Christmas Cookies with Cree | Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix

– So one of my favorite
traditions during the holidays are baking cookies. And you know what, I have a special guest to help me out with that. Who is this right here? – Me. – Why so serious? (both laugh) It’s week three of Holidays with Kin and this week we are
celebrating traditions. – Nice.
– Yay! So to see what the
other shows are sharing, be sure to click on the
playlist in the description. (gentle music) Okay, so first we’re gonna
start with the chocolate. I have some chocolate here that I melted down with
some butter, right? – Yes. – And to that what are we gonna add? – Sugar. – Yes let’s do it! There we go. So go ahead, whisk that, until
we see no more sugar, right? There we go. Look at you. – [Cree] What how fast did it. – It disappeared very quickly, huh? – What, that only took like 10 seconds. (Tia laughs) – What do we do next? – Uh, flour? – Eggs. – Eggs.
– Yes. Okay, Mommy will go ahead and do that. – No, Mom. – You wanna, okay, do
you wanna help Mommy? – Yes, Mommy. – Okay, we don’t want it to- – The whole thing? – The whole thing, buddy. There we go. Show them how strong you are. Show all of the ladies out
there how strong you are. – Okay. – That just went in one
ear and out the other. – Yeah. – Alright Cree, so you see
our sugars gone, our eggs are gone, and now we’re going
to add some vanilla extract, right? – One, Two, Three. So, what’s next? – Flour. – Okay, we’re going to put
the flour in there right? Do you want to do it? – All of it? – The whole thing! – Okay! – There we go. And then now we’re going
to add our hot chocolate, the whole bowl. – Okay. – Okay, ready? – Sprinkle it, sprinkle, sprinkle it! – Now we’re going to add some salt, right? – The whole bowl? – The whole bowl. Okay, there we go. Alright, do you want to put
this in the sink for mommy? – Sure. – Okay, he had to think
about that for a minute, but you know what though,
Cree, you are an incredible helper when it comes to your sister. Are you not? – I am a good helper. – And, what do you do, like
what do you do when you help your sister? – Get her pacifier, get toys,
get all the stuff for her, get bottle, get all the stuff. No, get mommy’s pumping thing. (Tia laughs) – Little too much information. (Tia laughs) I will have to say that Cree
is Kyro’s favorite person. Right? – Yeah, and Daddy always says
Kyro likes Daddy the best. It’s not true. (Tia laughs) – We don’t want to hurt
Daddy’s feelings, right? – Yeah, so he can’t know. – Now, we are going to
add even more chocolate. We’re going to add these
chocolate chips, right? – The whole bowl? – The whole bowl. (Cree makes silly sound) You see he comes with sound effects. (Tia Laughs) So, these chips were semi-sweet
and we’re going to add some bittersweet. Bitter. Nom Nom Nom. Mommy makes eggs and Daddy
makes eggs, which one makes the best eggs? Choose wisely, Cree. – Daddy’s is the bomb, no, I
want Grandma to be in there too. (dramatic music) (Tia Laughs) – Oh, okay. – I have Grandma, that’s one. And, my mom. – Yay! (clapping sound) – And, Daddy. – Can I show you one and
then you do the next one? – Yes. – Okay, so, Mommy’s just going
to put one like this, right? – How do you do it? – See how easy that was? So, I am just going to put
this in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes to firm up. Right? – Yes, indeed. (Tia laughs) – So, our cookies, right? – Yeah. – They’re out of the refrigerator. They’re nice and firm,
so I am going to show you what we are going to do next, okay? – I already know what to do. – You already know what to do? Show me. You put one marshmallow there,
and then put another one in there. – I’ll do like separate. – Separate, oh. Oh, okay, two different kinds. – Yeah. – Okay, and then we’re just
going to fold it together like this. – Like a paper airplane? – Like a paper airplane! We have got to make
sure it’s hidden, right? What do you do next? There we go, okay, bravo Cree. When we bite into them it’s
going to be ooey and gooey. Hey Cree, do you want to
our quick fixers what our Christmas plans are? – Getting presents? (Tia laughs) – Says every kid. We’re going to be going to Hawaii with my sister Tamara. – But they’re staying for three days. We’re staying for 10 days! – Yes, they’re going to be
there for three days while we’re there. – It’s so sad, I wish they
could stay for 10 days. – Longer? I know. Well, Tamara is going to try. Are you excited about
Kyro’s fist Christmas? – I’m not excited. I’m really excited. – Aw. What are you going to
give her for Christmas? – You know one of those
pianos, for little babies? – Uh huh. Oh yeah! – Yeah and they have like
a little chair and they just sit down. – Oh okay. – And there’s a little
piano and they just play it. – Oh okay. – Yeah, I think I want to get one. – You want to get her that? – Yeah. – While he eats these marshmallows, (Tia laughs) – Oh, tasty! – Yeah, I am going to put this
in the over at 350 degrees for nine to twelve minutes. Our cookies have cooled, right? – Yes and they look so good. – And they look so good. Want to see what it
looks like on the inside? – Yeah. – Okay, ready? Let’s do this. Whoa, look at that Cree. – Give me. Give me. – He just wants to eat it. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Go for it, buddy. (inaudible) (Tia laughs) – Cree! – It’s really good. – I think that’s a good
sign that these are good. Right Cree? – Yeah. I can eat these all day. (Tia laughs) Make sure you guys follow…. – Tia Mowry’s quick fix. – Be sure to check out the
Holiday’s with Kin playlist in the description.

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