Dishwasher Repair – Replacing the Drain and Wash Impeller Kit (Whirlpool Part # 675806)

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today
we are going to show you how to change the impeller and seal kit on your dishwasher and
it’s a really easy job. All we are going to need is a #15 and #20 Torx driver, a small
flat blade screwdriver, 1/4-inch nut driver and adjustable wrench or 1-inch wrench and
you may also require a small hammer and a sharp chisel. Let me show you how we do it.
Now to begin this repair let me start by opening the dishwasher door and removing the bottom
rack and any items that maybe in the dishwasher, we will just set that rack aside. Next we
are going to remove the bottom spray arm, so just loosen that retaining bolt, lift the
spray arm off, set it aside and also remove the spray arm bushing. Next we are going to remove 8 screws that
secure the pump outlet cover. There is #15 Torx screw, now with the screws removed you
can lift up on that pump cover just pull it forward and at the same time hold the manifold
at the back and pull that pump cover through the manifold, we will set that aside. Next
we are going to remove a � inch hex edge screw that secures the impeller to the motor
shaft. We will also need our adjustable wrench or 1-inch wrench with a large hex portion
in the center of that impeller. So put a wrench on that and then loosen the screw. This maybe
a difficult process on some dishwashers, screw may not turn easily. If that’s the case we
will have to take a chisel and hammer and just cut that impeller in the center to remove
it. And lift the impeller off the shaft and if it won’t come off easy just take a flat
blade screwdriver and put it down in the side and then give a little pry around the edges,
tap with a hammer can break it free, then lift it off. Next we will see four #22 Torx
screws that secure the separator to the pump, we will need to remove those, these screws
are about 2 inches long, and once we have removed all four screws, we can lift up on
that separator and hold that manifold out of the way and then just lift that separator
up till it clears the drain impeller and we will pull that out and we will set it aside. Now with the chopper blade and the spring,
and on some models there maybe a bush in this that sits on top of that chopper blade. Remove
those and discard them. Next will be an oval outlet in the top of that pump that may have
one or two white plastic balls in it. So remove those, most models you will only find one
of them on the top and the other one will be down inside. So we will next remove that
single screw on an oval shaped cover there. So #15 Torx, you can remove the remaining
check ball and we will lift that cover up and set it aside. Use caution when working
in the pump area at this point because typically you will find bits of broken glass and sharp
objects in here. So it’s actually a good idea to put on a pair of safety gloves and remove
that debris. If you have small pieces in there you could either take a vacuum cleaner and
vacuum it out. Now once we have removed the rest of the debris in here, we have to remove
the drain impeller and pull straight off the shaft but if not you can either try a flat
blade screwdriver and just around the edges of it, give it a little pry, see if it will
break free, and if it doesn’t you will have to use a hammer and a chisel and just cut
it straight down through the top and take it out in pieces. We reassemble once we put that pump area cleaned
out particularly where the seal is going to go in here, we will put a little bit of test
detergent or saliva on the edge of the seal and we will slide it down over the shaft and
more carefully press it into place. Next we are going to slide the new drain impeller
on the shaft, put it into position. Next we will put the gasket in place, put it down
in the channel, make sure it’s set on the edge. Then we are going to remove the gasket
on the top of the cover, just pry with a flat based screwdriver and discard the old one
and scrub that area make sure it’s clean. Remove any debris that is in that groove.
We are going to install a new gasket in that area, and in doing so make sure that we don�t
get any twists in it and it’s fairly snug. Then press it in flat and insert one of the
check balls into that round opening, we will set the cover on top and then install that
retaining screw in order to hold that cover down. Put the screw in, make sure the gasket
is not pinched. Our next step would be drop the second check
ball into the oval opening. We are going to install the cutter blade and spring, so we
will insert the straight end of that spring into the opening in the chopper blade. Next
we will install the spring and chopper blade assembly, so we ill take the spring, take
the whole thing down the straight end, just going to go through that route, opening. The
chopper will sit on top of that, then we will put the hook end into the notch in that drain
impeller, make sure that it sits down into it. Next we are going to take the separator,
we are just going to pry that old gasket with a flat blade screwdriver. See if we can catch
an edge on that, pry it out, peel the old one out and discard it. Check that area and
make sure there is no debris in there and install a new one and then we are ready to
put that separator back into position, so if you look at the bottom you will see that
there is an oval opening that is going to sit right on top of that little gasket that
we put in place. So line it up roughly, we are going to lift up on that rear manifold,
slide it over top of the drain impeller, drop it down into position and rotate it. We will
put the separator lined up with the screw holes and the opening on that pump. Insert
the four screws and snug those and tightening it, ensure that we have all on the proper
spot. Tightening them to each other and then tighten them up securely. Next install the new wash impeller, inside
that there is a projection that will line up with groove on the shaft. So we will set
it down on the top of the drain impeller and it lines up. Stick a new screw that secures
that impeller, make sure the gasket is pushed all the way up to the head of the screw, drop
it into position. I will hold it by hand and will tighten that 1/4-inch screw and then
slide the wrench on it and tighten it securely. It’s important that we have that screw very
tight because that depresses the drain impeller on to the seal to make sure that we don�t
have a leak. Next step will be install the cover and we will insert that opening into
the manifold at the back. We can then line up the holes and make sure that the manifold
is pulled on firmly and then we replace the screws, couple of diagonally opposite ones
in first, make sure we have it lined up and then tighten them all securely. Next we will
put the washer and bearing on and then the spray arm and the retaining bolt, make sure
you spin that make sure it turns freely, we will replace the lower dish rack and our repair
is complete.

Bernard Jenkins

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