Discussing Mere Christianity on Hank Unplugged w/Dr. Donald Fairbairn

When you travel around the world, last
year I spoken eight different countries, as you do that you you start
to get this sense that God has his people everywhere and from a personal
perspective that has made me more and more addicted if you will to the idea of
mere Christianity or the idea of in essentials unity, non-essentials liberty
and in all things charity. So you mellow out a little bit as opposed to being so
parochial. Yes, I think that’s certainly true and I think it isn’t just that you
become less polemical in your attitude it isn’t just a matter of attitude it’s
a matter of gaining an appreciation of the different ways that people in
different cultures and different branches of the church
seek to be faithful to the gospel. When I first started studying Eastern Orthodoxy
I was pretty quick on the draw to try to say but that isn’t right that isn’t
Biblical let’s look at this from the Biblical point of view. As I have
studied Orthodoxy more and more I’ve begun more and more to appreciate that
this too is a Biblical perspective in many ways and it has something to teach
us and so the way I try to describe things now is to say to any group of
Christians that I’m working with you have your emphases and they’re
important and they’re Biblical and I affirm those, but God is doing more than
you realize and the Christian faith is bigger than
you realize and more comprehensive than you realize and if we learn from other
groups of Christians then we may be able to come to a more fully comprehensive
more robust understanding of what the Christian faith is and what the
Christian faith involves. In my case one of the ironies is that my progression
and my attitude toward other groups of Christians is all out there it’s it’s in
print it’s the web if you want to know what I
thought 25 years ago it’s there you can find it I’m not going to tell you where
to go but it’s still out there and you can see the progression as my thinking
has changed as a result of learning more and coming into contact with more
different kinds of Christians.

Bernard Jenkins

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