Big data creates solutions that make life better

(air whoosh) – Every time we click, type
or swipe, we’re using data. – But at the same time,
we are also creating data. – We always hear people talk
about big data, but what is it. – Well big data is relative,
because it’s always changing. – I’m a mobility-mapping experiment. Can pinpoint, millions of points of data. It can generate, exabyte of data. If this penny was a single piece of data, and you stacked an exabyte of them. That would be 0.4 light years in length. That’s size of our solar system
and that’s a lot of data. – [Elizabeth] All of us are under a deluge of data. What do we keep? What do we discard? That’s where we come in. – We’re developing smart
scalable algorithms, to sort through these immense data sets and extract meaningful
information from them. – Computational mathematics,
science and engineering is a collaborative environment that brings together data
science, scientific computing and applications from
across the university and it’s the first department
of it’s kind in the nation. – [Woman] We’re looking ahead in new ways, by understanding the role of scientific
computing in society today. – We’re approaching computation
as a new area of discovery. Rather than in terms of
isolated sub-disciplines. – [Brain] CMSE is unique, in that we’re bringing together
individuals who are looking at algorithm development, analysis and high performance computing. Together we’re creating
applications to enhance scientific and engineering modeling. – About 2.5 quintillion bytes
of data are created each day. CMSE is about leveraging that data and how it’s used now and in the future. But we’re not analyzing
data just for data sake. We’re also developing various models, that allow us tackle
very complex problems. For example, researching dying stars, so that we can understand
the origins of matter and understanding and mapping
the interior of the earth so that we can predict earthquakes. – [Woman] We are bringing
together biologist, astronomers, engineers and mathematicians,
working together with students and post
docs all in one place. Utilizing more than 200 million
core hours of computer time, to generate outcomes and solutions. – Companies today have over
100 terabytes of stored data. Ranging from clinical
records, to genomics data, to personalized medical profiles. We have access to over 500
thousand human genotype datasets. That are actively used for research. Our work on algorithms allows
us to take that information and adapt and share it across our campus and around the world. – [Arjun] When disciplines
come together or even collide. It pushes researchers to look at similar, problems
in very different ways. It allows scientist and students,
to extend their reach. Discover new things and be better scientists. – CMSE touches every discipline,
from politics in business, to weather and medicine. – Because the world’s
problems and challenges are becoming increasingly complex. – [Michael] Spartan researchers are taking an innovative approach. – [Brian] To navigating that complexity. – [Woman] To make a positive impact. (fading music)

Bernard Jenkins

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