Crispy Sriracha Chicken + Homemade Mayonnaise Troubleshooting

hey foodies, I’m Carina, welcome to my
kitchen today we’re in for a real treat we are making sriracha marinated chicken
with a homemade mayonnaise how good does that sound? on the side of we’re going to
be putting a lovely little salad and some sweet potato oven baked fries yum!
mayonnaise is not difficult once you know how and trust me it tastes way
better than the store-bought stuff it doesn’t only taste better it’s also
better for you because it doesn’t have all those additives in it now there
are thousands of recipes out there on how to make a good mayonnaise, you can use your
favorite but the only thing you need to know is that there are just some key
ingredients you need raw egg yolks you can use pasteurized egg yolks if you
want you need vinegar you need a bit of mustard you need salt and a good
quality neutral tasting oil personally I like olive oil because I
like the taste but many people prefer to have a more neutral oil so I want to
share a little thing I learned about mayonnaise with you I actually did it wrong in this video there
is a fail luckily for this dish it doesn’t matter too much
that our mayonnaise was a little bit runny because it’s still going to produce
an amazingly crispy delicious chicken all right let’s get started with our
recipe separate your egg yolk from your egg whites then add your vinegar your garlic your
salt and make sure to incorporate it properly this was one of the parts where
I went wrong then slowly drizzle in your olive oil or other oil again this is
where I went wrong I simply was too confident in the oil emulsifying with
the rest of the mixture so I started troubleshooting and I tried
with a whisk I read that you could add additional egg yolk to the mixture this
didn’t seem to thicken it up much either after a bit of troubleshooting and Googling to try and figure out where I went wrong obviously I was far too
confident in my mayonnaise making skills I figured out that there are a
couple of key things that you can do to make sure that your mayonnaise is fail safe
first of all the container that I was using wasn’t great for mixing all the
greens together as you can probably see while I’m mixing it a lot of the egg yolk
at the bottom isn’t properly mixing with all the other ingredients which means that
when I pour in the oil the mixture will simply not emulsify well
reason why I might not have worked i’s because I poured my oil in way too fast
I was far too confident with pouring oil and I didn’t drizzle it in slowly
you can probably see that there is like big chunks of oil being poured in all of
a sudden which means that again the mixture is not properly able to emulsify
and mix together which means that actually we’re having mayonnaise soup
instead of mayonnaise at this point I’ve given up I put my
mayonnaise soup into a bowl it actually doesn’t matter too much in this recipe
anyway added my sriracha and made sure that everything is well mixed together
then add in your chicken thighs make sure your chicken thighs are well
covered before adding them to an ovenproof container I’m using a roasting
tin bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes let’s
make some sweet potato fries make sure your sweet potatoes are well washed
beforehand we want all of that dirt off before you start cutting them cut them
all into thin finger-like strips try and make them as uniform as possible
so they bake evenly place your sweet potato on a baking tray possibly lined
with baking paper and drizzle over some olive oil season with a pinch of salt
and make sure you mix all of that well together so it’s all well covered turn the chicken over and cover with the
remaining marinade make sure that is well covered you can add the sweet potatoes to the
oven and roast everything together for 20 minutes at this point your
chicken should be crispy and looking delicious time to take it out of the
oven and time to plate up and look at how golden brown that chicken is it looks
delicious add some salad got to be healthy maybe some broccoli even you can
steam some broccoli and add it to the side let’s add our sweet potato fries
they look delicious top your chicken with some sliced spring onion and some
sesame seeds thank you so much for watching this video don’t forget to hit
like maybe send me a comment or even subscribe to my channel for more cooking
videos don’t wait to see you next time until then happy cooking and thank you
for watching In Carina’s Kitchen

Bernard Jenkins


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    Good point about the oils and tastes.
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  22. Hello Carina, I've found a fool-proof way of making super tasty blender mayo. Trust me, tried every variation I could imagine and the only thing consistently works for me is not blending ingredients before adding oil. With immersion blender mayo, drizzling oil is not only unnecessary but also I found that it's even detrimental. What you want to do is to first put the egg yolk, bit of salt, splash of vinegar, tea spoon of mustard (super important) in. Then slowly pour 1.5 cups of neutral oil down the slightly tilted side of the container. Sunflower seed oil works great. Drop garlic now if you want. I suggest bit of sugar here as well. Gently submerge the blender. Start doing pulses. You'll see it change color. Be patient but not too slow. Pulse, pulse, rest a sec, pulse, pulse, rest. Once it gets thick start slowly raising the blender while running. Raise bit more when current "level" is also thick enough. When it's completely white keep running the blender and jam it upon down to completely thicken/homogenize it. Bon apetit.

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