Compiz – XFCE Whisker Menu placement fix

Hello friends Today I am going to show you how to fix the Whisker Menu placement if you use Compiz on XFCE The problem is this space between the panel and menu window To get rid of it we have 3 options The first 2 are not the best ones but I will show them to you anyway #1 Go to Panel Preferences and check “Don’t reserve space on borders” this method creates problems for other panel items: this menus are displayed on the bottom of the screen not just above the panel like they used to #2 Is to go to Compiz Settings and disable the Place Windows plugin but by doing that all new opened windows are placed in the upper-left corner so we don’t want that The best method that I have found is to open Place Windows / Fixed Window Placement and add the rule “title=Whisker Menu” leave the default values and now everything is placed correctly That’s all you need to do Thanks for watching ! See you next time

Bernard Jenkins

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