21 DAY FIX EXTREME REVIEW: Lower Fix Extreme

>I created 21 Day
Fix for people who need a fast approach, to portion control and fitness so they can effectively, lose weight over a short period of time. But at some point, no matter what workout program you’re doing, there comes that final push to achieve, the hard body you’ve always wanted. My personal approach to shredding up, and shedding off those final pounds, it takes guts, intensity, and drive. Its 21 days and it’s extreme. If you you want it? It’s time to get serious.>So that was lower fix extreme
from the 21-Day Fix Extreme program. Ah, my new favorite workout. And I think like the ultimate skiers workout. Um, one of my favorite workouts to do to get ready, for ski season is a PAP lower from P90X2. And this is very similar so basically what those two workouts do, is they require you to do a strength move, followed by some sort of plyometic move. So you’ll get a little flair for it in the video, here of what I’m doing but I’m basically doing a lunge, and then like a plyo move or a squat and then a jump. For a minute, and so you thirty seconds, wait it, for thirty seconds with, um, you know, plyo exercises. Holy shit that is really hard. Um that is just a fun workout though. What a fantastic way, to get ready for ski season. I’m gonna be doing that one continually because that was awesome. I mean that was such a great workout, super pumped right now. Um, gosh I should go check the ski/snow report at Mammoth. Alright guys talk to you later!>

Bernard Jenkins

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