Bumper Tab Repair

Many bumper covers are thrown away
simply because the tabs are broken out. These are very simple to repair
with the airless plastic welder. The first step is to grind away some plastic
using an abrasive disc on a right angle drill. Make sure to grind at a slow speed
to avoid melting the plastic. Grind the plastic on the opposite side as well. Cut a piece of the stainless steel reinforcing
mesh to the width of the tab. Make the length of the mesh twice the length of the tab. Fold the mesh in half and wrap
the mesh around the tab. The mesh is what we will use to build our new tab. Bury the mesh into the plastic
using the airless plastic welder. Do not apply excessive pressure. Instead, allow the heat from the welder to
soften the plastic before applying pressure. While the plastic is still hot, the mesh will
sometimes spring back out of the plastic. You may need to hold the mesh under the plastic
until it cools off. Here, we are using the welder stand to hold
the mesh down until the plastic cools. FiberFlex will not stick well to a glossy surface. Knock down the gloss with sandpaper. Apply the FiberFlex by pre-melting one side of the rod. Then flip the rod over so that the melted portion
sticks, and then use the edge of the welder tip to cut off the melted part of the rod. Don’t just lay the FiberFlex on top of the mesh. Instead, push some of the FiberFlex through the mesh. Continue applying FiberFlex until the
mesh is completely covered. Apply FiberFlex to the opposite side of the tab. Continue to apply FiberFlex until
the mesh is completely covered. Use grinders and sanders to smooth and
contour the tab to the proper shape. The final step is to drill the hole. First, measure the hole location from an existing tab to ensure that the hole is drilled in the proper location.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Why is it that nobody in the Raleigh NC area want to fix the broken taps, and all they want to do is buy a completely new bumper cover and charge me $800 USD to do this? Thanks for this video.

  2. You could very well be a means to my dilemma!! I have a 3 piece spoiler that has screw mounts holdings screws that go from the spoiler and through the boot. I wont be able to weld both sides of the area like in the video but instead be welding to a flat surface, will this be enough to ensure the screws dont break off as thier being tightened down carefully or should i be doing additional work? Also how big of an area should i do to accommodate a new mount for a bolt mount? Obviously not just the broken area Please help, i can send pictures to your email if thats easier to expliain.

  3. Great music. I like how you wrapped the top & bottom of the tab with the st/st, great idea. Great video.

  4. would like to have seen you flex the tab when it was done

  5. I threw away my perfectly good bumper if I would’ve known this 2 years ago I would’ve done this!!!!!! And now I’m dealing with my bumper not matching my paint at all I have blizzard pearl which pearl is hard to match to begin with but big thumbs up for video👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  6. With that steel mesh it is probably stronger than it was before

  7. It's great to know that there's a way to fix broken bumper tabs. The one on my Ford Fusion has to be partially removed to swap out the headlight and fog light bulbs. And I always worried while taking it out that one day the plastic tabs were going to break. But this gives me a little bit more peace of mind.

  8. so all you need is a soldering iron , metal mesh and some spare plastic product you dont need

  9. I'm guessing this will work if the tab is broken off? I bumped into someone with a trailer hitch. The ball wasn't installed. But the receiver was just out far enough.

  10. I would love to know where I can get these supplies to fix my bumper. It currently has 3 broken tabs out of 5 where my fog light goes. I replaced my fog lights as they were cracked from the lense when I bought the car but have 3 tabs I can't mount the fog light too so it moves a bit specially when I wash the car. That's the only problem with the car.

  11. $300 for the plastic "welder"?!?! Yikes!
    Might need to go a different route after all

  12. How about cutting a piece of tin or aluminum, fold it, rivet it on and spray with rubber coating?

    But I'd probably use your product anyway.

  13. What I have always used to fix this is epoxy putty….. cheap, strong, and drillable. Plus you always have some left over and can use it on anythinanything else.

  14. I think its funny thst youre using metal to repair plastic. If the bumper was metal to begin with there wouldnt be any issue but our car companies are cheap as fuck and just use trashy plastic. I just dont understand

  15. But a cookie sheet from Wal-Mart and some tin snips. Cut the cookie sheet to size and screw it down with small wood screws. In 5 minutes, your done. No waiting to cure, no grinding, no problem. The tab is not visible. Screw this plastic shit.

  16. Funny, you can do the same thing with epoxy and adhesion promoter. The mesh is what gives it strength, not the airless welder or the "magic welding rods". Good tutorial either way, don't melt the plastic for sure.

  17. Give me a pair of pliers and a piece of aluminum, and I'll fix anything on your car….GARAUNTEED!!

  18. To take a piece of plastic to spread super-glue on a broken place, to strew the joints with soda, again to shed superglue joints and sprinkle with soda, do not tear.

  19. This is bullshit… another ploy for insurance company DRP to only pay you point .3 probably take you over an hour and a half to repair no thanks…. give me a new fucking bumper call it a day

  20. Find a good spot and run a self tapping screw through it,done son

  21. Oh my absolutely amazing the money you can save by doing this trick respect

  22. Check out our other videos to see tutorials on many of our plastic repair and refinishing products.
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  23. Great Video. I need to repair a rear sports bumper lip and modify it a bit. The Bumper lip is broken in two where the tail pipe goes. So I need to fix that first. Then the modification, I have put in a duel exhaust so the original tail pipe section is too short. Mod' is that I cut a wedge from the middle of the lip and cut a line under the tail pipe section. Weld the wedge and shape it a bit to match into the cut line under the tail pipe bit and then join the now cut bit in the middle of the lip.
    I have asked around for someone to do this and they want heaps of $$'s for it $500 plus. I don't think they want to do it. So I will try this myself with the help of these types of Videos.
    So you can see it is NOT easy to just go out and get another bumper lip as it also would NOT fit the new exhaust system. So there is a real world place for this type of Auto Fix. 🙂

  24. Visit this video page on our website to see the full list of products used and other helpful tips: https://www.polyvance.com/video/fiberflex/bumper-tab-repair

  25. Way too much money for the airless plastic welder. Just buy a new bumper.

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