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CMC started from supplying storage media from magnetic to optical, and then redirected investments to marketing and distribution in the film industry. CMC also deals with the film distribution rights of the top 8 film studios in the US. We were then involved in some filmmaking such as Cape No.7 and Red Cliff. CMC also invested in some well-known directors and films. In recent years we’ve expanded into the lifestyle and leisure industry. The TSUTAYA Bookstore joint venture with Japan’s CCC group is an example. Moreover, on Yangming Mountain, we turned the esxisting American Military Housing into various restaurants. We were using Microsoft Exchange 2003 in the past. However, there were no vulnerability patches from Microsoft, so we often got delivery failures from the emails we sent to our clients. Restaurants around Com In Dim have branches scattered everywhere, which comes with an increasing demand for mobility. That’s why we need an all-round mail system to support us. In the beginning we were considering upgrading Microsoft Exchange. But then we found that we had to upgrade Microsoft AD and the whole Office series. That would add considerably to the overall costs. MailPlus holds a great cost advantage. Besides the mail host, it also comes with Chat, which is pretty much like Line we are using Line, however, is an external service. With Chat we can prevent internal discussions from leaking out. What’s more, its user interface is relatively simple to IT. For example, the visualized monitoring, active auditing, 3rd-party antivirus scanning, and spam filtering come together to fulfill our future needs. There are many affiliated companies in CMC, and we have more than 600 users in total. We deployed two Synology RS3617xs+ as the primary and secondary hosts. We also have another server for archiving purposes to achieve optimal deployment. To many enterprises, cost always comes first. What comes next is security, especially for the email service. It’s easy to scale up even if we don’t have sufficient capacity in the future. Be it security, scalability, data management, or backup, Synology can meet all the user demands.

Bernard Jenkins

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