Capella an open source MBSE solution

Across all industry domains (energy, aerospace,
transportation, healthcare), customers are demanding new products that are more and more
complex and interconnected. These new products must be intelligent, safer,
eco-friendly, connected, and remain affordable. It implies to design and assemble numerous
components and sub-components assigned to many experts, in a variety of domains (software,
mechanical, electrical, electronics, etc). All these components must fit together properly
and collectively realize the expected product’s functions, and finally meet the customer’s
requirements. But, in a classical document-driven approach
the system is described by a stack of heterogeneous documents, mainly based on office-based formats. This poses the problem of maintaining the
consistency of the whole product definition. To cope with this issue the architects of
a product have to move from a document-driven approach to a coherent, integrated and computational
description of the whole system. Supporting a field-proven Model Based Systems
Engineering methodology, Capella is the best option for systems architects for
improving their communication with domain experts
analysing architecture tradeoffs identifying problems earlier
and optimizing the reuse of components and architectures. Extensible, open, field-proven, and including
Arcadia a system engineering method, … Capella is a unique tool.

Bernard Jenkins

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