American Standard Furnace Troubleshooting

I need help with American Standard furnace
troubleshooting. I can help you with that, What issues are
you having? One of the issues that my furnace is having,
is that it just doesn’t seem to be producing warm air. One thing is that you can take a look at the
intake vents and registers, to make sure there is nothing blocking them. Check, I will look at that. Check your airflow if the furnace is on, it
should obviously be warm. If the air is blowing cold, there is an issue. Easy enough to check. I can do that. I know you can. I have absolute confidence
in you. You should also check your breaker box, to
make sure that the furnace is on, and check the fuses near the unit. Roger, Furnace master. Another thing the you can check, is to make
sure that the breakers stay on. Sometimes you can manually turn on the breakers,
but they keep tripping off. Well, what do I do if that is the case? You may have to get a repairman to repair
the power cable. That should not be terribly expensive. However, before you call in the big guns you
can also try turning the furnace on and off in 30 seconds. This will reset the unit. That is another can do proposition. Any other tips for American Standard furnace
troubleshooting? The only other thing I can think of is to
make sure the blower door is closed properly. The door not being properly closed can interfere
with proper furnace operation. I will do that. I am in no hurry to spend
my money on a repair guy. why not? I thought you just loved giving money
way. Oh sure, I just love it. What kind of alternative
universe are you living in?

Bernard Jenkins

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  1. Our American Standard Gas Furnace is not providing enough hot air — The thermostat has been set to 73 for the last 5 days and now the temperature is down to 61. The air coming out the vents is not that strong and not that hot. The tech said I needed to change the filter to Red 3M, which I did, and it didn't fix the problem, now he said I need bigger tubulation, but this is not right because the same tubulation worked with the old furnace for at least 17 years, and it has worked with our American standard AC/Heating system which he installed about 7 months ago. We have a NEST thermostat. Could that be a problem also? The Heat and Fan are turned to ON on the thermostat. SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE!

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