Blue Green Solutions for New Orleans

New Orleans is a city that is flood prone. Most people know, due to Katrina, that
flooding of the coast could be serious. But the most serious flooding problem
that New Orleans suffers is from pluvial flooding,
from heavy rainfall. One of the solutions to increase resilience
to these extreme climate events is to create more retention
and detention of storm water in the city. Not only for the extreme rainfall events
but also to control droughts in the city. One way of doing this is by installing so-called Green infrastructure
or Blue Green Solutions. We developed a tool that helps them see
which measures can be taken at which spots
and how effective it is. The tool really lets us
bring in a lot of people to the table to discuss projects
at that very early phase. And to really collaborate
to come up with solutions. I think one of the great things will be
to continue to work with Deltares as we understand
how this tool works in practice. They were very happy to see how the tool
supported their learning process and supported the dialogue to find
which measure could be applied where. But also the fact that they learned about
new solutions, they were happy with that. I got a green education
on water management. I learned a lot from Frans and the team
on what’s being done in the Netherlands. And how it can be used here.
So all-round it was a great experience. Resilience can be split into two parts:
physical and social resilience. The physical resilience
is definitely increased by these solutions but they also help in terms of social
resilience, so that’s the big advantage.

Bernard Jenkins

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