3 Internet Connection Troubleshooting Tips

Steve Dotto here. How the heck are you this
fine day? Me? I’m feeling fantastic and I’m glad you’re joining me because I’m going to
show you the three quick tips that you can do to troubleshoot issues that we’re having
on the internet. We all have days when the internet just isn’t working the way it should.
What do I do when I’m having one of these days? I’ll tell you in just a few seconds.
All right, we’ve all been there. We’re trying to connect to a website which we know was
there yesterday and we are not connecting for whatever reason. We are having issues
and now we’re all worried. Is the issue at my side? Is it a virus? Is it something in
my router or in my Wi-Fi? Is it at their end? Are they having issues or has something dastardly
happened to the internet between us? What in the world is happening? How do we figure
it out? Well, I just go through a very simple process
if I’m having trouble connecting to the internet. The first is patience. Sometime, I just wait
a little bit of time and try it again a little bit later. But if you’re concerned that there’s
a problem with your internet connection, testing your speed, testing your upload and download
speed is a great idea, and it’s not only a great idea if you’re having a problem but
it’s also a great idea to make sure that you’re getting what you’re paying for from your ISP.
So knowing what package and plan you have and what speeds you should be getting and
then measuring it from time to time is a fairly healthy exercise.
I use SpeedTest.net when I want to check it. Now it’s a free site. It’s full of advertising
and if you click on the wrong button, you’re going to be taken into the ad like the Start
Now ad that’s just saying please, please click on me, that one will actually take us into
an ad. Where we want to begin is Begin Test and all it’s going to do is it’s going to
go out through my internet connection and it’s going to test my upload speed, how fast
I upload and how fast I download from the internet.
Now I could choose starting the download speed so it’s seeing how fast the internet can download
data into my network here. This is very important for things like watching of streaming videos.
So if you watch a lot of You Tube, if you watch Netflix a lot, you want to have really
good download speed. I actually pay for slightly upgraded service so I want to make sure that
I’m getting what I pay for and it looks like I am. I am getting close to 50 megabytes/sec
downstream. That’s very healthy. In my upstream connection, I also pay a little bit more for
it because I’m always uploading videos like this so I want it to happen a little bit faster.
It looks like my upstream connection is working pretty well as well. Yeah, 7.9 megabytes,
that’s right in the range of what I expect. So I know that my internet connection is fairly
healthy. Now if I’m still having issues though, if
I’m having issues connecting to a website, the next thing I do if I know my internet
connection is in good shape is if I will try a different browser or I will clear the cache
of my existing browser, just in case there is something in there, there’s cookie or something,
that’s causing the website not to show properly or something along that line. It’s not very
often the case but it’s especially worth doing if you’re an Internet Explorer user. I’m sorry
but a lot of stuff just doesn’t resolve well. Most of the problems that I have with people
who are having trouble coming to my stuff is if they’re using Internet Explorer. If
they go to Firefox or if they go to Chrome or if they go to Safari, usually the problems
solve themselves. So try a different browser or clear your browsing data if you’re having
issues. If you’re still having issues, you might end
up having to check technical support and one thing that they’re always going to ask you
is what’s your IP address. Now the average person just doesn’t know what their IP address
is and there’s no place you can look just on your screen here. But if you just start
a new browser window and just type “what’s my IP?” the cool thing in Chrome is that if
I just type that in into the omnibar which is the search bar—it’s now called an omnibar;
it’s an intelligent search bar—it actually brings up what my IP address is so that I
can share that with technical support immediately. If that doesn’t show up because you’re using
a different browser or for whatever reason, WhatsMyIP.org is the place that you can go
and you will quickly get your exact IP address so that you can then share with technical
support . Now I’ll include all of these links in the
description field below or in the blog post if you’re watching this on our website but
those are the three steps you can go through. It’s not going to solve everything but it
gives you something to do to work your way through any issue and gets you on the path
towards making sure your connection is in good shape.
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