Checkup Test | bObsweep Standard™

If Bob is not working as he normally does
or is repeatedly running into a certain error code, you may want to run a checkup test to
uncover the source of the issue. Hold down Bob’s MODE button while at the
same time flipping his side power switch ON. Bob will emit a series of beeps to let you
know he is in checkup mode. The first step is to test Bob’s edge sensors. When Bob is on the ground, the words AUTO, TIME,
SPOT, and UV should be illuminated on his screen. When you lift Bob,
these 4 lights should disappear. Use a flat surface (such as a sheet of paper)
to imitate a wall in front of Bob. Drag the imitation wall from the left side
of Bob’s bumper around to the right side. The 5 icons along the bottom of his screen (3 battery bars, the word DIRTY,
and the word ERROR) should light up as you do this. To move on to the third step of the checkup test,
press Bob’s MODE button once. His screen will display 0
and the word DIRTY may flash. Place Bob about 5 inches from his
charging station with his bumper facing the station. Bob’s screen should display the number 77. Some versions of bObsweep Standard
do not include this step in the checkup. To move on to the fourth step of the checkup test,
press Bob’s MODE button once more. Bob’s screen goes blank. To test Bob’s bumper,
press down on its center. The battery bars and the word ERROR
should both light up on his screen. If you press down on the left side,
only the battery bars should light up; if you press down on the right side,
only ERROR should light up. To enter the fifth step of the checkup test,
press the MODE button once more. Bob will now test his display screen. Each of the screen’s icons should
light up in a repeating rotation. Once the light cycle finishes,
press the PROGRAM button. Both the main and side brushes should spin,
and air should flow out of the back of Bob’s dustbin. The final step of the checkup
tests Bob’s wheels. Press the UV button,
and Bob should drive forward. Flip him over and you should
see his UV lamp on. Press the UV button once more, and Bob should drive backward
with his UV lamp turned off. If Bob produces the results as described,
then there’s no need to worry — Bob is in healthy shape! If Bob does not perform as he should
during the checkup test, contact our customer care center
at [email protected] or 1-888-549-8847
for further assistance.

Bernard Jenkins

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