Cat® Remanufacturing | A Sustainable Solution from Caterpillar

Cat Remanufacturing turns
a used component into one that’s the same
as when it was new. That’s good for all of us. Because iron becomes the next generation
of value, instead of winding up in a landfill. Cat Reman takes back about 75,000 tons
of end-of-serviceable-life material every year. It’s good for Caterpillar. Some 4,000 employees help to transform
7,600 products into Cat Reman to sustain their value. And it’s especially good for our customers. They get a component that performs
as well as when it was new for a fraction of the cost of new. To some, remanufacturing
seems too good to be true. That’s because of a common misconception:
that Reman components are simply cleaned up, repaired and sent back. So, let’s see what Reman really is. It begins with a customer delivering the original
component – known as the core – to the dealer for inspection when it
has reached the end of its serviceable life. The core is then shipped to a Cat Reman facility. Here, skilled Reman specialists disassemble it,
and it’s meticulously cleaned and inspected against rigorous engineering criteria. Material is added if necessary. Components that meet strict specifications
are salvaged, using advanced technology. Those that don’t are recycled. After extensive testing, components become
same-as-when-new Cat Reman products … ready for another long, reliable service life
with a like-new warranty. Customers benefit from lowering
their owning and operating costs, and maximizing the built-in value
of their equipment. And together, we help to keep finite natural
resources – like iron – in productive use. Cat Reman is the sustainable solution that
helps our customers build a better world.

Bernard Jenkins

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