Dezide Guided Troubleshooting

– Despite our best efforts, when it comes to predictive maintenance, equipment still fails, and when it does, downtime
and repairs are costly. You want an expert
technician to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Unfortunately, not all technicians perform at the same high level. This can lead to repeated
visits, ineffective repairs, and wasted time, but
what if you could make every technician, call center agent, and end customer, across every
industry or specialization, troubleshoot like your best
experts when solving problems with even your most complex products in the most time and cost efficient way? With Dezide, you can. Dezide gathers the
knowledge of your leading technical experts in interactive
troubleshooting guides, which offer realtime, consistent, step-by-step instructions
to your technicians. To deliver the best possible advice, our AI-powered platform
dynamically uses four major factors when deciding which
troubleshooting steps to recommend; one, the probabilities of root causes, two, the probabilities that
certain corrective steps will be effective, three,
the costs of repairs, and four, the time needed to
complete the corrective steps. As repairs are done and tracked, Dezide uses machine learning to improve continuously,
offering your smartest, most cost effective
troubleshooting guidance to your team members around the world. Dezide also connects to
live IoT equipment data and backend system information,
helping build automated, smart corrective troubleshooting solutions that take AI to the next level. Dezide offers API integration and it’s available on a
variety of user devices. It also supports a variety
of visuals, including charts and graphs, photo, and video. And materials can be
made available offline so techs can troubleshoot
in offline or remote areas. The benefits are comprehensive; reduced troubleshooting time,
increased first time fixes, fewer spare parts and dispatches, instant
transfer of skills, and a knowledge base asset
that gets better by the day. The results speak for themselves. Dezide’s customers have
seen junior technicians outperform their senior
colleagues by 30 to 50% and up to 70% for the
highly complex issues. It’s no wonder why
global leaders use Dezide to turn troubleshooting into their hidden competitive advantage. Contact Dezide to schedule
a demonstration today. (calm music)

Bernard Jenkins

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