Bratz Cloe Cinderella Makeover – Hair Repair and New Dress

Watch me transform Cloe from dreadful to dreamy! [Music: Rosie’s Tea Party theme song] Cloe’s Makeover Hair Repair and New Dress This is the Bratz doll Cloe When I bought her from the thrift shop Her hair was like this So I have no idea how her hair was styled orginally She didn’t come with any clothes So I have no clue what she looked like brand new She has this long piece in the front Lots of short layers and long layers in the middle Her hair is in great condition It’s just messy And that is so easy to fix! So let’s get started! To detangle her hair, I filled a spray bottle with hot water and one tablespoon of fabric softener hair conditioner or liquid hand soap will work too I use this metal dog comb because it’s great for detangling Do small sections at a time Spray fabric softener all over Start combing at the bottom and work your way up [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Next section, do the same and keep going until all the tangles are combed out [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] I hardly pulled out any hair! That’s awesome! Now to wash her hair I washed her hair with dish soap and rinsed it in hot water And here she is! Comb out any tangles Cloe’s hair didn’t have any frizz so she won’t need the usual hot water and ice water dunk and the hair style I have in mind for her won’t require straightening or curling Let her hair dry over night Alrighty! Let’s check her hair! Whoa! This is so silky soft! Wow! Look at this shine! Ah. Such beautiful colour! No matter how many times I do this I am always amazed You can see the different lengths of hair Wow! I separate this section of long hair from the short hair In the back This section of long hair is right in the middle of all the short hair It’s an odd hair cut If any of you Bratz collectors know the original hair style of this doll Please send me a photo or a link! For what I want to do I’m going to put all this hair into a ponytail [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] I’m leaving a small section of the short hair out for now I’ll need it to anchor this piece of hair later I’m using a clear elastic for the ponytail [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] This front piece, pull it across her hairline and join it with the hair in the back with an elastic [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] And tuck the ends into the elastic of the ponytail Like this You can the hair out a little here to loosen the hair in the front It’ll give it a softer look if you prefer that Now for the bun This is done exactly like Belle’s bun Take a chenille stem about 7 inches long and fold it in half like this So now you have an open end and a loop end Comb the hair straight up Smooth it out Take the chenille stem and put it in the hair like this Spread the hair along the chenille stem Squeeze the chenille stem like you’re clamping down on the hair Roll the hair like this All the way down to the head Take the ends of the chenille stem to the back like you’re making a circle In the back, take one end of the open end and push it through the loop end Then twist it with the other end to close up the circle [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Cover this up by moving the hair around the circle These short hairs will need to be tucked in Let’s have a look This is nice a smooth! Looks great! And here’s a top view To make her hairband, I’m using this ribbon It’s about 1 and a quarter inch wide and it’s wired You’ll need 8 inches Fold it 3 times like this Wrap it around her head and twist the ends together in the back Roll the ends in It’ll look like this The dress For her dress I’m using matching ribbon This is 2 and a half inches wide Sparkly white ribbon, 1 and a half inches wide it’s also wired And rhinestone ribbon For this ribbon You need a front piece that’s 10 inches and a back piece that’s 9 inches And the white ribbon at 11 inches and 4 inches of this rhinestone ribbon The top of the front piece is cut along the wire about half an inch Fold the top down for a finished edge The back piece is cut a quarter inch The wire ends are very important This back piece goes on first Wrap it around her waist And twist the 2 wire ends together Make sure it’s snug around the waist and the wires are laying flat Next, the front piece Wrap it around the chest and twist the wire ends together in the back [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Almost done Now for the rhinestone ribbon Join the ends with an elastic [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] adjust the rhinestones so they lay flat To create a slit on the side Move the ribbons off centre like this [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] To finish the ends, fold it in a couple of times [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] For the wrap, fold the ends in so the wires don’t stick out And put it over her shoulders And here she is! Wow Cloe! You really clean up nice! And look! She has matching shoes! She’s got the Cinderella look going on! Wow Cloe! You’re rocking the princess look! How easy was this?! No sewing or glueing! And she looks so awesome! Her wrap is so versatile! Let’s turn it into something else! Cut 2 inches of wire from the ribbon Wrap it in the middle and twist [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Place the wire ends down the front [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Take it to the back and twist the ribbon together [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Her wrap is now a shawl collar! This gives the dress a whole new look! So amazing and so easy! One of the things I love about Bratz dolls They can stand on their own 2 feet! Isn’t that awesome?! Now that you’ve seen 2 versions of this dress Which one is your favourite? The dress with the wrap? or the dress with the shawl collar? Post your answer in the comment section or click on the icard and take our poll Remember what she looked like? She went from dreadful to dreamy! Wow! 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