Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 16

oh my goodness what’s up guys welcome back to Stauffer
garage today’s details of a 2016 Ford Escape and not only is this a friend of
ours but she is a mom of two kids and they’ve been on a couple of road trips
and the car is completely trashed let me just say it right now the car is
completely trashed but you guys can tell from these before shots it needs a
complete transformation so I’m gonna be pulling all the trash out I might be
able to pull out the front seats I don’t know if I completely have to yet but
we’re gonna shampoo the carpets we’re gonna get everything wiped down we’re
gonna make this car look like brand new again
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work cut out for us today so let’s go ahead and get started with this detail
so the first step per usual guys is get everything out of the car from
underneath the seats in the cupholders in the trunk just get it all out of the
way so that way you don’t have anything blocking the way to figuring out how bad
of a detail you have in front of you whenever I’ve detailed a car that’s been
kid trashed it’s always fun which sounds weird to see what is underneath the car
seats what you find it’s like a hidden treasure and it’s not like the nice kind
of treasure that you want to find but it’s always fun to see what what you’re
gonna find out what kids magically make appear underneath seats thank you my love now the one clip that
disappeared for my footage surprisingly and I have no idea how is inside these
cupholders these car seats is rotten milk that has been sitting for about
three or four days and they car seats themselves needed to be clean so towards
the end I go through those as well but the smell was you have no idea how bad
it was once I like moved it around like it just literally hits your nostrils and
made you just wanna gag so once everything’s out of the car the
first thing I’m going to do is go at the floor mats the floor mats are going to
be shampooed and they’re going to be wet and with us being in Cleveland during
this detail it’s a little bit cold it’s a little bit windy and the sun’s kind of
coming in and out but I wanted to ensure that there was enough time for them to
sit outside in the Sun to dry out before I finish the rest of the vehicle now for these floor mats and one thing
that I’ve started to do on a lot of my shampooing is I’m using a pretreatment
of Bolex first and I’m using that because it’s really good with doing spot
and stain removal and it soaks in it does a really good job at getting that
initial soak in before I use my all-purpose cleaner in my spray wand to
kind of soak the rest of the thing before I hit it with the drill brush I
feel like it’s been helping kind of get some of those initial stains out that
are easy to get out and then using the actual drill brush to focus on some of
the more severe stuff and then following up with my extractor which just has pure
water now sadly I did not have hot water
available to me so for this detail I feel like the floor mats could have been
a little bit better but just based on the conditions and everything else it
worked out extremely well and I try to do two passes one in each direction to
ensure that I got as much of the dirt out and got him as clean as possible typically whenever I do any floor mats
or any carpet whatsoever that outside of the vehicle I try to do it on some sort
of table but in this case I forgot my table at home I only had my small work
bench which wasn’t adequate for this so that’s why I had to do it on the floor
but before I shampoo the carpets on the concrete
I actually vacuumed him swept it off I don’t know about you guys but whenever
I use my drill brush making the patterns symmetrical is like the coolest thing
and most rewarding thing I know that’s one of those like ASMR things but
regardless doing the drill brush on their carpets is probably one of the
coolest visual effects that I think in detailing so now that the floor mats out of the
way I’m moving to the trunklid and most trunk lids nowadays are plastic or some
sort of like hard fiber board but the carpet on it is not your typical carpet
it’s really really thin it literally catches everything and gets
the dirt ingrained and like don’t God forbid you have sticks or anything that
get back there because they get so embedded ingrained in them it’s really
really hard to get them out so what I like to do regardless of the carpet that
I’m you doing is use a hard bristle brush and a drill brush could work for
it as long as it’s dry but you’re trying to essentially create a static charge
that lifts that dirt to the surface so when you hit with your vacuum you get
majority of it out before you hit it with your extractor with this specific type of carpet being
so unique you can kind of look at the lines of the extractors leaving and it
seems like it might not be soaking up all the water and it isn’t because of
just I don’t know how the fibers are made but it just it doesn’t have a lot
of ability to suck air around the actual extractor piece itself so for majority
of the drying process the Sun will definitely take care of that and here’s the money shot of the water
being poured out of the extractor which I know you guys like to see these floor
mats actually weren’t as dirty as I thought they would be now that we’ve got
that out of the way we’re going to move to the inside of the car and get the
vacuuming done and like I mentioned I’m using my detailing brushes for some of
the easier dirt to move around to help with the vacuum cleaner and I know a lot
of people ask why I don’t have one of those bristle brush attachment pieces
for my vacuum and for me I just feel like it’s almost more cumbersome to
switch them in and out because you can’t get into the different tight crevices
and corners and for this nozzle in particular it’s just the one that I’ve
always used and I’ve just felt that it’s quicker for me so I use this with a
bristle brush for whether it’s the detailing brush or the hardware bristle
brush to kind of get that dirt moving around in those corners along those
plastic edges and seems to make it quicker now you can see here I’m trying to get
the stuff underneath the seat and I’m definitely start going so you know what
that means I’m gonna have to go ahead and remove the rear bench to get all
that dirt out the problem is it’s actually a lot more difficult than I
thought it’d be there’s so much stuff underneath here that you can’t get to
these bolts in particular hard to get to because what they did is you have to
lean the seat forward a little bit just to get like they really made this
difficult well that one’s not coming off of the good ninjas but the front ones
off that allows me to lift up the front seat so I won’t have to take the other
side completely off I can take off the front portion of the bracket so like I
mentioned it actually worked out in my favor just undoing the front parts of
the bench allowed me to tip them up and then I’m actually using my shop light
which has these you know hanger hooks on them to get on the brackets and then I’m
putting it outside the back of the trunk and attaching to the hitch and it’s
keeping the seats up for me so that way I don’t squish myself so it worked out
pretty well and then you can see here the amount of debris that I was talking
about that was stuck underneath the seats that needed to be cleaned one
thing you can see in the background as I actually lifted up the doorsill plastic
trim because there was goldfish they had got underneath it that’s one thing I
recommend most panels on your interior just snap in together
be gentle if you’re trying to do that sort of thing but most of the times they
just pop right out and you’ll be surprised with the amount of dirt that
collects along that edge as I kept backing me in this back row I
kept waiting and expecting to find that milkshake like just embedded stain and
just their just anything attached to the carpet fibers but I was actually very
surprised to find that the carpet underneath the seats and on the floors
was spotless like I didn’t even have to do any
extraction which was completely mind-blowing considering the amount of
stuff and dirt and kid goo and and food and everything else that I found inside
a car so awesome see as you’re vacuuming inside of the car
one thing I recommend is just vacuum inside those door sills because you’ll
be surprised with the amount of dirt that gets in there and especially once
you’re wiping down and trying to clean them off later on you’re gonna get your
microfiber towel all gummed up with that dirt anyways and that’s not what you
want to do obviously so go ahead and just vacuum inside those door panels to
try to get anything loose that’s in there out of the way now that all the vacuuming is done I’m
gonna go through all of the door panels in Ontario trim and on the door panels
in particular I’m just using my all-purpose cleaner my bristle brush to
get the panel clean following up with invisible glass for the actual windows
on the inside and outside and then I’m just using Chemical Guys silk shine as
my top coat on my plastic panels which you guys know this whole process already
but if you didn’t all of those products are in the description box below to make
your panels look like new and if you don’t have any brushes or
anything that you use with your detail I think the one main benefit to any sort
of bristle brushes on every plastic panel on Terrier trim they seem to have
these textures that are sometimes hard to get the dirt off with just a towel
and that’s where I kind of using your brush to kind of agitated get that dirt
anything that’s in those different textures moving around so that way when
you do wipe it off it comes off easily now that all the panels are done we’re
going to move to the actual shifter center console area which majority of
center consoles in the cupholders are typically rubber sleeves or inserts at
the very bottom and I recommend pulling those out first cleaning those off which
I didn’t do in this part of the video surprisingly I actually forgot to do it
first but pull them out wipe them down first and then use your bristle brush to
get inside those cupholders and those pockets to get the remaining dirt out of
the way and also when you’re doing your shifter
have the key on you so that way you can put the car in neutral or park and pull
that shifter all the way back to get the remainder of the shift food that you
wouldn’t typically do if you just left it in the park position now I’m going to
continue the process throughout the rest of the interior and then I had one of
these moments that happen ever so often and I about lost it because if my camera
broke I would have been completely screwed because I didn’t have any backup
cameras but the wind was so strong that day that the door actually slammed shut
knocked over my expensive camera and when I hit the ground somehow
miraculously I didn’t break anything it just kept recording and I put it back up
and kept on detailing but now the last step for the inside up top
I’m going to be cleaning the windshield with just using two microfiber towels an
invisible glass and then I’m moving on to the leather seats which the leather
seats I’m using my bristle brush and then the Lexx all twins of the Lexx all
cleaner and conditioner to clean the seats and then condition them afterwards
with my application pad the one thing that I recommend if you missed it
earlier is if you’re cleaning your seats are doing any sort of leather
conditioning make sure you do a good job in the vacuuming stage to get all of the
dirt help between the different cracks and then on the edges so that way when
you’re doing your cleaning or condition you don’t have to worry about any of
that dirt coming loose and then getting in your towel and just kind of making a
mess for the back row it’s a different story because there is so much go from
the car seats and the kids on the seats themselves I’m just using my all-purpose
cleaner to completely wipe down the seats and then I’m following up with
Chemical Guys soak and shine as that last top coat for these rear leather
seats now that the car is completely clean I’m
going to go ahead and reassemble that second row re bolt it back in put in
those trim pieces and then I’m gonna clean the car seats and I’m just using a
little bit of all-purpose cleaner around the different buckles and connectors
with my bristle brush to get those clean along with the cup holders and then I’m
using full x on the fibers and I’m not using a ton but the cool thing about
whole X is when you spray it on any fabrics or carpets it actually when you
agitate it you can see it lightening up and clean it any of the dirt it’s it’s
part of the chemical process but it’s a really awesome product that you should
definitely check out if you’re trying to do any stain removal watch the video do
this thank you not only was the customers reaction
priceless but here are the before-and-after shots of the
transformation the car literally looked brand new afterwards and make sure you
guys stick around to the very end of this video because I have a teaser of
the upcoming series that I need to make sure you guys don’t miss out on because
it’s going to be insane so if you’re not subscribed already hit subscribe turn on
those notifications become part of stop or garage crew and I’ll see you guys in
the next video bye guys

Bernard Jenkins

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