5 Reasons Fixing Your Own Car Will Change Your Life

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna give
you the top five reasons that you should do it yourself and fix your own car,
and the first reason is really obvious you can save a lot of money,
the average mechanic shop at least in the big city like I am in Houston,
charges between a hundred and a hundred and forty dollars per hour labor, and
they’re often not even honest about how many hours they actually work on your
car, I’ve had people go someplace and they got charged eight hours labor but
they had a guy across the street watch him and he only worked on the car for a
couple hours, now unless you’re into fooling yourself, you know how long
you’re working on a car, how much time it takes you, and at 100 to 140 dollars an
hour labor, you’re saving a ton of money doing it yourself,
now the next reason is this, if you do it yourself you know you’re using quality
parts as an example, even if you take your car for a simple thing like an oil
change to an oil change joint, first thing they’re gonna do is they’re gonna
try to sell you all kinds of stuff which you may or may not want, but when it
comes to the oil that they’re using, if you get their regular oil change you get
what’s called bulk oil, it’s delivered by trucks it’s often in a giant plastic
containers or in a barrel that you can’t even see inside, then they just pump it
out and put it in your car, you have no idea what quality of the oil is that
they’re putting into your car, now unless you
ask them for a quality of oil which they’re gonna charge you way much more
than you can actually buy the stuff yourself, you’re not getting the best
quality oil that you will get if you buy it yourself, and even though I’m a
mechanic for my own cars, heck I price around on the internet and locally and
whenever they have the oil I want to use on sale, I buy a whole bunch of it and
store it my garage, same thing with oil filters, I like using
a higher quality oil filters, but if you go to an auto parts store you’ll often
see the cheap filters might only be two or three bucks, but the more
expensive ones they’ll be well over $10, guess what you price around on the
internet and locally, you can find the high quality filters for maybe four or
five dollars, you don’t need to pay $10 buying it yourself or paying even more
in an auto change place, and again at the oil change place, if you’re getting one
of their generic filters, I know a guy ran one of those and he was buying those
generic filters for 50 cents apiece, they weren’t the greatest filters on earth to
say the least, now the next reason that you should fix your own car is because
of the satisfaction that you get fixing your own car
nothing beats having a problem, fixing it yourself, and then away you go, for me
that’s pretty much a lifestyle, I fix everything myself you know, plumbing
electrical, I don’t want to waste more money on something that isn’t that
complicated, watching my videos you can see things like brake jobs, changing
spark plugs, changing water pumps, it’s not really all that hard to do and once
you accomplish it and get some satisfaction out of it, hey nothing beats
that, now the next reason is, if you’re fixing your own car guess what, you get
to be all by yourself fixing your car, you got one thing that
you’re doing and in our modern hectic society of 8,000 things happening all at
the same time, it’s nice to have a simple task
your car’s broken, you want to fix it, you get to go in your garage or your driveway
and be by yourself it’s actually quite a zen experience if you get good at it, now I
know this goes totally against our modern society of planned obsolescence
buy something, oh here comes a new model you got to get that and throw away the
old one, but really in the long run for your own mental stability and financial
stability too, it’s better to get things and then fix them rather than just throw
them away, and as I’ve shown in many my videos, you can actually welf plastic
together when it breaks, you can do metal welding, a welder nowadays doesn’t cost
all that much money, you can fix things instead of buying new things
because think about it, when you’re fixing your car, you’re out there by
yourself and your wife isn’t yelling at you because you’re doing something
constructive, especially if you’re fixing her car,
I know a lot of guys will say, I hate getting my hands dirty, I don’t want to
get all messy working on a car, hey my wife got these rubber gloves for me
years ago and I’ve been using them for decades, keeps your hands from being
destroyed, you don’t have to worry about dirt and grease, you can just wear gloves
when you’re working, now I know some guys are going to say, oh modern cars are so
complex, how can I fix them without computers, well this little blue driver
plugs into your dash, it’s a $99 scan tool, works off of your cell phone, it does all
kinds of things, can show you the recalls your car had, can show mode six data
they really have a lot of information in these things, for 99 bucks you can’t
beat that, and if you’re ultra serious for five or six hundred dollars you can
get stuff that I use as a professional mechanic, that is pretty much state of
the art, that’s the one thing about computers, hey it’s like warfare if one
company makes something that is really state-of-the-art but very complicated
hey the computer nerds they’re quickly going to find something that you can use
to fix that system, you can learn how to fix things really fast because when
somebody finds is a problem with the car that’s relatively unique and they show
how to fix it, they’re gonna get a whole bunch of views and you’re gonna get that
information for nothing just watching a youtube video, even I use YouTube videos
I don’t know that much about washing machines and refrigerators, but when mine
break that’s what I do, I watch a YouTube video then I fix it myself, so now
you know the five big reasons you should
become a DIY car repair guy, you’re gonna save a lot of money, you can actually
have a lot of satisfaction when you do the job right and know that quality
parts were using not just some cheap Chinese knockoff, because they can make a
higher profit buying a cheap part and marking it up and selling it to you,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell!

Bernard Jenkins


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  2. I agree 100% about DIY, but sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. I can fix just about anything on my car, but alas, I found myself living in an apartment. They don't allow working on cars on the premises, and I didn't know anyone that had a place where I could fix it. It annoyed me to no end to have to pay a mechanic to fix something I could do myself, but I had no choice at the time

  3. Sounds like my local Honda dealer charging me for 5 hours when it took them less than half the time for the water pump and timing belt change. They rushed through the job with my engine mount bolt completely loosen causing engine to shook and left over bolts in the engine compartment. I paid over $900 for parts and labor of which labor is the majority of the cost. Rip off!

  4. Thanks to your videos, I have decided to keep my 08 750li and fix whatever goes wrong with it (knock on wood). I feel confident now !

  5. I would work on my own car but I rent in a place where i dont even have a parking spot. Parking off the street 😒 everytime I put something in the car like a quart of oil I do it outside the store where I bought it and I feel like I'm on a mission impossible doing it quick and hiding before somebody yells " hey you are not allowed to work on your car in the parking lot"

  6. Scotty, I know your videos are mostly commentary now but I MISS your "how to" stuff.

  7. I'm a 21 year old girl and I'm so excited to start working on my own car. The only thing I've done is topped off my oil because my '03 subaru legacy has a leak. The first two things I want to learn are how to fix an oil leak and an exhaust leak. 🙂

  8. I hate when repair shops charge "by-the-book" hours are won't budge.

    When getting an alignment done, they said I needed inner and outer tie rods changed on both sides. They wanted $1500 for the repair. The book showed 1.5 hours for each outer tie rod, and two hours for each inner tie rod. 1.5 + 1.5 + 2 + 2 = 7 hours = $945 of labor. I tried to tell them that when replacing the inner tie rods you only need to charge the two hours each because you're pulling the outer tie rod to get to it, so that labor is already included. They would not budge. The still required the $69 for the alignment, even though they could not align it the way it was. I later rented the tool required to do it myself, but could not because I rounded off the nut trying to get it off with my impact gun. Seems everything bolt was super-glued together on that car. That was 65k miles ago, so guess it's not too bad.

  9. totally correct. the best feeling in months finally diagnosing engine problem (starter motor). taking it out testing it, throwing it out, going to a scrap yard and finding another, putting it in, getting the motor to start. I'm officially a car guy. ive been watching your videos for about a year, thanks Scotty. REVVV UP YOUR ENGGINNESSS

  10. I'm Hooked on your videos Scotty I'm doing little maintenance Jobs on my car all the time now and fully Appreciate my car even more now Slante from Ireland scotty💚👍🇮🇪

  11. I just bought a used crown vic p71 and doing the work on it myself and it has really made me feel young again, like all the used cheap muscle cars we used to goof off with in our teen years..

  12. $1150.00 for replacing oil cooler hoses on a 2007 Toyota Sienna :(… it was towed to the dealer because it has no oil and I cannot drive it and don't know what the problem was at the time and we needed that van to go to work ASAP. How's that. I would have done it myself for much less.

  13. My partner (and her family) never does or fixes anything herself, she lives in israel and I’m in the UK so whenever I’m over there I get to save her a lot of cash by helping out, even cleaning her car she takes to autowash while I’ll rather grab a bucket a clean cloth and some water nothing wrong with spending some time outside cleaning a car especially when you know you’re saving some money or someone else, same with building furniture she wanted to pay some guy to fix her new bedroom furniture up and decorate it all, I spent a few days painting it and building it all for her, which saved her quite a bit so I got to feel good about it and you’re right that feeling of knowing you did it yourself is great it’s the one thing that keeps me going now and why I enjoy doing stuff myself than paying someone else.

    Here in the UK it’s really common for people to do diy but I’ve noticed its slowly fading out like other countries and it’s sad but I guess if someone wants to pay me to fit a shed or do a bit of lighting then I’m okay with this

  14. I love Scotty Kilmer's videos .He is a great source of information about automobiles

  15. Thanks, Honda gave a quote for replacing CRV engine gasket upper and lower for 550. I went to Walmart got mobile 1 fully synthetic high milage with gasket conditioner for 25. Solve the problem I think

  16. I live in Houston and its 100% true, mechanic charging $150 an hour for just looking for the problem.

  17. I changed the coolant once. Left the cap off. Towed to the dealer of a head job. Every reward has risks

  18. I normally fix me and my wife’s car about 3 times a week for about 7 hours so she doesn’t bother me.

  19. I hate mechanics they are the biggest RIP off artists I've ever seen. I do everything my self now.

  20. Sold my MINI PIT, bought a Ford Focus, it had problems, check engine light, etc. instantly, I was on it troubleshooting the AC, the misfires, and discovered a bad coil pack, repaired it myself unlike going in on the MINI, which you would risk serious do-overs if you missed something complicated pieces of crap. Guess what a supposed cheap general auto repair shop wanted to charge me also to "address all the codes" on the used Focus? About $1200. So I looked up the codes with my own simple reader, got on YouTube, I spent, maybe $100 if even that in parts, got a complete set of coil packs, troubleshooted each one, etc. etc. and it repaired my new used Ford Focus on the spot outside an Autozone. Going back to what I call 'normal people' cars has made me … whole again.

  21. I wonder how $$ much Scotty has saved people over the years. Probably millions. Saved me $300 just in the last few days… and that's buying premium parts! Thanks scotty! Your awesome!!!

  22. I replaced the front wheel bearing, ball joints upper and lower, and shocks. I did not want to press out the old ones so i bought new assemblies. The lower ball joints assemblies on my 03 GMC Sierra were not connected with bolts. They used rivets. Omg. I used and air ratchet to split them suckers and get them out. I replaced with the mostly oem products and it took me a couple days to do all this. It was Houston TX hot here in KS when i did it. It was miserable. But i know i saved some money. I had to take it in to get the front end aligned and make sure the tie rods were tight, but that only cost me $10 bucks or so. Thanks for the tips Scotty.

  23. Hi Scotty, Thanks for the video. All your points are right on the money (pun intended). Your point about fixing your car (or anything) and it being Zen or meditative was something I had not thought of…but you are completely right. I always enjoyed the satisfaction and self-sufficiency that came out understanding and fixing my own car, but the mentally relaxing part of it just dawned on me when I watched your video. It sort of makes sense now, why when I am dealing with a stubborn bolt, I coax it along as if it could hear me….LOL (not that I am crazy) but it just seems that you are one with world around you when your dealing with an issue and proactively attempting to address it (rather than just giving it to someone else to deal with or buying something else). Thanks again. H.D.H. [: { ]

  24. If wife bitches when u doing work which they do tell her to cook for a change instead of eating at McDonald's

  25. Fixing your own car………..

    Mine just failed its emissions, no codes from either o2 sensors but the mechanic wants to start by swopping them for new, if that doesn't work maybe a new cat.

    He hasn't even suggested testing them with a multi meter.

    I may well check them first myself.

  26. once a mechanic wants to charge me 200 for a job with that money I bought the tools and I did it myself 😹😇

  27. YouTube has been my friend for a long time. Saved me a lot of money learning to do things myself. Thank you Scotty 👍

  28. Auto electrician mahanik charge $80per hrs. On top of that parts order delivery charge on you.

  29. Help me out guys, yes doing maintenance in your own car is great, but if you plan in reselling the car in a few years, you dont think that carfax record will be nice? I know when I was buying a car I was looking for a vehicle that had consistant carfax records, so I'm wondering how doing your own maintenance affects the maintenance records

  30. My 2006 Ford Fusion (200k+ miles) evap sensor went out. Mechanics all charged $950+ to replace it. I bought the piece for $30. Bought a $5 bit to make sockets fit on my drill, watched a YouTube video and 3 hours later had a working ac, and saved $950+ dollars. Sent the people who made the YouTube video $10 as a thank you, and have been driving happy ever since.

  31. Scotty I am 100% the same as you. I fix everything myself. I don't trust anyone! When I do it myself I know that the job was done right and I saved a ton of money. I grew up on relatives farms and they had to fix everything themselves. I look at it this way, A human made this item, another human can fix it and I am that other human! 😆

  32. In other parts of the world fixing your own stuff, to the point it can't be fixed no more. It's the norm. When it's trash. It's really trash.

  33. You said it, Scotty! Over $300 to fix my passenger side mirror. Screw that! $75 for the part and tools and I did it myself. I also change the oil in my car. It's over $160 for full synthetic at the dealer and oil change places. $40 dollars for the oil and filter! Saved lots of cash. I need to replace my struts. It would cost me over $700 to get it done at the dealer. $250 if I do it myself.

  34. I replaced brake lines on my son's 1998 Honda Civic. Both back lines all the way and new hoses at the wheels. Also the wheels cylinders. I also replaced the fuel lines and evap system line. I am newly retired and haven't done these kind of repairs since High School. Very rewarding.

  35. Planing on buying an old cheap as car to start off from there and work my way up to newer cars 🙃

  36. I have different reasons. 1), i don't own a house, i rent so atleast i can fix something. Although, i don't have a garage, i have to change the oil in the walmart/autozone parking lot. I'm not allowed to work on my car at my apartment complex.

  37. And if you're one of those people that will go out of your way to help your buddy, godbless!

  38. I actually enjoy working on cars. Also builds experience and you can make good side money helping friends. Who don't want to fix their cars.

  39. Its not hard to do the basic upkeep on your car. And like you said, it feels good to fix/maintain your vehicle.

  40. Does anyone else thumb up Scotty's videos at the beginning of the video like I?? 😂 Love this guy!

  41. I was so confused why I like this old man. Now i know, hes so f**ng positive being practical at the same time

  42. Nice video. I agree that people could do some things themselves if they are reasonably handy like changing the oil, or changing the battery or head or tail lights. However that's ONLY if people know what they're doing. I don't want to see people who don't know what they're doing, and trying to fix or replace brakes that could lead to an accident or death. My dad RIP use to change his own oil at times. He bought Ramps to drive the car onto. However basic things are not that difficult. For real problems like stalling or changing a catalytic converter or muffler one really needs an experienced mechanic. Scotty must remember what's easy for him is not necessarily easy for most beginners. It takes a lot of equipment, and knowledge even if one is not necessarily ASE certified. For ex. I don't generally have a tire changer in my garage or welding equipment. I would say I do detail cars better than most probably. Reason being I take at least 2 hours on my own car. Others who have seen my work want to higher me.

  43. Scotty your the man buddy ever since ive been watching your videos I've been more motivated to do the things that need doing especially after Haydocy GM dealer on west broad street col ohio ripped me off in their service department charging me for work that wasnt performed and over charging me for their mediocre technitions, holding my car hostage for weeks at a time. still never fixing the original issues and creating more problems that didnt exist before taking it in. Such a nightmare, never go there if you value your time or money

  44. I recently took my car to have it inspected. The mechanic asked "who did your exhaust work?, that's a really good job. He was surprised when I told him I done it myself. Fixing your own car does feel good.

    My grandfather was a mechanic for 40 years and he always told me, if your paying someone else to fix something you can fix yourself, your throwing your money away.

  45. I always use Toyota parts on my celica
    Or supra or TC on the TC its Toyota synthetic oil. A dealer told me not to use it on my 2001 celica but I'm not so sure he was right about that. 0w20.

    What do you think? I've always used pennzoil in the other cars the 2001 calls for a 10w15 you can't find anyplace.

  46. That's the pitfall of flat rate. Is screws the customer over. Job pays 4 hours but job only takes 2 hours for you to do. Customer still pays 4 hours. It's great for the tech. Horrible for the customer.

  47. Someone's gotta let Scotty know he needs a "Live Free or Die" tshirt with the wrenches.

  48. I love that I've been able to learn to fix cars and I've done everything from brakes and oil changes, struts, starters, filters, exhaust, and nothing feels better then when you hear something and know right away what it is from experience. I've built houses from the ground up. Poured the footings, set up the forms and poured the foundation, framed the house, did windows and doors, siding and tin work, drywall, you name it I did it but cars were always a mystery to me and now I'm getting better and better every year.

  49. It's funny Scotty mentioned working on cars is like a zen experience. I've always felt like that too. Except when I screw something up and get all stressed out lol

  50. Yeah but I want to do it myself but the tools I don't know what tools to use this so many tools out there to use for a cars

  51. My Dad bought me my first car and he made me fix that car myself. He loved to play supervisor and critically mess with my head but it was all me. Since then, I've had technical college and 26 years experience fixing not just cars but, tv's, audio equipment, medical diagnostic instruments, security and surveillance systems etc…

  52. Wow. Everybody listen to this guy he will save you alot of money! I pay 12.49 per oil filter at oreillys. Its a wix 51348xp filter. I just found them online for 7.23$. Over $5 cheaper! I just bought the 4 they had left in stock cause orders over $25 are free. Thanks scotty!!

  53. I must admit, I hate working on my car, but I do it because most workshops rip you off. Only stuff I don't touch is cambelt, gearbox and clutch, because I don't have all the tools to fix it.

  54. You’re better off to try and fail then never try it all. With the Internet and YouTube videos it’s amazing how many things you can fix yourself.

  55. Hey Scotty….
    Remember Chuck Barris and the GONG SHOW ?….
    You should use some of that stuff on your pic inserts…..
    Like The Unknown Comic or Gene Gene..the dancing Machine.
    …….Hey….Old guys watch your videos too.
    …50 ceny was a hoot…try a little retro to get more older viewers on board.


  56. Thanks a lot for all your videos Scotty! You help all of us clueless people save a lot of money instead of spending it on overpriced labor and things of that sort! You are the best

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