CM Web Software Solution

CribMaster Web. No, not this. This. Not this. This. CribMaster, CribMaster Web. CM Web knows how many machines
you need, where you need them, and helps you manage
your inventory on the go. What’s still checked out? Almost out of masks? CM Web lets you know. You’re welcome. Safety glasses replace
gloves in use this month. Not in the Paris branch, though. What’s happening there? Let’s make sure to calibrate
that torque wrench on time. And let’s not spend
half the afternoon looking for the only
radius gauge in the plant. Who didn’t turn in that grinder? Clark. Ratcheting wrench? Clark. It’s always Clark. Tired of software
installations and upgrade schedules and large IT
expenses and just want to manage your core business? CM Web is for you. CribMaster.
We’ve got this.

Bernard Jenkins

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