A Day On The Set of Quick Fix

Hi quick fixers so a lot of you who
watch Tia Mowry’s quick fix you know you see me standing here like this right
well I want to let you in on what I see lots of people lights and cameras I thought I would let you guys in on what
a day looks like on Tia Mowry’s quick fix set to change we just finished shooting
one video so this is the wardrobe you guys these are some cool looks that I
have for the show and then we have some fun looks what am i what am I wearing
next make a burgers it looks like a burgers this is what’s going on you know
behind the scenes of Tia Mowry quick fix this is like last-minute details
we’re rolling up my sleeves I’m getting my hair done what’s going on with my
hair what’s going on we’re just kind of laying down the edges and you got to get
my shoes my Tia Mowry’s quickfix you know I do a
lot of cooking segments so I’m not you know gonna be cooking in high heels
these shoots are pretty long we shoot for like 12 hours so wearing heels all
day it’s not very practical so I love my slippers right now we are in the garage
and you know Tia Mowry’s quick fix we have a lot of cooking segments and with
that comes a lot of you know food styling should I say this is like
styling for wardrobe we also have styling for food so right here we have
some of the pots of course that we use as you can see we have a lot of the
cutlery should I say cooking utensils we have whisks can openers we also have
these really cute bowls you know a lot of you guys have been asking me like
where do I get a lot of my bowls that I use when I cook on Tia Mowry’s quick fix
let me know in the comments below and number one if you want me to come out
with my own line and would you buy it so you probably hear like a lot of noise
right now we are next door to a construction site this stuff just
happens to pop up in LA cuz real estate everybody loves California for their
real estate right so houses new houses and stuff are always popping up so
that’s what’s going on right now a lot of bulldozers etc another section that
we have in the garage and this is like really really cool these are the cameras
I’ve started to do some vlogs you guys asked and I delivered and this is one of
the stands that I use which is really cool I used this when I went to Hawaii
and then we have some camera lenses you have to be very careful with this stuff
because you know don’t want to break this oh my gosh I’d be in a lot of
trouble here’s actually what a lens looks like but these are the cool camera
that we use it’s not awesome a lot goes into Tia Mowry’s quick fix and then we have
some batteries over here so this is like the battery station right a lot of our
cameras are battery operated and so we have to keep on charging our batteries
so we can keep on filming video content for you alright let’s come over here
this snack area we have some Funyuns which I absolutely love the flamin hot
ones you know how when your hands are all like red I’m the one or your
fingertips are like red I’m the one that would be like it was a fun site should I
say we have some vitamin C packets here these are very famous on sets because
nobody wants to get sick because when we get sick we can’t take time off
we got a still you know grind where do they say the show must go on
bars these look like my the ones that I got for my daughter they are that is
hilarious we have some eggs that we were cooking earlier today and these are some
leftovers that’s the coolest thing about being on Tia Mowry’s quick fix if you’re
working behind the scenes you can eat the food that I cook water of course and
then what else Oh doughnuts let’s see do we have any left
look at that doughnuts and bagels we start at 7 o’clock so which means a lot
of the crew we wake up like around 5:00 just to be here at 7:00 so doughnuts and
bagels are must right now I am about to shoot my killer
burger recipe and you know what’s so cool you guys get to follow me let’s go
okay you guys so as you can see there’s a lot of people here it’s never just me
I know it just looks like it’s just me this is Goro he is actually the guy
that’s holding the camera we have a lot of quick fixer crew right here say hi
guys so they’re all just sitting and until we start to film and that’s
exactly what I’m about to do we have some other cameras here say what’s up
guys say hi everything sort of prepped and set up for me to start making my
killer burger I’m glad you guys are behind the scenes to watch all of the
magic unfold so now I got to go to work okay so maybe you want to go over there
a little bit what I like to do for every video is I’d like to record some content
for my socials right so I record a video for Instagram for Twitter etc and that’s
what I’m about to do right now so if you want to see how it goes
check it out okay make sure that the food is in frame right this is this is
the hard part like holding the button at the same time while I’m doing this but I
feel like there’s an easier way no is there an easier way where you can a
hands-free way where’s that one I should notice oh okay gosh you learn
something new every day hi guys alright so I know that summer
it’s coming to a close but that does not mean you cannot have a delicious burger
I’m gonna be showing you how I make this bad boy indoors
make sure you swipe up everybody loves working on quick fix as well because
they get to eat anybody want some you guys want some go ahead dive in dive in
there we go what they’re eating right now our baby potatoes with some butter
some salt some pepper and some Parmesan cheese and I just threw it in the oven
for about 25 to 30 minutes and this is what you have if you guys want to check
out that recipe make sure you watch the video we are breaking for lunch no
chicken – what you work at all girl you wouldn’t
be able to hear me we have this incredible pool here right any of the
crew wants to take a dip get in the pool I’m sure they won’t but I mean how cool
is that it’s like for lunch breaks we just hop in the pool it’s so nice in LA
I mean the weather is just so phenomenal here it’s crazy there is a basketball
court I mean look how big this basketball court is isn’t that so
awesome so when Cree and Cory come on shoot some video they can just play them
back the ball right here which is really really cool
coming out to have their lunch and what I like to do is I just like to get some
Sun and just have some lunch with my peeps I’m gonna come over and say hi to
some people hi guys and you guys want to introduce yourself to the quick pictures
who want to go first that was like curving this Candace hi
guys happy Monday I don’t know what day it is what are we eating today just
asparagus that’s it just it’s very good to sit alone on some chicken breast
awesome oh and a little sleep okay you know would you like to take your
lunch outside I mean we’re in LA look at this weather you guys I mean yes so this
is Cape my makeup artists okay and the way you just walks up to me in
this row this is how we roll okay frigerator yeah it’s really cold this is
a big house and it seems like all of the air blasts it’s just in this room oh my
gosh but come on in so the video that we’re doing next is
kind of like how do you answer or like you know you know how kids say that the
darkness things so I’m gonna have to answer some questions that kids often
ask that can be a little difficult mommy where did I come from oh my gosh so I
want to wear something just nice and vibrant and fun and I’m kind of going
straight to these tie-dye shirts right is that cute if you guys watch Tia Mowry’s quick-fix what I like to do is always match the style of what I’m
wearing with the theme of the show let me know in the comments below if you’ve
picked up on that and let me know in the comments below which one you like the
best in regards to theme I know that you have a favorite which one game so we are
ready to parfait this up hahahaha you got me at my snack boy
so these are like my snacks I’m really trying to be good here with my diet I’m
eating a pickle I love pickles and you guys know that and I’m eating some rice
cakes it’s pretty boring but oh well okay I have my shirt on wait till I see
the makeup okay Kippy so as you guys can see I have a
new look going on I changed my lips I have my eye makeup on that matches my
shirt which is like oh but um I’m about to film another video for Tia Mowry’s
quick fix and these are kind of like my sit down videos where I just answer some
questions a lot of these questions are questions that you guys have wanted me
to answer are you guys let’s do this kiss are you ready gora yeah we all know
that kids can say the darndest things and I am Telling You some of these
questions can stop a mother meat in her tracks and my son Cree is no exception
so we’re done we’re done guys I have to here I have to here that’s uh alright so yeah thank you thank you guys
for watching this video if you want to know more behind the scene
I guess interviews right you can check out the video I did with Tiegen right
here just click on it click on it click on it click on it click on it bye guys
see ya

Bernard Jenkins

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