Connected solutions for digital machining – CoroPlus®

What does intelligent really
mean? We know what it used to mean. Making calculated decisions based on the right information. Today it’s easy to think that it’s only about blinking LED
lights, cloud computing, sensors, microchips, analytics, big data. You name it. People talk about connectivity, and for good reason. But having tools, machines and devices talking to each other doesn’t do much if you don’t
have the knowledge and solutions needed to take
action. Now… and now and now. You see, intelligence is still about making
calculated decisions based on the right information. This is what the CoroPlus
platform is all about. With connectivity, all the way
from planning and design to the cutting edge, our solution enables you to
optimize your machining process, your decision making, and
your profitability. We are entering the future of
manufacturing. Are you ready?

Bernard Jenkins

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