Bicycle Repair & Ownership : How to Overhaul a Bike’s Hub

Hi, I’m Travis at Mad Dog Cycles here in Provo
Utah, we’re talking about how to overhaul a hub, look at that. Put it here in the vise,
actually an axle vise holder. Two tools that you need, at least for this hub; is a fifteen
millimeter park wrench, really thin cone wrench and this is a seventeen millimeter lock neck
wrench which is just a basic wrench really. You unlock the locknut and go ahead and unscrew
the nut and you just want to do one side only, you don’t want to remove the other side, try
not to and just remove the cone, okay, this is the actual axle cone that rides in the
ball bearings, okay. Now you can remove the axle from the hub and there you go, there’s
all those rusty balls right there. What you do is go ahead, if you have a magnet, that’s
usually the best thing to do is get all those balls out just use a magnet like this and
these are quarter inch ball bearings, you can get them at any your local bike shop and
you want to inspect the hub, make sure that there’s no cracking inside those races, so
wipe out all that grease there and inspect it, make sure it looks good. This one looks
pretty good. It’s better to just go ahead and buy these ball bearings, they’re very,
very inexpensive, they get ovalized over the years and so just go to your bike shop and
buy some new ball bearings, these are quarter inch and there are like nine balls per side.
Make sure you inspect the cone and make sure it is clean and not pitted, this one is really
good. Re-grease it with the grease from the bike shop, this is from the bike shop, or
any hardware store for that matter and grease it up, put the balls in, put the axle back
in, reset it and you’re good to go.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. why dont you pathetic guys just leave him alone!?
    He's providing information for free and if you dont like it fuck off!

  2. He sure loves talking about balls and their look and feel (rusty,etc.) He sure is an expert at balls.

    j/k good teaching.

  3. i have a vintage bike the old original bearings looked good and probably better than the freaking cheaply made china bearings that the local bike shop sells for 15cent a piece

    they said they did not carry German or Swedish ball bearings only cheap china bearing junk they buy in bulk

  4. @titanarum666 Just add some grease to the ball race (inside the wheel) and then push the ball bearings into the grease. The grease will then hold them in place whilst you insert the axle. You can than add grease onto the cones as you put those back in.

  5. Thanks for the video, before i saw this i thought i was going to have to replace my rear hub as it got a little noisy. Might be able to get away with just putting new balls in there!

  6. Oh, no! Magnets and bearings don't mix 🙁 The last thing you want is to magnetize the parts so they suck in metal bits.

  7. @SerenityValleyVFR they are being thrown away, that's why he talkes about where to find new ones

  8. @naterd00d He's throwing away the hub and cones too? There is more to bearings than just the balls.

    Also, I've noticed that people who use magnets to pull out old balls also tend to use them to place the new ones in.

    Bad wrenching practice…

  9. @SerenityValleyVFR what? he says in the video that everything else looks fine, he didnt remove that stuff with the magnet, only the balls which he mentioned were done for…And you cant assume he puts them back in with magnets, in fact i doubt he does….Literally trying to show your non-existent bike superiority by making up issues

  10. Putting the magnet in the area magnetizes everything in the area -not just the balls. It magnetizes the hub/bearing races as well as the axle if it is still in there.

    magnets don't belong anywhere near bearings. It's bad mechanical practice and if you did something like that in any mechanics school (bicycle/motorcycle/automotive/diesel) they'd gig you for it.

  11. really helpfull video.I'm going to service my bike by myself right now!!!

  12. hi

    can any post a video put how to replace a hub on a 20 inch bmx plastic mags??

    send me link if u can or know one is one on youtube or internet

  13. @SerenityValleyVFR what's wrong with magnetizing the hub/bearings ?????

  14. @AQHackAQ What's wrong with filling my tires with rusty thumb-tacks?

  15. Great vid. 9 balls per side is good . I have seen on previous bikes I have owned as little as 6 per side. . Worth checking this out from new as when you need to repair the hub it is usually ruined. Cheers

  16. How do you put it back together? Another video that's not fit for purpose. If someone goes through the trouble of making this type of video, why not at least cover the whole process.

  17. That was less than half an overhaul. Videos need to show what the title says it will show!

  18. the best way to learn how to build a biycle is to reassemple your own bike ..

  19. everyone so hung up on 'rusty balls'… I thought 'grease it up and put the balls in' much funnier 😛

    cheers buddy, nice howto.

    Maybe some tips on spotting when the hub needs a teardown?

  20. He skipped the reassembly, which is the trickiest part. Getting the tightness just right on the cone is difficult. I'd like to see a video on that.

  21. this is helpful but only for a shitty hub my bearings are sealed how the fuck do i do it

  22. hahaha i actually found out you dont even greased sealed thats the point is no maintanence but my bearings were to tight cuz im a dumbass

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  24. Would it be possible to replace those bearings with sealed bearings or do sealed bearings only fit in hubs designed exclusively to accept them?

  25. What are we looking for when inspecting the hub race and cones?
    How many sizes of bearings are there, and what's the best way to measure them?
    How do I re-install the bearings?
    how tight do I re-tighten the cones? What's too tight?

  26. 1. look for pits/small craters/scratches in races and cones. 2. There are many sizes of bearings. usually 3/16" for front wheel and 1/4" for back wheel. Best way to measure bearing size is with calipers or with a ruler. 3. Degrease everything, put fresh automotive grease in the hubs, insert correct amount of bearings in hub, put back cones, axles, tighten. 4. you use fingers to tighten, not too loose so that it wobbles, not too tight that it binds. There ya go.

  27. This should definitely be a top comment over the current ones laughing that he said rusty balls.

  28. ok so they teach how to disassemble and then figure it out your self kind of video.

  29. what a crap video, reset and you good to go…haha you dont explain how important it is to not over tight or leave too loose.. your video stinks… fu"""ng money maker shit site

  30. I always use butter on these hub services – it always stops the rusty ball problem

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