Can you Crack the Code? SOLUTION!

Hi, a top secret number sequence is being
typed up line by line. Do you have the code-breaking skills to work out the next line in the sequence?
Good luck! So, there really is very little mathematics
in this sequence. We are simply recording how many of each number appear on each line.
So, in the first line there is just one one, so we write 1, 1. In the second line there
are two ones, so we write 2, 1. In the third line there is one two, and one one. In the
forth line there is one one, one two, and two ones. In the fifth line, there are three
ones, two twos and one one. So, in the final line, there is one three, one one, there are
two twos, and there are two ones. Problem solved!

Bernard Jenkins

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