Best Contact Solution – Best Contact Lens Solution for Dry Eyes

so what is the best contact solution and
more specifically which is the best contact lens solution for dry and
sensitive eyes? well in this video I’m gonna go over my favorite top three
multi-purpose solutions plus stay tuned toward the end for an extra solution
that may even be the best of them all so let’s take a look hey everyone this is dr. Allen here from
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based on my personal experience as a contact lens where and is a professional
who fits contact lenses in the clinic almost every single day so if you’re ok
with that let’s begin so the number one reason
people actually drop out of contact lens wear is due to dryness and irritation
with their contact lenses so if you can just do one small thing to help improve
the comfort of your contact lenses and extend your wear time throughout the day
from being like 6 hours to maybe 9 maybe 12 up to like 16 hours
of contact lens wear throughout the day that is amazing first words the wisdom
here is about generics I know everybody wants to save money myself too but when
you buy generic contact lens solutions we’re talking the packaged bottles for
Target Walmart Costco people think oh they’re the same solution they actually
are not all the different brands that we’re gonna be talking about today
they’re made by the best brands in the business that put a lot of money they
invest a lot of money researching to make the best product they can and they
have patents on these formulas so the generics are not the same in fact in the
clinic we often not just myself but other doctors we see a lot of people
switching to generics and then they come in saying their lenses aren’t as
comfortable they feel like the lenses burn when they first put them in they
feel like their lenses dry out sooner throughout the day and we see a lot more
allergic reactions to those specific solutions versus the more name-brand
solutions which again we’re going to be talking about today so when it comes to
generics buyer beware so now the main point of the contact lens solution is of
course to disinfect the contact lens and the contact lens case against nasty
little microbes that can cause really bad
I infections potentially even leading to permanent vision loss and blindness and
even needing to have a full corneal transplant now if you’re somebody who’s
already had a nasty experience like that please go ahead and comment in the
section below I’d love to hear your story otherwise when it comes to these
solutions you’d think that all these solutions are the same and it’s true
that they do have to pass a standardized test to even get out on the Shelf onto
the market to be sold as a solution however every solution is a little bit
different and if you really read the fine print on the solutions you’ll find
that some are actually working a little bit better than others so the first
solution is op de Pierre moist now I have personally used op d free pure
moist for many years I’ve always found them to be very comfortable with my
lenses I can usually wear my lenses almost all day long from the moment I
wake up kind of round six seven o’clock in the morning till about 9:10 sometimes
even 11 o’clock at night so this solution is excellent for comfort at
least for my eyes and the contact lenses I typically wear if I’m wearing a
monthly or a two week lens now this solution does have some requirements
when it comes to disinfecting the solute actually disinfecting your contact
lenses so this solution you do actually have to rub the lenses for at least 20
seconds and if you’re someone who’s not rubbing your contact lenses please start
because it has a lot of great benefits to your lenses now when you’re rubbing
the solution for 20 seconds if you do that for each lens then you’re actually
supposed to rinse each lens on each side for an additional 10 seconds then after
all of the rubbing and the rinsing you have to put the lens in the lens case
and wait at least 6 hours to hit that minimum of disinfecting power so if
you’re somebody who doesn’t get full six hours sleep if you’re somebody who
really doesn’t rub your lenses then or rinse your lenses you’re not actually
following the guidelines and you’re not even hitting that minimum disinfecting
power with the solution so that is kind of important to know this solution
additionally because it’s made by Alcon company does work I find at least
it works better and more synergistically with individuals who are using a contact
lens made by the same company so if you were an optics their optics with hydro
Glide if you weren’t air optics night and day lenses then try to match the
opti free pure moist with those other Alcon products now let’s talk about the
bio true solution by the Bausch and Lomb company that’s the one in the clear
bottle now this solution again works really well for comfort I find it does
work a little bit better if you’re using it with Bausch and Lomb products so
that’s like the Bosch problem ultra lens now this solution again similar to the
opti free you do have to rub the lens for at least 20 seconds
but this rinsing P it part of the whole instructions you only have to rinse both
sides of lenses for five seconds instead of the ten seconds so you save yourself
a couple of seconds if you’re following the instructions to the tee and
afterward you only have to let it soak for four hours so if you’re somebody who
has to like a really kind of busy schedule or an irregular sleep schedule
let’s say you’re like a fireman or something like that
and you’re not sure when you need to wake up next then perhaps four hours of
soak time is going to be better for you with the bio true solution then one of
the other disinfecting solutions that takes at least six hours now let’s go
over blink Revital and now blink route violence is made by the abbot company
which is part of Johnson & Johnson a company that makes very popular contact
lenses known as the Johnson and Johnson active you oasis two-week contact lenses
as well as that Johnson and Johnson Veta contact lens those are monthly
lenses now this solution is excellent because it does work more
synergistically with those pop those popular products but it actually has
less work involved in terms as a disinfecting solution actually if you’re
somebody who knows that you’re not rubbing your lenses very much or you
just if I have a hard time really following the 20 seconds of rubbing the
lenses with the other two solutions or maybe you’re a parent who has a child
and you’re worried that they’re not take care of their contact lenses as they
should be and I was totally there when I was that age I probably was one of the
worst contact lens care patients ever until I got into school and found out
how terrible that was for me with this solution
you only need to rub this rub the contact lenses with the solution for two
to four seconds on each lens so that is great right only two to four seconds
saves you a lot of time and then you only have to rinse the sill enza’s for
five seconds so that’s excellent that saves you a lot more time then afterward
you still have to let it soak for at least six hours so if you’re someone
who’s getting a regular routine night of sleep getting at least seven to nine
hours and you just you know you’re staying up late at night you’re feeling
tired and you just can’t seem to get yourself to rub the lens for twenty
seconds on each lens perhaps blink revitalign is gonna be a little bit
safer for you now again all three of these contact solutions will disinfect
the contact lens and the contact lens case as long as you work properly
following the instructions and that will help reduce your risk of getting an eye
infection with wearing contacts now in terms of the comfort with these
solutions I know for sure that personally as well as in a clinic with
other doctors we know that these type of solutions do bring more comfort and
longer wear time compared to generic solutions
I’ve actually dug through research articles trying to find if there is one
solution that’s better than the rest but really there’s nothing conclusive each
different company will say and of course market that there’s is better but it’s
tough to really give that type of scientific argument personally again I
find that they do work synergistically so if you’re somebody who again is using
an Alcon product for contact lens like they are optics then perhaps an elk on
solution such as optically pure moist that’s gonna work better for you same
thing with the Bausch and Lomb products and same thing with Johnson & Johnson
products now if you’re somebody who has really more dry eyes more irritated eyes
or maybe you just have very sensitive eyes then perhaps there is
one other solution that is the best and that would be clear care specifically
clear care plus with Hydra glide now this solution is actually a hydrogen
peroxide solution that is made by again the alkane company now this is a 3%
hydrogen peroxide solution and if you’ve never seen this solution it comes in
kind of a different case it’s not like the standard contact lens cases you’ve
seen before it actually comes in a vertical case that is specifically
designed to work with the solution now you actually put the contact lenses into
the case you fold it up and then you actually have to rinse the skate rinse
the contact lenses with the solution build a solution in the specialized
contact lens holder and then you actually submerge the contact lenses in
the solution and you have to wait at least six hours and when I say at least
six hours I mean you have to wait the full six hours this is a hydrogen
peroxide solution and it has a red cap on the top of the bottle for a reason
and you can even read the warning labels on the back if you somehow get the
solution in your eye either by accident or you didn’t fully wait six hours for
the solution to neutralize in the sterile water you can actually give
yourself a chemical burn on the eye now most people who come into the clinic
from making that mistake of actually getting this into their eye it’s usually
not a horrible burn but it is bad enough sometimes that we do need to prescribe
medication so I don’t want you to make that mistake but again this solution is
completely preservative free and after the six hours it does neutralize the
sterile water so you don’t have to worry about all the extra chemicals really
potentially getting into the eye getting soaked up by the lens and causing
discomfort so most individuals that I have come into the clinic if they’re
having trouble with dryness irritation I discuss switching over to clear care
because it isn’t associated with as many kind of irritants to the eye it’s and
usually people come back saying oh my contact lenses feel so much better and
it’s not associated with other inflammatory conditions on the eye
such as a giant papillary conjunctivitis and if you’ve never heard of that before
I’ll let you let you google that and look at the Google Images that is
specifically a type of really chronic allergic reaction to contact lenses and
contact lens protein deposits on the lens but this solution again works
better at preventing that now a couple of pro tips regarding contact lens care
number one is to follow the recommended wear schedule for your contacts and
never use sterile saline solution instead of multi-purpose solution they
are not the same number two is to always rub and rinse
your contact lenses based on what the manufacturer of those contact lens
solutions recommends number three is to never top off your contact lens solution
be sure to always be tossing that used solution after each use
and refilling it full of fresh new solution each time number four is to
always rinse clean and air dry your case after each use because those cases can
also carry nasty contaminants number five is to never expose your contact
lenses to water I mean tap water bottled water distilled
water link water or ocean water water carries a lot of little other microbes
that may be okay for you to drink but is not safe for your contacts number six is
always contact your local eye care professional if you’re ever noticing
symptoms or irritation of a red eye or possible infection so I health question
of the day which contact lens solution are you using which one do you find
works the best for dry and sensitive eyes go ahead and comment this section
below I’d love to hear from you alright guys thanks so much for watching go
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