5 Reasons Women Reject You and HOW to FIX it…

Renee: Okay so she’s just not that into you
which kind of sucks and no matter how hard you force it you can’t make it
happen! So now I’m going to be brutally honest with you… you are the common
denominator in your life and the sooner that you realize the truth is the sooner
that you can turn this around. Women don’t say no for no reason and if
you are constantly being rejected then we need to look at the why but also the
what with what you’re doing wrong in order to be able to fix this.
Welcome back i’m Renee Slansky for The Attractive Man team and in this video
I’m going to reveal to you the five possible reasons why women are rejecting
you and how you can turn it all around so that you become the one they desire
and chase. I spent years coaching women so I literally have all the secrets of
the women’s insights mind of what it is that they need and desire in order to be
able to say yes to a guy and feel attracted to a guy, and what I want to
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thumbs up. Rejection hurts because it makes us feel inadequate as a person or
also gives us a sense of displacement and maybe makes us feel that we don’t
have the potential for the type of relationship that we really want, in
essence it knots about our self-esteem and our confidence and overall pretty
much makes us feel like crap. But let’s be honest we’re not going to be
everyone’s cup of tea and there’s always going to be some sort of rejection in
life and in love and that’s okay but what we want to do is we want to make
sure that we are minimizing that rejection so that we’re not constantly
getting the same sort of battle over and over again, so here are the five common
reasons why women reject men and I’m also going to give you some solutions on
what to do every single time so that you can minimize that rejection. Plus if you
stay to the end I’ve got a cool little bonus for you as well so let’s start!
Number one, you’re coming across either too strong or not strong enough now it’s
kind of like a bit of an oxymoron but there is a fine line and being able to
project the right sort of energy that makes a woman feel
that you are a man with a plan a man with direction and confidence but at the
same time you’re not overbearing or trying to control us and you’re giving
us some options to be able to move as well we as women really crave seeing new
men step into that masculine leader mentality or that masculine energy as
such we want to know that you are decisive and that you are confident in
your decisions, because what it does is it actually triggers our femininity
within us and draws us closer to you if you’re coming across as a man that
doesn’t have any sort of direction where you can’t make plans about the date or
you can’t make a decision about whether or not you do want to date us then we’re
going to assume that if you can’t control just something as simple as that
then you’re not going to be able to control other areas in your life which
are important when we’re thinking about the future because as women we’re always
jumping the gun in our heads at the same time if you come across as overbearing
or egotistical or all you want to do is control because you’re trying to impress
us too much we’re going to see it as really a big turn-off because it’s going
to make us feel either unsafe or undervalue and so it’s really important
to try and find that balance as coming across as a masculine confident man but
not overly aggressive so what is the solution the solution is basically use
her indication as a guide for your next step for instance if you find that she’s
pulling back then maybe you need to up the ante a little bit more and take a
little bit more control say that you already picked out the restaurant say
that you’ve already picked out the ideal date show her that you are a man with a
plan or if her reaction is kind of something
scared or something where she’s putting up a wall because she feels that you are
coming on too strong then you need to scale it back a little bit and then ask
her questions because when you ask women questions it automatically triggers
within us that you actually care about what it is that we feel and want number
two you are friend-zoning yourself now there’s nothing worse than
being in the friend zone because really you don’t want to be that you want to be
someone more you want to beast the person who she actually goes crazy about
and desires just because she’s decided that she’s going to friendzone you
doesn’t mean that you change her mind women just need a little
bit of convincing sometimes because what you need to do is trigger a feminine
instinct within her which actually makes her see you in a different light you see
you’re coming across as too nice or too safe or too boring then automatically
she’s going to put you in the basket of he’s just a nice guy I’m just gonna stay
friends with him and it’s going to be platonic it is harder once you’re deep
in the friendzone to be able to get out of it and trying to force yourself on
her or just grab her and kiss her probably isn’t going to have the sort of
reaction that you want so what you need to do is you need to identify straight
away if she is starting to friends on you and the way that you will know this
is that she will refer to more as a friend rather than a boyfriend that she
will brush off any sort of flirting there won’t be any sort of sexual
tension between you two and she’ll actually start to talk about dating
other guys around you that’s when you know you’re deep in the friend zone so
in order to be able to get out of the friendzone this is what you need to do
the first thing you need to do is not be so available because if you’re available
you’re basically turning into a bit of a yes-man
you’re being turning into the man that she can always rely on because you’re
always going to be there she wants to know that she can rely on you but that
should actually come later on down the track in the meantime you almost have to
keep her on her toes a little in order to be able to get her intrigued and
excited by you because what you’re doing is you’re offering her this tempting
sort of mystery about yourself don’t always say yes to whatever it is that
she wants don’t always be there when she needs you to make sure you’ve got that
gap because what that gap does it creates room for her to be able to chase
you the herd to be intrigued by you if you’re always there by her side if
you’re always just hanging around and doing whatever it is that she wants then
really she’s not going to see any sort of potential of a romantic relationship
with you because you’re going to come across too safe and too easy the third
thing that is holding you back from having these women say yes to you is
your lack of confidence guys we know that you love a confident woman you know
what we’re exactly the same we really look for confident men and you
know what confidence for us and being attracted to a confident man doesn’t
even necessarily have anything to do about how he looks that’s why I know so
many women out there who are more likely to date someone who maybe isn’t
typically as good-looking but has more confidence than someone who is
good-looking and has no confidence at all because confidence to ask represents
a fact that you feel that you can take control and we like that we as women
want to be led we want to know that we can really see you as a man who can lead
us who can love us and you can also give us a sense of direction it gives us
almost this sense of being this damsel in distress which we have is this
romantic notion attached to dating and finding love if you’re someone who
really lacks in confidence whether it is the confidence or knowing what to say to
her the right sort of word or maybe just your body language or maybe the
confidence to even ask her out in the first place and it’s actually going to
come across stronger than you think and is not going to be a turn-on for us so
the solution of course is then about increasing your confidence now
increasing your confidence isn’t something that happens overnight it’s
something that happens gradually because what you do is when you start to put
certain strategies in place whether it is becoming educated becoming prepared
having a plan because that gives you a sense of control which in turn gives you
a sense of confidence also adjust in your body language lowering your voice
all those little things help build confidence then what you’ll do is you’ll
have a positive reaction and a positive reaction again affirms what you’re doing
and affirms who you are and in time that will actually increase your confidence
number four you’re not putting in enough effort now I did a poll recently with
our thousands of women and I asked them what is one of the major things that
really turns women off or what is one of the things that they really kind of wish
men did and the answer was that they wish that men put in more effort now
don’t confuse effort with money okay don’t assume that you have to go and
spend lots of money on her or have all these fancy sort of stuff in order to be
able to impress her girls care more about the thought behind the action than
the action itself women will say no to you if she feels that you
invested into her and the best way to show that you are invested in getting to
know her and valuing her is by putting in effort effort in the way that you
communicate with her effort in the way that you treat her and ever into
planning the dates as well the solution to this then is really simple all you
need to do is make sure that you’re paying attention to the details what is
it that she likes maybe there’s a certainty
maybe there’s a certain dream maybe she mentioned something in a comment and by
you listening to what it is that she said and then doing some sort of action
centered around what it is that she said she’s actually going to feel incredibly
valued and prioritized and she’s actually going to see you put effort
into action then lastly number five you trying too hard it’s almost like you
need to put in effort like point number four but at the same time if you trying
too hard that is actually a major turnoff which is ridiculous right
because we’re always saying we want him to put in effort and we want him to
chase us and then as soon as he does really know it’s too much he’s too
clingy you guys don’t want someone clingy we don’t want someone clingy
we want to know that you’re putting in this effort but at the same time we also
crave a little bit of a chase because otherwise you’re too available to us and
you’re too easy to us and you’re not giving us that sense of danger and
excitement and adventure which is what we really crave as well it’s not to say
that you have to pull back and play games because I personally don’t believe
that playing games is going to be able to give you the foundation to make the
right decisions in order to be able to build a healthy relationship but at the
same time understand that a little bit of chase a little bit of mystery of not
going to full-on but actually biding your time to woo her and setting a nice
sort of pace in order to be able to create mystery and create intrigue and
create excitement about you is going to get her thinking about you all the time
it’s going to get her craving you because she’s going to want more giving
her a little bit at a time is almost like winning her appetite if you’re
constantly always just being a puppy dog around her if you’re being really clingy
if you’re messaging her every single second then we’re basically going to
think that you’re just like truthful on and that you want too much especially if
we don’t really know you it’s one thing to act like you’re in a committed
relationship when you’re at in a committed relationship and it’s
another thing to act like you’re in a committed relationship when you’re only
just getting to know the person for the very first time the solution of course
is pacing yourself by not being available all the time and understanding
that having a little bit of time a little bit of mystery and giving her a
bit at a time in order to be able to create that Chase is actually going to
do you a massive favor. Matt: Let’s go get coffee, but only for ten minutes, then I
have to go. Renee: Tease her with who you are and the potential you have to offer now
laughter guys I will say this we’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and as
I said rejection is kind of a part of life,
try not to see it so much as rejection but as redirection to someone better who
is actually going to value you for you, it’s important not to get stuck in that
moment of defeat and rejection and start getting in your own brain about it try
to just learn what you can from it and then move on and realize that you can
use whatever knowledge you have from that last situation to your advantage to
actually make sure that it doesn’t happen again.
Now if you are someone who struggles with confidence and being able to
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confident man and then I really recommend that you do something about it
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