter and the customer was pissed" How can you predict how long a fuel pump is gonna last? Just like you can't predict when the customer will get a flat tire because the tires are bald. If you recommend that the customer replace both the filter and the pump some would think you were trying to rip them off or are guessing. Most won't listen to an explanation. They only see $$$$$.
    I am very aware of lean backfires but never knew exactly what caused them. Great info, Paul.

  51. Once again, a very thorough video.
    I only wished I had watched this 2 days ago,
    I just tested out for ASE L1, and there were a couple questions that pertained to the subject of this video.
    I really could have answered the questions quicker, knowing what you just proved!
    Thank you for all you do for us, for your family, your students and anyone else that is interested in learning how all this stuff works.
    L1 Certified I am now.
    Keep up the good work!

  52. Informative easy to understand clear camera shots you’re my new I’m stumped need a you tube car guy. Great video!

  53. Btw filter is in the pump on equinox yey do both!!!! There’s no separate filter like a lot of other cars

  54. Let's see less than normal combustion chamber pressures incorrect timing lean air fuel ratio the flame front in milliseconds may be a pop back up in take valve leannesss equals slower flame front which is equivilant to incorrect time in a way

  55. I don't think the pump had impeller problem. Impellers usually get stuck or wear out gradually over time. So I'd bet on pressure regulator failure in this case. Maybe return valve stuck half-open, maybe a leaking seal under the spring… this drops most of the fuel back to the tank, causing lower pressure, and less load for the pump (thus lower amps and higher rpm).
    While pressure reg is a part of the pump, it usually can be replaced separately, and is shareable across wide range of car models. And most importantly, it costs around 10 to 20$ while pump costs several hundreds. So yes, I'd go deeper. If you still have the old pump, how about asking Caleb to repair it to have a working spare? 😉

  56. It takes a good volume drop to affect pressure….often overlooked

  57. im in uniontown,pa and i have a chevy equinox 2007 with no rpm. put a new erg valve and new fuel injectors on and it still have the same problem

  58. What could cause a fuel pressure to drop 15 psi after start up?2012 Chevy Colorado wt.

  59. 29:30 so on a 8 bar fuel pump waveform the hump 4 spaces down from a bad one is the same contacts just different polarity

  60. Filter is dirty like ya said what fucked up the commutator? dirty debris particles and heat with being overworked that’s amperage is good shit like hvac guys do it .. omg you sick fuck a bad wire to the injectors I am looking at that fuse box and the wires around it.. my eq stalls

  61. hi sir u do love tht tool lol do u sleep with it haa hagd1 sir/family/team

  62. Wide Open throttle steps on gas for q second the steps off 17:00 you cant manually adjust pressure in throttle body my ass

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