DIY Windshield Chip Repair

Today on Mike attempts, filling a windshield chip. You’re probably not gonna get perfect results from a windshield repair
kit but that’s okay. The point is to fill the chip to prevent further cracking and
wiper blade damage. These simple kits are usually under ten dollars and contain
everything you see here. The kit specifically says it’s not recommended
for spider cracks but the main goal is to make the windshield smooth again.
Clean the area around the chip with rubbing alcohol and then use the pin to
remove any loose particles of glass. Blow the chip clear with some compressed air.
Peel the film from one side of the seal and line up the center hole over the
chip, with a little tab at the top. Peel the film from the other side and
attach the plastic pedestal, making sure to line up the tabs. Sunlight cures the
resin so make sure you do the following steps in the shade. Cut the tip off the
resin tube and slowly squeeze most of the resin into the pedestal. Put the lid
back on the tube and wipe off any excess resin. Press the syringe into the
pedestal and hold it down with one hand while pulling the plunger up with the
other. Lock the plunger into place on the lower notch to create a vacuum. Here’s a
better angle of the plunger locked into the lower notch. Let it sit for 10
minutes to remove all the air. Momentarily remove the syringe from the
pedestal to break the vacuum and let air into the syringe. Reinsert the syringe,
twist the plunger to unlock, and while holding it with one hand, push the
plunger down and twist to lock it into place on the upper notch.
Let it sit for another 20 minutes to force the resin into the chip. Remove the
syringe and throw it away. Use the razor to peel off the seal and pedestal. Wipe off any excess resin that drips
down below the chip. Add a drip of the remaining resin to the center of the
chip and then quickly cover it with the curing film. Use the razor to gently push
out any air bubbles that are directly over the chip. Move the car into direct
sunlight and allow the resin to cure for 15 minutes. Use the razor to remove the
curing film and clean off the excess resin. The windshield is now nice and smooth.
Here’s the before and after comparison. See the description below for the kit I used. Feel free to rate this video, add your comments and questions below, and
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Bernard Jenkins

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