Atellica Solution – Calibration of Clinical Laboratory Instruments

Just like the QC material, you can just store
the calibrators on board. You can schedule it to run every day even
before the operator comes in, inside the laboratory. We used to calibrate eight assays every day,
but now it’s just one assay. It’s the Amalaise that we are calibrating
on a daily basis. But with the Atellica, you can just install
it on the fly, just loading of the reagents. Definitely it’s much more easy because you
just have to scan it. You have to scan the calibration information
compared to what we were using before that you have to manually enter the lot number
and some of the xxx values. I’m doing the inventory before, and I’m
counting the whole side of the walk-in freezer with the calibrators. But now I’m just counting rows of calibrators,
which is so amazing because it saves time for me so I could do every other thing for
the laboratory.

Bernard Jenkins

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