Amstrad Spacebar Repair ft. Ladyfractic & Ashleyfractic | PCW 8256/8512 {Quick Bytes}

this video is sponsored by PCBWayyy. hello chip dippers welcome to retro recipes now you might
remember the time that we introduced Ashleyfractic to the Amstrad PCW “this
thing doesn’t have a mouse” A what? “okay so I’m Ashleyfr.act!” but there may be
something you didn’t notice because I sneakily edited around it or sped up the
footage to skip past it there it was did you catch that let’s slow it down OOP still too fast slow down again it’s
like uncompressing a zip file this but notice she’s having trouble getting a
space between those words “Whack that space bar” hear that? “Whack that space bar”. And
that was because the spacebar has a fault you can see it here she presses it
once doesn’t register a space so she has to press it again more centrally with
both her fingers. *high pitch sneeze* Bless you! and she gave up on the spaces all together at the end
there “insert?” “insert.” okay now I know you miss Ashleyfractic since she quit her
job at Walmart unfortunately she’s been completely slammed with double shifts at
her new job and studies but we’ve left the invite open for her to come back
anytime having said that before she did leave
Walmart I did pop in and ask if she had any ideas for fixing that space bar
Any ideas Ashley? Is it plugged in? Yes it’s plugged in. Is it
turned on? yes it’s turned on. I know, try a Perifractic hammer repair! Well I suppose it did work for me that one time holy *censored* this time I think his
screwdriver would be more appropriate Do you have Phillips screwdriver? I do but you
have to give it back to him. but as luck would have it
Ladyfractic has been taking apart computers since she was a kid and better
still I don’t even have to leave the house to film her
so let’s hand this keyboard over to her and grab a drink with Ladyfractic at
the space bar Vanna White can I get a finger tinkle
thank you hmm so I’ve been told that the look at that space bar it’s not
functioning so the problem is… here is the space bar and underneath we have
these little hooks and the hooks plus the springs create a tension which
allows it to bounce back right here is the bar that hooks on to the bottom of
the space bar okay so believe it or not I have repaired something just like
this when I was a lot younger I think it was a Dell something or other it was one
of the first computers that I ever had and on the space bar on the ones that
aren’t this vintage the bar would come all the way across on the outside and
you’d have to simultaneously clip it in to the key at the same time this one is
a little lower it’s actually inside so we have to find a way to get it to
attach and clip in which seems impossible but I’m sure someone said
nothing’s impossible “Nothing’s impossible!” There ya go! I don’t often threatened my assistant
but do you want to die I almost had it too I was going that way let’s do something easier
you sure you can’t do this from the bottom it seems almost impossible to
hook this on to that from the outside so I’ve tried tinkering around by you know
fishing in holding it up trying to get it to catch but you just can’t because
of the way that the holes are set up plus the way this has to plug in it’s
just not possible so we’re going to try to go in the bottoms up who know in the last time these screws
were taken out this was built in early 1987? 1983? I’m sure it’ll fill in right
here I just need a longer one that doesn’t
have that thing in the way never mind we’re gonna make big efforts not to lose
any of our screws. That sounded like the right number all right so here’s the
back of our keyboard and since we don’t need this right now, put it on…
fleaBay… She’s gonna flail… we actually have made very little progress because if you look at
the back this is still here so you actually all right let’s give it a clean
on both sides now we’ve got our electronic duster don’t put this in your
eye this is what happens when you eat and drink over your computer
or worse but I’m very very guilty of spilling many drinks on my keyboard
especially when I was younger now on my laptop which is a Mac has a keyboard
cover now we could do a deep clean and take
off all the keys and get all the let’s assume it’s hot cocoa
because I know who owned this does not drink coffee but that’s not we’re
here for today that is for another day and if you’d like to make your own PCB
we have our friends at a PCBWayyy because as we all know PCB stands for
printed… Buhbuhbuh! Puppyfractic’s chewed bones! look
it’s gross gross very gross handy-dandy pushy hand *straining noise* son of a mother it’s called physics Oh gross all
right hold your breath you can all breathe again
wait hold your breath you can all breathe again so here is our spacebar *dog sneeze* – bless you – put the springs spacebar goes this way and it insert it like that flip it over
there is our little metal bar I pulled it out of this right here so now as I let
go we did it now we just put this baby back together bottoms up
I am gonna make that a thing it’s pretty satisfying reattach our
PCBWayyy! PCBWayyy! pretty chicks pretty pooter chicks pretty computer boards and there we have it folks or as I like to say Round of a-paws! and I’m going to hand
this back to Perifractic, he’s gonna test it even though I know it’s gonna
work and *dog burp* She burped right in my face! That was her? I thought it was you! Bye guys! *Crashing* He has got to learn how to catch better. Well thank you so much to Ladyfractic for her help in hopefully repairing this now for the
ultimate space bar test let’s try recreating the retro recipes
space invader logo on that machine and it passes with flying colors or
flying green-screen I’ll be back soon thanks for watching
subscribe below and cheerio as its filthy might as well clean it. Out of these. Ow! Babe! Got me right in the eye! Oh sorry I sure did! hello chip dippers…? Ow! Oop, bye

Bernard Jenkins


  1. πŸ—¨οΈ This happy corner of the world was born from childhood nostalgia. Comment with kindness. Start a conversation not a fire.
    ❓ Don't call the fuzz about the "eye injury" that you see at the end; in reality this was a random burst blood vessel that has since healed 😎 #ArtisticLicense What's your worst retro repair injury? 😨

  2. Nice to see Ladyfractic's skills get some shine. Some may have thought she was just a pretty face but I saw the skills in her big beautiful eyes πŸ˜‰ I REALLY enjoy your videos. Cheers!

  3. I hope you cleaned the inside before you put it back together. I myself have repaired and cleaned many keywords, and found that a moist cotton swab picks up so much unseen dirt, lint, and hair, that it makes you want to do more than just blow it out with air.

  4. All street cred eviscerated for using canned air and not a DataVac Electric Duster. How primitive!! πŸ™‚

  5. Ummm. Why didn't you just thread a string or something under the bar to hold it up while hooking on the plastic? 😁

  6. Of course the pup had to give the keyboard a once over , βŒ¨πŸ• it was the only plausible ending, I mean pawsible 🐾 ending .

  7. I had many a customer accuse me of giving them the wrong computer after I gave them a thorough cleaning. "Hey, my computer was yellow this one is white". "Yes", I said, "It was covered in nicotine". : )
    I had one of those burst blood vessels before. It seemed like it took quite a while to return to normal.
    Those are some Pretty Cool Boards you got there.

  8. BTW, please tell me Ladyfractic has a special Halloween episode planned cause she's a dead ringer for Gozer with hair like that.

  9. A ham and cheese sandwich walks into a space bar and says I'd like a drink, and the bartender says sorry we don't serve food here. Worst joke EVER…

  10. "whack that space bar" – that sounds like what goes on in the comfort of privacy in such a nerdy home.

  11. Yes bring ashely back…work is over rated…studying is over rated…she needs to have some fun poking around at this and that.

  12. Lady fractic probably wanted to say "perifractic's cute bottom" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. I enjoy your videos and always wish I could help. and with this one I CAN!!! Ok well it is a criticism, sorry, but on Behalf of all Puppyfractics everywhere, I do assume there are more, there is no proof that Puppyfractic burped into your face, we heard a burp but know not of whence it came, therefore on behalf of puppyfractics everywhere, I deem him not guilty! There, case settled, and by the way if you kept puppyfractic on a leash he would not chase all the ladypuppies and end up with Progeny Causing Burps!

  14. Had this exact same problem with my Amiga 500 this week. Had to smash the thing for it to register. And in the centre too of the MASSIVE space bar that the Amiga has for some reason. I just replaced the switch with one of the blank keys (again another weird oddity the Amiga has…no idea why they did this lol blank keys that do nothing, but they have switches etc. So strange.).

  15. Great video, I loved my old pcw8256 I used to have the same problem when cleaning the keys, you used to be able to refit the keyboard using 2 loops of Cotten. Worked best with 2 pairs of hands.

  16. It's so great how Lady Fractic is so into technology. My lovely wife is into craft….but I'm not sure which craft sometimes πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  17. Would ladyfractic be a PCB – Pretty Cool Babe ? ,,Sorry, that seems so wrong now i type it in… I will get my coat on the way out..

  18. Link to ee-oo-ee-oo screwdriver please. The big one with black handle and two white rings.

  19. Ladyfractic is quite a catch. Mad Skillz, rather fetching, good with dogs and makes squeaking noises on demand… What more could an 8bit nerd wish for?

  20. You guys should do an episode about the BBC Micro. Many North Americans will not know about it…

  21. Great vid! Eye eye someone got the clapπŸ˜‰!
    We all know pcb stands for please computer broken!
    Everyone knows that…. even your dogs have been trying to tell you!πŸ˜‰
    Please Sir / Madam more great vids soon please!

  22. My best wishes for Ashley and her new job πŸ™‚

    I love your videos, and while my girlfriend skipped the whole '80s computing altogether (but she lent me her impressive collection of books and magazines with vintage ads from the era), I was able to show your vids to her with great interest.

    Even the hammer repair of the Commodore Music Maker. And she too finds you're an amazing couple πŸ™‚

    And about the spontaneous ukulele performance in the hammer repair vid, she commented

    "Well, if YOU ended up sitting at your desk more than three hours fixing the same item over and over, even I would be tempted to make sure you're still able to react to external stimuli and the outside world, so I can fully agree"

    Thanks you for your vids, they're always perfectly educational and fit for anyone, no matter his or her level of knowledge πŸ™‚

  23. PCB Way stands for:
    People could be waving at you.
    Great job Ladyfractic! πŸ‘πŸΌ

  24. I’m imagining a bag of
    β€˜Quick Bytes’ by Retro Recipes which inside the bag are little long bread sticks shaped in the form of 00101101 (8bits). And each set of bits is a digital representation of a letter.
    Then a cheese filled Qubit as a prize hidden in the bag.

  25. I really need to know where she got that sick sad world t-shirt since I need that in my life

  26. Well of course it works now than the expert worked on it. Ashley and Lady Fractic – what an episode! I knew there was a reason I subscribed! It wasn't just for puppy fractic burps!

  27. Well done LadyFractic!! We should all send our keyboards to you for a "SPACEBAR FIX"! Seriously my keyboard's space bar is busted! What is it, with these dam spacekeys giving up!! Heavy on the thumbs maybe?

  28. Ladyfractic shirt confirms my belief that she is in fact Jane , friend of Dariah Morgendorfer! All grown up now. Love the channel.

  29. Yay! Sounds like LadyFractic had an Dell AT-101/101W/102 keyboard when she was younger.

  30. What kind of video is this?

    1:51 Is it plugged in?

    1:55 Is it turned on?

    2:39 Ooohhh ahhhh…

    2:54 Finger tingle

    4:45 You're sure you can't do this from the bottom?

    5:08 We're gonna try to go in bottoms up!

    5:29 'sqweaking noises'

    5:59 more 'sqweaking noices'

    5:15 I just need a longer one

    7:45 more 'sqweaking noices'

    8:12 Look it's gross… gross… very gross!

    8:43 Son of a…

    8:50 Oh gross! All right hold your breath.

    9:09 Inset it like that, flip it over, there is our little metal bar

    9:35 Bottoms up!

    10:00 screwing, screwing, screwing, screwing…

    11:26 As it's filthy might as well clean it

    11:40 Ow! Babe! Got me right in the eye!

    11:48 Hello chip dippers

    Is just me or do I have problem?

  31. Bravo Ladyfractic! What a PITA design for a keyboard. As for all the steps it took to just to simply hook a wire, you are now dubbed Pretty Casual BADASS (PCB).

    Once again, you two have a great relationship and it shows on screen. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Friends: It's sunday. Wanna go out?
    Me: Can't. I'm watching a guy repair his space bar.

  33. My memory of the PCW keyboard is how shockingly tinny it sounds when you type. But it beats the pre Spectrum+ offerings from Sinclair I suppose.

    Is the shift lock indicator light actually a proper red LED?

  34. Another nice video! I have been trying to figure out who Ladyfractic's style reminds me of and it hit me in this episode. It's the girl from the arcade in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Double points for 80s nostalgia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiUlksOV6NM

  35. do you like this early cgi animation in a trippy 1970s kinda way? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4CmeYHYgxs&feature=emb_title

  36. A nice straightforward fix β€” shame about the eye, though.πŸ‘πŸ©Έ And you had better be careful, Ladyfractic seems to be muscling in on your screentime.πŸ˜‰

  37. 9:48 that's pretty satisfying… Yes… Yes it was. Very entertaining both and puppyfractic for the doggy-burps… πŸ˜†

  38. That spacebar mechanism is pretty nasty! I've cleaned up and fixed a lot of modern (well, MORE modern) keyboards and haven't run into any like that one. Doing it like that really makes you think they went out of their way to try and get you to an 'authorized' repair shop to spend a fortune back in the day. I know this sort of thing still goes on today of course, but I'm not mentioning the companies to keep things civil πŸ™‚

  39. Sorry, but it's a thumb down this time: putting a keycap back on a keyboard is not worth a 12min video. Even if it's difficult because it's the space bar. πŸ‘Ž

  40. Im pretty sure how hot she is, is directly related to how tall her hair gets. 😁 lol!

  41. "They say that nothing is impossible…but I do nothing every day!"
    -Winnie the Pooh

  42. Loving LadyFractics Dora TeeShirt. I much preferred beavis and ButtHead but Dora was a good spin off!

  43. Yay Ashleyfractic!!! Love your channel so much! And OMG spacebar is So hard for me to get back on right.

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