Creality Ender 3 3D Printer Motor Problem Checking (how to)

Creality Ender-3 3d printer motor problem troubleshooting. (damage can result from unplugging stepper motor cable while the device is turned on) X-axis failure Y axis is not faulty Z-axis is not faulty X-axis troubleshooting
1: Motor failure
2: Motor line failure Exchange X.Y axis motor line (Y-axis motor line is ok) Move the X axis and move the Y-axis. (The X-axis motor line or motherboard side is ok) Move the Y-axis, the X-axis does not move (the X-axis motor fails) Move the X-axis and the Y-axis does not move. (The X-axis motor line or motherboard end fault) Move the Y axis and move the X axis (the X axis motor is normal) Unclear motor line or motherboard failure Exchange motherboard X-axis wire and Y-axis wire Move Y axis, Y axis move (then X axis motor line fault) Move X-axis, X-axis move (the X-axis motor or motherboard side is ok) Move the X-axis, the X-axis does not move (the X-axis is faulty on the motherboard side) Move the Y-axis, the Y-axis does not move (the X-axis motor line is normal)

Bernard Jenkins


  1. The plugs inside control box are hot glued from factory. Warning should be at start of video. "Damage can result from unplugging stepper motor cable while device is turned on."

    控制箱内的插头是从工厂热粘的。警告应该在视频开始时。 “Damaga可能是因为设备开启时拔出步进电机电缆。”

    Kòngzhì xiāng nèi de chātóu shì cóng gōngchǎng rè zhān de. Jǐnggào yīnggāi zài shìpín kāishǐ shí. “Damaga kěnéng shì yīnwèi shèbèi kāiqǐ shí bá chū bù jìn diànjī diànlǎn.”

  2. My Ender 3 arrived with a faulty E stepper driver… which I replaced myself (I'm an electronics nerd that fixes stuff) I did a video on it on my channel, along with some other controller modifications to fix issues I was having with the controller design. Check out my 3D Printing Playlist to see them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6Ym2IYd3O8&list=PL2z3V9RkHQE1CvQF2iDmPqMtYvrKE73v0

  3. I wanted to put the bl-touch in my ender-3 when it will have this update?

  4. I love my ender-3 but my one complaint is that the control knob steps don't coincide with a line change in the menu.

  5. You guys are doing great. It's not a long video and strait to the point but, there is always room for improvement. I'm glade you guys are showing commitment to your customers and YouTube viewers. With that motivation in turn we will be commitment back to help the Creality community to grow bigger and stronger. Thank you for what you do.

  6. If your interested in a Bullseye (hot end fan support) with LEDs for the Ender 3, I will email the stl file free. Will include some pic’s. It’s nice to be able to see what your printing. This Part includes a Dill indicator mount for very easy bead leveling
    Email me at [email protected]

  7. My ender 3 after 1 week the z axis stop working… i do this tests and i found out that the problem is not the motor or the cables, the problem is in the mainboard. I tryed to talk to Gearbest to solve this issue but their costumer service is the worst… So now i need a new motherboard…

  8. Hello Creality. Thank you for posting those videos. But I have only a few remarks.

    Could you lower the music volume? And why not change this piece to more relaxing music…
    I think I’m not the only one who would appreciate someone explaining the problem, talking about the way to fix it and eventually give us some extra tips for instance.
    If you looking for someone to talk through the whole video, I’m willing to do so. Even in different languages. Why you might ask? Because I love, yes LOVE your products and want the best for Creality, its users and fans. The user-friendliness of your channel should be important for you because it is hugely important. Having less than 5K subscribers is not good enough. You should aim to get all your customers to watch and follow this channel. Of course, this can only be achieved in a perfect world.

    Aim high. Higher than what you are aiming for now. It will benefit the channel, the company and the brand.

    All the best!

  9. I have the same problem with a cr10 s5. The extruder motor does not work. I did the same thing before seeing this video.
    In this video, we do not know what to do next, after finding this defect.
    So, I sent you an email ([email protected]).

  10. I receive my ender 3 2 days ago
    The z axis and tje extruder don't work
    So i think that the motherbord is dead
    And the alimentation blow up when i tried to resolve the issues
    I hope that gearbest will resolve it
    I'm not really happy with it

  11. Creality what is the reason of this problem ? Is there any quick fix or only motherboard replacement?

  12. I have the same issue with motor E, tried swapping cables: not the motor, not the cable, just the motherboard !!

    AND NOW ???
    My ender 3 is pretty new, never printed !!

  13. mdr sa nous dit pas comment résoudre le problème moi mon moteur E ne fonctionne pas , mais il fonctionne quand je met la connectique de X


  15. I just bought a ender 3 pro from amazon and the main board wasn't working properly and it was running the old v1.1.3 main board, so i replaceed the board with a new v1.1.4 board but the xyz are flashing question marks on the screen, I've checked the connectors and they are fine. and its saying ( ender 3) and not ender 3 pro, do i need to update the firmware ?

  16. Hi i have just set up an ender 3pro but when im printing with pla filliment it isnt coming out of the nozzel only tiny bits in blobs , can somone help with this ?

  17. I don't know if anyone can help me here, I just got a new Ender 3, and it printed fine twice, but I ran out of the initial filament
    So I changed the filament, and now after doing so, when I try to print, it auto homes and the extruder goes close to the bed as if to start printing, but then the extruder just comes back off the bed and the whole thing freezes up. I can fiddle with the controls and everything fine, I can move the X Y and Z axis, I can heat the bed and extruder, it all works fine right up until I tell it to print something.

  18. I found the printer off (short-circuit? And I suspect I had an issue with the motherboard.
    I've been doing some tests and now I believe my motherboard is wrong.
    The Z connector on the motherboard doesn't provide power. All the axis fails if I use this plug.
    The Y connector only works for the Y axis. X and Z axis cables, only works when you increase the movement. (that's weird)
    The X connector works fine for the three axis.
    The Extruder connector doesn't seem to work either, however, it could be due to temperature requirements.
    So I guess I my motherboard is broken
    Is that correct?

  19. I recently encountered a endstops Z problem after finishing my second 10 hour print on my brand new CR 20 pro (including the test print). Auto home, bed leveling and printing does not work. Same error is shown on the LCD. Does anyone have the same problem or might know the answer on how to fix it? Thanks for the replies.

  20. step 13 on build instruction should be…

  21. I have the same problem , and I think that is the board is fiered off and need to now one.

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