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As the world is becoming more and more connected,
so are vehicles. The challenge today is to enhance the process
of travelling, to make automobile traffic smarter, safer, more comfortable and even
greener. The future of cars is electric and autonomous. ams already delivers a broad range of cutting-edge
sensors to meet these megatrends. ams is continuously driving new sensing technologies
that achieve breakthrough performance, such as LiDAR for safety. Unparalleled for safer driving, this high-resolution
object detection is widely used for advanced driver assistance and is a key-technology
that makes autonomous driving possible. The first-to-market with solid-state LiDAR,
ams solutions include high-performance VCSEL technology: High-power, pulsed VCSEL arrays
enable outside object detection at the speed of light. And there is more technology to make the car
of tomorrow smarter. To welcome the driver or to illuminate the
interior, Micro lens arrays project sharp images with brilliant colors. Just as revolutionary is the introduction
of driver monitoring, a feature using 3D sensing to identify the driver to start the car and
adjust the car in accordance with their preferences. ams provides high-performance illumination
sources for Time of flight, Structured Light and Stereovision, high-frequency pulsing and
high-quality patterns for highly reliable face recognition. With these technologies, we enable full-in-cabin
surveillance. Our VCSEL lighting sources work with industry-leading
power conversion efficiency and provide fastest rise time and narrow wave-lengths. At the forefront of innovation for new automotive
applications: ams Sensors can monitor a number of vital signs such as Heart Rate, Blood Pressure
and even indicate the driver’s Stress Level. Not only does this mean more comfort, it also
provides more safety for everyone on the road. The future of the car is electric and an increasing
number of extremely precise sensors are required for this trend, in harsh environments, where
lateral space is at a premium. ams delivers best-in-class contactless position
sensors immune to interferences caused by the powerful electric motors. With our innovative inductive position sensor
solutions, we significantly increase the efficiency of motor control due to even higher angular
accuracy, which is critical for electric cars. Sensor architecture and redundancy guarantee
adherence to the most stringent safety requirements. ams’ system-in-package product design makes
the use of circuit boards redundant. The unit sensor and the associated external
components are integrated into one small housing – this means perfect protection and superior
durability. Leading car manufacturers around the globe
rely ams’ extensive know-how for air quality sensors, to regulate the air quality inside
the car, adjusting for safety and comfort. Smart lighting solutions and automatic responsive
interior lighting are just further developments that are powered by our sensors. And we are constantly introducing new solutions
that open new possibilities in the evolution of automotive engineering through sensing
the road, vehicle and driver, making automotive smarter, safer and even greener. Find out more about what our sensor products
do for the automotive industry. Contact us to shape the future of our driving
experience together.

Bernard Jenkins

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