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hi I’m Aazim Sharp founder and CEO of leaf credit repair a national credit repair organization and in this video simply
what I’m going to do is just show you some of our client reviews ,customer
reviews so that you know what type of company we are what we’re capable of
doing and you know that not all credit repair companies are created equal just
like an attorney some some people are better at what they do than others or
any other profession that you can reach out for that matter here is an example
I’m inside a client’s portal when someone becomes a client of ours you’ll
have your own portal where you can log in and track your results and see
exactly what’s going on in a case with your case and in this example right here
on this customer or client per se was with us for a period of four months but
after the third month period we had well over 80% of her items deleted and as you
can see it shows Equifax Experian TransUnion and all three bureaus it
shows the actual items the accounts arm what’s the status of the accounts and as
you can see there were a great deal an enormous amount of deletions now here at
the bottom it shows one two three four accounts with negative items still
remaining on her credit profile but of course we continue to dispute those
until we get them room removed um but you know she’s seen great success not
every single case every client is going to get every item removed don’t let any
credit repair company or individual fool you into thinking that you know you have
some cases where everything is deleted some cases where you know only 30 or 40%
of the items are deleted and in that case you may want to settle what is not
deleted overall as a company we have a 76% deletion rate which is extremely
high it’s probably almost three times the national average of most credit
repair companies also right here what I want to show you is some of our client
reviews we have a four point eight rating with a shopper approved which is
the company that collects all of our client reviews they verify them to make
sure they’re authentic and they’re from individuals before they submit them to
our profile and as you can see here it shows when the when the review was
submitted who submitted the review and the state they were in and what that
person said and how they rated us we don’t we have a five star rating overall
but we’ve got some very good reviews and this is all searchable verifiable
information you can take a look at some of it on our website you can google our
company – this right here was a four star rating this one is a five this one
was a five and you see you can also see where the individual is this person is
in New Jersey this one is in California PA
New Jersey um then we can go onto the next page take a look at some more
reviews so you can take a look at a lot of our reviews again you can google us
as the company leaf credit repair or leave credit solutions also I like to
show you some of our video testimonials from clients affiliates people who refer
business to us Realtors loan officers real estate investors this right here
Syrena flower she’s a very good a real estate agent in the Atlanta metro area
this is a testimonial from her disguise a loan officer this is Jason right here
chérif he is a real estate investor who refers a lot of business over to us Pete
Severino here you can see his video testimonial about the service that we
provide to him this young lady right here is a beautician in the
Metro area this is fatir salaam she’s a client she purchased the three family
after we repaired her credit and improves her scores this is what Ava
malleson again you can watch their video testimonies in great detail this guy is
Richard Nunn right here great client again our information is verifiable
researchable online any credit repair company that you even consider engaging
or hiring for credit repair you want to research them you want to look at their
reviews online not just what’s posted on their website but what other reviews are
out there so again these this is just a brief overview of our client
testimonials and you know what we have to offer also to really quickly I just
want to show you even some of our some of our credit deletions items that were
removed successfully for my clients credit reports any company that’s been
around for some time should be able to show you these things this information
is blacked out that’s for personal reasons for the client of course we
don’t want to disclose any account numbers and things of that nature this
right here this was 7 deletions by the second round around means every 30 days
so Wells Fargo home mortgage you see deleted Capital One Bank deleted enhance
recovery this was a collection deleted so there’s a lot of different accounts
that were deleted by the second round ok this right here public records Monmouth
County that was in New Jersey all public records deleted and when they’re deleted
with us they’re legally and permanently deleted you don’t have to worry about
those items reappearing armed and with our clients we give them what we call a
lifetime warranty anything that we get deleted or removed from your credit
report we offer you a lifetime warranty on them here’s another example this was
12 deletions in the fourth round right here
federal loan servicing a lot of student loans here
Verizon a lot of collections we updated and deleted something incorrect and
inaccurate personal information as well right here this was another one this
client right here had three civil judgments which we had permanently and
legally removed from the credit record let’s see this clipping s’more Santander
it’s a really good company and as you see right here where we disputed the
size of new information below so if the item is not deleted we then follow up to
dispute the account again within the next round typically it takes anywhere
from three to six months to totally repair a credit profile and doing it the
right way sometimes things are done in 60 days but on average it can range
between three to six months credit repair is not an overnight fix or
overnight sensation it takes time I tell people listen you didn’t descript
destroy your credit in 30 days so don’t expect it to be repaired in 30 days
again also two deletions are only one aspect of it also requires on to repair
and rebuild your credit it will require for you to have at least three revolving
open accounts we have to start establishing some new credit if you
don’t have any but this is you know pretty much this video is all about just
showing you what we’re about what we can do and again you can easily google any
company that you are considering you know engaging for credit repair or
any type of service for that matter so you see our reviews online rating 4.8 72
reviews of course I’m we’re going to get that to a perfect 5 but overall we rate
5 for our client reviews you’ll see a lot of our video testimonials here on
line 2 so again look us up book a free consultation we love what we do we’re
passionate about what we do and we’re passionate about helping you

Bernard Jenkins

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