CAD/CAM nesting group solution – vehicle supplier Gruau manufactures with WiCAM

presents Automation software in use at The French company Gruau has modified vehicles for professional applications for over 130 years. Initially, Gruau manufactured carriages, later switching to the prodution of buses in small series. Today, Gruau handles more than 20 commercial vehicle product lines for 34 automotive brands, including vehicles accessible for passengers with disabilities, tow trucks, police cars, rescue vehicles and many other special purpose vehicles. With a workforce of over 1,500 at 20 sites, Gruau converts 54,000 vehicles every year. The required sheet metal parts are manufactured at the ST-BERTHEVIN plant using automated punch and punch-laser machines. The NC programs are generated by WiCAM PN4000. Louis Renié, the production unit manager, tells us how it all came about: Ten years ago, we worked with Amada machines and the associated software. Once the first Trumpf machine was purchased, we needed a nesting software that supported all manufacturers. In addition, we already had an urgent need to integrate PPS and CAD in our processes, because we were producing a rising number of custom-made components. This brought down the number of units and shortened the delivery deadlines. WiCAM PN4000 was installed with a CAD and PPS interface and simply expanded with each new machine. Today, PN4000 controls the machines TruPunch 3000, TruPunch 5000, and TruMatic 6000 with FMC loading / unloading automation. Later, Gruau began to use the modules and functions for automatic NC generation to implement some broad structural improvements as well. Today, Gruau has no warehouses, but instead produces all parts ‘just in time’ as on time and if necessary by running all machines in three shifts. As Louis Renié says, ‘Most nestings are created automatically according to PPS specifications with common cuts.’ The integrated revision control function monitors the production data and ensures maximum transparency. And if there are any issues, we have immediate digital access to the full parts history. The advantages of WiCAM
Supports all latest Trumpf models
On-time PPS-integrated, just-in-time production
Maximum efficiency thanks to common cuts
Revision control with parts history Controlled machines / modules Many thanks to Follow us on

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