Can A Magic Trick Highlight A Better Way To Fix Employee Engagement & Culture In Your Business?

Imagine for a moment that this balloon represents all the issues and difficulties that lead to low morale, disengagement, a poor culture and inefficiency within your organization. And this… this represents the big important people who have decided upon some big important ideas to solve these problems Probably gleaned from some big important survey or seminar Now look what happens when we try to force these large somewhat ambiguous ideas into the organization They certainly don’t influence or improve the business culture the way people might think they should That’s because in most cases the challenge lies in fixing the myriad of local level day-to-day concerns you know those seemingly trivial personal concerns and needs or the relationship issues that occur between Individuals or within the various teams across the organization. There are the things that have the most… IMPACT Focus on highly targeted small sustainable changes and the seemingly big things will take care of themselves

Bernard Jenkins

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