Cash Flow Forecaster – Accenture SAP Leonardo Solution

Imagine. Being able to predict your cash. Imagine and the ability to embed intelligence
into the treasury function. Their cash flow forecasts it is our right
as A.P. Leonardo and as for Hatter excuses a prediction and in that scans through years
of historical data ranging from customer and vendor information even using seasons as if
they’re you hold the tool and then generate patterns to model trade trends and allows
users to gain perspective on the business net cash flow for the next quarter. Apart from cash flow prediction the cash flow
forecasts are you can display bank balance prediction for the next quarter as well as
a graphical view and you understand relative on during that cash flow out flow and in the
flow by legal and. It also has collaboration capabilities set
ups sharing the cash flow rate email and option to download detailed data X.L. files for there
and. With a cash flow forecast there your medical
prediction accuracy could improve between 20 to 40 percent to enable smarter financial
decision lowering your brand exposure all in an intuitive and intelligent to. The cash flow forecast. Imbedding intelligence to your finance function. To learn more this is our website.

Bernard Jenkins

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