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– [Eric Rochow] Chainsaw won’t start? Learn how to fix it right here. Stay tuned. (relaxing music) (dog panting) Hey, everyone. Welcome to GardenFork. I’m Eric Rochow. This is GardenFork quick tip. We’re gonna call this one. Is Your chainsaw not running? Has your chainsaw sat all winter and you’re thinkin’ I
gotta clean up that debris in the back, there? That’s happenin’ to me right now. I got a couple of chainsaws and neither one of ’em wants to start and I’m thinkin’ I should give it like a quickie tune-up and there’s two things that
you can do really simply to help this thing start better and that’s to change the spark plug and change out the gas, okay? So, we’re gonna show you how
to change the spark plug, change out the gas. First of all, get one of these turkey baster things. Ask permission first, from the person who possesses the turkey
baster in your family. You wanna open up your fuel, here. Suck out all the gas. It’s actually a gas oil mixture. Take this all out, put it
into a gas safe container. Then, get yourself something that measures clearly, exactly one
gallon, like a milk jug. Don’t store gas in this,
but you can fill this up to the one gallon mark, pour into a gasoline safe container. Then, get fresh oil. I really like these. These are these squeezy things, so you can have the measuring here. And it says for one gallon at 50 to one, which is most chainsaws. It’s 2.6 ounces, so you squeeze the bottom and the top… Oh, loosen the cap here. The top fills up like that. Pretty neat, right? I mean, that’s way too much but you can… It’s kinda like a magic eight ball the way you move it back and forth. Anyway, it’s 2.6 ounces to a gallon of gas is a 50 to one ratio. Okay, clean oil, clean gas. Take the old gas out of here. You have to shake it around,
use the turkey baster because there’s a line that goes from the tank, up into the engine, here. You wanna get that out as best you can. (dog pants) Second thing you wanna do, is replace the spark plug on this. The spark plug on these,
we’re gonna have to take off these outer cowlings to do it. Some chainsaws, the spark
plug is quite obvious. It’s this black wire
that goes the spark plug. Here you go. Let me show you on this one, how to get to the spark plug. This is the air filter on this one. You give this a little turn, and then this slides up and that covers the air filter. This air filter needs to be cleaned. You can either buy a replacement one or clean it off. You can take a stiff brush, (brush rubbing) clean these off or go buy a replacement. Oh, don’t get this, down
there in the throat. Cover the throat, the carburetor throat with some tape and you
can clean this area up. You don’t want any debris
going down in there. That’s a bad thing. Outer cover comes off like that. Here’s your spark plug. This is a three quarter
inch spark plug wrench. I bought a set of three
spark plug socket wrenches. Makes life a lot easier ’cause there’s different sizes. (socket wrench turns) Yeah, that’s pretty,
that’s pretty crudded up. Go down to your local store, get your new spark plug. (socket wrench turns) Okay, don’t over tighten this. Tight, and then a little tight, like that. Remember to replace this very important spark plug wire. (dog pants) Alright, here you go. Time to go start work. By the way, if you’re likin’ what you’re seein’ here, click the subscribe button. We’ve got a bunch of DIY, cooking and gardening videos, videos of the the Labradors, if you like that kinda thing. We also have a whole site of cool photos of how-to stuff like that. GardenFork.tv If you like to sign up
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you’ll probably find us. Alright, here we go. (water splashing) (chainsaw starting) By the way, we’ve made some
other GardenFork videos about chainsaw safety and
how to cut down trees, how to cut fireplace
logs, that kinda thing. You can click on the links here, click on the links below,
and watch those as well. Lot of fun, Eric, chainsaw, power tools. (water splashing) (gentle music)

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Hey Eric, what other channels similar to yours would you recommend for your subscribers to watch while we wait for your videos? Not necessarily similar, but I mean about Homestead, self sufficiency, DIY etc.

  2. hey rob, i don't know of any DIY channels, etc. i've looked around a bit and haven't found much, i'd like to reach out to any that you or anyone might suggest.

  3. Hey Eric & family!
    I've just started watching your videos and I really like the way you make it easy to understand the processes you show. Keep up the good work and thanks for the information!

  4. hi debbie, thanks for your note here. i'm all about DIY and learning as you go. thanks for watching, eric.

  5. thanks for pointing that out todd, i should have mentioned that in the chainsaw tuneup video.

    i'm always surprised by people using old gas in their chainsaw, and wonder why it wont start. thx, eric.

  6. the chainsaw gas mixture is different, depending on the make and model of your chainsaw, thanks for pointing that out.

    i've learned that clean fresh gas-oil makes all the difference. thanks, eric.

  7. I went from fixing a chainsaw to riding in a elevator to playing fetch with a lab all in they first 15 seconds of the video!

  8. you dont have to take the top shroud off the saw boot will pull off plug after removing filter shroud

  9. thanks for the heads up on that chainsaw repair tip, appreciate your knowledge on fixing chainsaws! eric

  10. I was wondering if anyone would happen to know if there is a particular web site or store that would carry or know about a specific file to sharpen chainsaw blades. I have several different types of blades and one file just isnt usefull for all of them. Im not looking for any electic sharpeners .. I would rather use files..also i was wondering how do u find out what file is for what size of chaisaw.. is there a manual i could purchase or a site that could help me? thanks

  11. if you search on the web for chainsaw supplies, or timber felling supplies, you'll find a few places that sell chainsaw repair tools. thanks! eric.

  12. Most 2 cycle oil is so advanced you can safely run 50:1 mix in ANY saw. I have been in the rental business for 20+ yrs and have run 50:1 good quality oil mix in even old 16:1 saws without ANY trouble EVER.

  13. Thanks, this will definitely help me out with my summer garden-repair job

  14. do you have a tutorial on how to fix a jonsered 2240s chainsaw?

  15. sorry, i don't have a video on the Jonsered, I own two Stihl chainsaws. thx for watching, eric.

  16. My Stihl 028AV runs great when I first start it but bogs down after cutting three wheels of wood and will only idle until I remove it from the wood and slowly bring the revs up by pumping the throttle, it then runs good for bit and bogs down again. Carb has been rebuilt and lines are good, muffler not plugged. Any idea what is wrong?

  17. sorry biker, i don't . 2 cycle engines are tricky sometimes. i would suggest checking with you local stihl dealer. thanks, eric.

  18. Swapped out the fuel line for a more rigid clear plastic one and the saw now runs great. The old one must of gone soft on the inside and pinching shut under load, on the outside it looked good.

  19. Hi i have a question…i got this saw husqvarna 350 that i got from a guy and the piston and cyl were scored like to a point where you can't pull the rope..anyway i put a new piston cylinder and got a new carb.i also put fully synthetic oil on the piston and everything was good,but the saw never started.. i got fuel in the carb, good spark,definantly air, and pretty good compression,and it still doesnt start any idea why?maybe crankcase seals?thank you in advance

  20. @karl hayes hello I was reading old posts on a video you commented on. You had asked what type of bar and chain oil to use. It's best to use actual chainsaw bar and chain oil, not automotive oil.

  21. @gardenfork hey whats going on. I read your comment about other do it yourself channels. There are a few really good youtube channels on DIY small engine repair. By far the best one I have seen is donyboy73. He has a lot of excellent DIY videos and great tips and info

  22. check your boot and make sure you're using good gas and star tron fuel treatment. the gas these days tend to bog down the saws.

  23. With the 028, check that the spring in the air filter that holds the choke open hasn't fallen off or lost tension. I have seen many 028s that the choke comes on when in a cut, causing the saw to flood up( to much fuel). If the air filter is dirty or old and someone has adjusted the carby with filter this way, it makes it worse.

  24. put the baster down… you never leave gas in the saw, store it without gas and you will not have this issue. just that easy.

  25. spark plugs are the most replaced item for NO reason than anything. Quality 2stroke oil has stabaliser in it.

  26. I have a 3 year old home lite that leeks fuel badly out the carb. How do I fix it?

  27. bought my dim-witted old man a chainsaw – a good one. 
    He thought he was a lumberjack and cut down a tree – a bad one. The outhouse is demolished

  28. love the music and dogs in between segments.. fun… good info.. thanks for video!

    I need help with a problem not as obvious as those shown. I've worked on small engines a lot of years.  I have a McCulloch Timberbear. It's run fine for over ten years.  Just recently, it became hard to start.  I rebuilt the carb; replaced fuel line and filter; changed spark plug after setting gap, coil has good spark, spark arrestor is clear; changed air filter; replaced gas cap; seems to have good compression giving resistance when cranking.  I put on choke and get it to burp after about ten pulls, take it off choke and it won't start. The only way to get it to burp again is to pull plug and dry it out. On rare occasions it will start when squirting fuel in carb. It runs great when it is started. Please let me know if you have suggestions.

  30. I got a "really good deal" on what appears to be a very gently if ever used stihl chainsaw 017. It was shipped to me and looks like it may have leaked oil and gas. Didnt appear to have any gas left inside and I didnt think about emptying it out first. I did buy new gas and new chainsaw lube and filled both up, even replaced the sparkplug and the dang thing STILL wont start. I dont know what else to do.

  31. Diese neue Zündkerze ist viel zu fest geschraubt. Wenn der Motor heiß wird dehnen sich die verschiedenen Metalle (Aluminium und Stahl) unterschiedlich aus und der Zylinderkopf kann platzen!

  32. Compressed air goes a long way for cleaning air filters. Blow from the inside out – the one in the video can be split in two using the flathead on your scrench.

  33. I enjoyed that video and I have a Poulan chainsaw which isn't running right now. I can't complain because worked for years when the Stihl didn't work at all and it was newer.

  34. Thank you just moved to a home after 25 years in a Condo – Have a Condo body and mentality not ready to be a complete homeowner. Thanks again

  35. I think that I messed up! I rinsed my air filter off under the sink is it still usable? 

  36. Those dogs have it made. Good work on your video. Right to the point, useful and entertaining.

  37. hi i got a chainsaw at home that won't start, the filter is clean and it got a new sparkplug, i don't think it gets fuel from the tank because when i pour alittle gas in the carb it runs for like 1-2 seconds and then dies, what could the problem be? i even tried to suck trough the fuel line and i got some gas in my mouth haha, so it must be something with the vacuum line? it have good compression.

  38. I have a Craftsmen Chainsaw , I will take this advice first ( since NO ONE will work on it !)  How about a chain oil resevoir that leaks like a sieve ???   Any "tips" ? other than the trash can ?

  39. Love those labs! Got two myself…a black and a yellow. Crazy dogs. Thanks for the great video. I will apply your tips to my chainsaw later today.

  40. Q; my ms250 not easy to pull almost froze. Any suggestions. Thanks Jim

  41. Dude!  I was kinda hoping for some info about checking fuel lines and the carb.  Fresh gas, spark plug, and filter are common knowledge.  Ur dog's a champ tho. 😉

  42. Thanks for the tips. Cleaned air filter,replaced gas with new and replaced spark plug. Now I have a fire burning in the fireplace watching Rose Parade!

  43. Nine out of ten times, the most common issues are not the cause of your problem.

  44. I have an ivory lab myself.. GREAT DOG! got some vids of her as well.. I seem to have an issue with a NEW Paulon chainsaw I had Just bought.. it's never really worked right even brand new.. the issue being the choke lever never wants to stay OUT and snaps back before the saw is even started.. and if it dies when the engine is warm.. forget getting it started again for a couple of hrs.. Ideas????

  45. Great Video. One thing that is worth mentioning is the 2 Cycle oil mixture with the fuel. After checking the spark plug, and after ensuring that I had "Fresh Fuel", my Timberpro Model CS-6150 was still not starting. You mentioned that "most" chainsaws has a Fuel/Oil mixture of 50:1. My Timberpro Owners Manual stated that a 25:1 mixture was required. This seemed a bit odd to me because "most" chainsaws are indeed 50:1. Long story short….I had a hard time starting the Timberpro at the 25:1 fuel to oil ratio. And I just KNEW that it was because there was TOO much oil in the mixture. So I added more fuel to the mixture (my guess is that I manipulated the ratio to about 30-40:1), and wouldn't you know it… the chainsaw started up and ran GREAT! More fuel made the mixture easier to ignite. 🙂

  46. To close the carburetor you don't need blue tape. Every time you take off the filter to clean it just squeeze the trigger and set the lever on the left all the way down (the setting for starting it cold). That closes the carb and you're safe to go.
    Also, I like to clean the filter with compressed air but make sure to blow from the back side.

  47. Thank you, sure I can get our chainsaw running now. Love your dogs, we used to have a yellow lab that we worshiped til she passed, still hold her close in our hearts.

  48. The biggest time saver I find helpful is after every use of your chainsaw, trimmer or whatever you have that takes that 2-cycle oil and has a tendency to sit for a long time, is empty the fuel tank.
    Empty the fuel back into the gas can then start the engine one last time to burn off what's in the fuel line.
    I learned this from the shop that repaired the carburetor on my Huskavana LD128 trimmer. They say if you leave the fuel in the machine all winter long, you're eventually going to have carburetor problems.

  49. Hi Eric. Your mower blade sharpening video worked a treat. Any chance of a video on how to sharpen a chain? Autumn / Fall is coming fast in the northern hemisphere, and help would be appreciated. Thanks, Leaf

  50. I have a brand new Stihl 251 that wont turn over. the start cord is jerky and impossible to pull smoothly, whats the problem? can anyone help?

  51. Make sure you return the turkey baster back to the wives drawer. Wouldn't want you to miss out on the next turkey she bassist

  52. brushing does not clean the air filter … especially from the outside. Use an air compressor and blow from the inside out. if you brush him, that dust remains impregnated on the filter and you'll need to change it after 2-3 uses. You can blow the rest of the chainsaw. cylinder and intake are very important, if you dont clean them the chainsaw may overheat.

  53. You said that the gas oil mixture was 50:1, I don't think that is right. My chainsaw has 40:1 embossed on the gas fill hole.

  54. My Stihl handbooks say if you use their 2X oil you can have a 25:1 mixture which is less smoky.

  55. A good thing to do to make you saw last longer is flip the bar. It will make the bar last longer. It is good to flip the bar about every time you do this kind of mainance. As always thanks for the videos and your dog's are so cute!

  56. Very useful. Have 3 saws. One brand new. My other 2 has been having trouble. Now… I know what needs to probably be done with the 2 that are having trouble starting.

  57. me: fill gas and oil to the rim. yank a thousand times. replace the spark place and keep yanking.

  58. Maybe you can help me out. I have an MS 230 that has been acting up since new. When I bought it, I only used it for less than 1/2 an hour before completely draining the gas and put it in storage for a couple of years. When I pulled it out of storage I fueled it and started it up and worked fine for as long as I needed it. A few months later I went to use it again, and of course it started and ran well for 2 or 3 minutes but then stalls out. After stalling, when I start it up it runs rough, wont idle, but doesn't like going above a mid power RPM. If I leave it for a day or two it will work fine. Any Ideas?

  59. this amateur is no help.How about gapping a plug. Also tip saw to drain tank.etc.etc.

  60. Good videos. Only comment is that watching your dog fetch is kind of a waste but on another vid of yours I watched, watching your dogs sleep was a real waste of peoples time. Please don't get mad, I love dogs but my time is worth something too.

  61. Dear Mr. Garden Fork, I love dogs, especially mine, who is also great at fetching a ball. BUT, wtf would I ever put footage of a dog fetching a ball on an instructional video? Oh, I know you feel it is part of the gestalt of life to include something you love (your dog), but sir, this is an INSTRUCTIONAL video, not a movie, watched for pleasure. Furthermore, it's only people who are damn frustrated already from not being able to start their piece of junk chainsaws, who are watching your video! Your dog footage only serves to FURTHER FRUSTRATE the viewer. Ever think of that?

  62. My chainsaw is an old Pioneer and it is 16 to 1 how would I do that oh and it doesn't run yet I'm working on it

  63. Love your videos and definitely love the In cuts of the adorable dog chasing the ball

  64. I have a Poulan chainsaw, I've replaced everything. I pull it 1,000 times, it runs for 5 minutes and gets my hopes up. Then I pull it 1,000 more times. I'm ready to smash this thing.

  65. My Stihl MS 170 requires fresh, high-octane gas/oil at all times. If it sits for a month, I must discard the fuel and refill. It likes the 93 octane Stihl MotoMix the best. It will not fire at all without the freshest fuel.

  66. My suggestion if Your Chain saw does not want to start by a new one And you that 1 time then throw it in a Trash

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