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Minecraft So let’s start with basic color theory this is a color wheel all
colors can be made from only mixing red blue and yellow these are called the
primary colors colors that are next to each other on the color wheel work well
together colors on opposite sides of the wheel are called complementary this
means are the colors look very nice together values such as black white and
grey do not have complementary colors a triad of colors are three colors that
make a triangle on the color wheel such as the primary colors these also look
nice together there are many types of schemes you can use to pick colors so I
recommend looking up a more advanced color theory tutorial or just using an
online tool the name of a color is its hue changing the hue changes the color
the saturation of a color is the intensity of the color lowering the
saturation shows less color while raising the saturation shows a lot of color the
difference between color intensities is called contrast low
contrast colors look similar while high contrast colors are easily
distinguishable colors made with reds and yellows are referred to as warm
colors as they have a more aggressive look colors made with blues and greens
are referred to as cool colors as they’re a lot more relaxing now can you
tell me what’s wrong with this house design the colors are the same hue and
there’s no contrast at all aside from the shadows now what about this one the
design is pretty much the same well actually the hues are all pretty close
together on the color wheel there’s a noticeable deal of contrast due to the
light sand color and there aren’t any blinding saturations this might be a
pretty good palette to go with what do you think about this wall well the
detail and the various stone textures adds a slight amount of contrast it’s
not enough to break it from the grayness there’s also no hue variation which is
rather boring about this one the cracked stone bricks
add more contrast into the grays the mossy stone bricks look very nice with
the dark brown wall the wall borders have a nice contrasted line in the
middle and the wall itself goes well with the grass around it the blocks
you choose for a palette aren’t the only things you need to consider you need to
keep the terrain around you in mind as well alright I hope that helped as
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Bernard Jenkins


  1. Your homework: Look up very nice builds and spend about 5-10 minutes figuring out why they chose the colors they did.

  2. Hey nice video you dumb nerd. Colors are subjective, how dare you tell me what to perceive. If I want colors not inside the same triad I will use them you have no authority over me.

  3. If you're looking for more information on this topic, check out this video from Grian! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiYdT9LYgLY

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