Bosch Convection Oven Troubleshooting

I need your assistance with Bosch convection
oven troubleshooting. The control panels die so often due to the
high temperatures of self cleaning that they now put early in their user manuals that when
it flashes and beeps continuously after self-cleaning, just disconnect it and call for service. The manual says that if it flashes the display
and beeps continuously to call for service anyway. It is only more recently that people
realized that burning off the grease fried the control panels too. Oh, it can burn out the thermostat and even
the elements. If you can’t get the oven to pre-heat after self-cleaning, that’s
why. Now I’m glad I use the standard elbow grease
to get baked on grease off the inner lining. Do not use aluminum foil on the bottom of
the oven, though, since that could ruin the enamel on the inside of the oven. I’m having control board problems or some
other electrical issue, because the oven is not working right. Bosch puts the oven vent on the bottom. If
the steam cannot escape because you put foil or even a pan over the vent, the food may
burn. I’ve never heard of that. If the vent is even partially blocked, convection
won’t work right and you’ll get extra condensate collecting there too. Burnt and gooey is not how my baked goods
should come out. If the convection fan is not working, the
cook times will increase. I can tell that the convection fan is not
working when it is quiet. The convection fan will turn off when the
door is opened. I do not open the door to check on things;
that’s what the window is for. If the door latch sensor is broken, the convection
fan could shut off when it doesn’t realize the door is shut. If the door latch sensor was the issue, I’d
expect a warning of some sort. You could also have a door ajar because the
hinge is damaged or not sealing right. I do not think that’s my problem. Bosch ovens have a panel lock so kids can’t
turn on the oven or change its settings. Before you assume the control panel is shot, hold
down the panel lock key for four seconds to unlock it. If that’s the case, it is yet another case
of child proofing creating headaches for adults. If it is not cooking things properly, check
whether the oven needs to be pre-heated before you put items in. That’s the case for baked goods. And fast pre-heat won’t work if the temperature
is not set high enough, and it may not work with some recipe settings. I’d chalk that up to user error, but I do
not use that setting. Then we’re down to calling in the pros.

Bernard Jenkins

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