Doing This Will Fix Any Car Engine

rev up your engines, customers got a Honda core
it’s overheating then the air conditioning stopped working so the
first thing you have to fix is the overheating if your cooling system gets
too hot on any modern car the computer will turn the air conditioner off it
won’t let you run the air conditioner and further overheat the car so first
we’re gonna figure out why this baby is overheating so I’ll check the coolant
level, okay it’s low on coolant so it’s leaking somewhere and in this case
I don’t even have to use a pressure tester because when we look around we
look back here what do we see this is the heater core valve you can see it’s
dripping coolant so we’re gonna replace that first there’s a brand new or it’s
pretty simple just has a valve that opens and closes the hot water goes
through when it’s closed nothing happens when it’s open hot air goes into the
heater and gives you heat and in this case it’s leaking where they always do there’s a
seal here where the valve is and that’s dripping so we replace the whole thing
it’s a pretty simple job the rod here the cable just snaps right off you take
two screws off in the hoses you just remove these two little screws on the
top and no sembly slides off then you grab little crimp pliers and
make sure the hose is nice and loose now we can pick the valve up and you can see
it better just grab the other side we’s that side down and then take it off oh
you got away let there then you get your new heater control go sticking out here
waggle it then grab the clamp put it back in place now it won’t leak no it’s
cars these days don’t use the old screw clamps when you screw to man do you
squeeze clamps because the squeeze is tensile steel so it’s already squeezing
so if the hose wears gets thinner it’ll continue to squeeze and it won’t leak where an old fashioned screw one you screw it tight but then when it shrunk it
wouldn’t get itself any tighter that’s why they use them they can be a pain but
they actually work better now once you get the hoses on you just get the little
metal rod and it pushes over the valve see that will open and close then first
fill up cooling the radiator and start the car up and turn the heater on full blast there
it comes we went to run at 10-15 minutes watch
the temperature gauge we want the thermostat to open so we can burp all
the air out of the system and only have cool now I have to let it run fill up
the rest of the coolant it’s not overheating anymore so let’s check the
AC turn the AC on we’ll put it on max AC rev it up a little, with the AC on full
blast the cooling fan should be running the neither of them is warning is it
something wrong electronically get a little tester out and we’ll check the fuses, the fuse box is here so we’ll start checking it well
unfortunately it’s got power on both sides of all the fuses so none of the
fuses are wrong well unfortunately the air-conditioning not working of nothing
to do with the overheating because as you check the dash, it’s been running for
half an hour now and you can see the temperature gauge isn’t even half way so
it’s not overheating but try as we may turning us on the AC on the AC just will
not turn the compressor or the fans on so walk up a set of AC gauges to see if
it’s low on refrigerant or maybe empty follow the hose will be a gauge that
says zero pressure so it’s got no refrigerant in it and since the customer
has limited funds he okayed me to fix the overheating which I did I know how
fire wants to go with this it just bought this car used this kind of an
in-between car and when the refrigerant is all leaked out with zero there’s a
leak somewhere knowing these Honda’s it’s never cheap it’s often the
compressor so I’ll wait on that one to see what he wants me to do
odds are he told me he could stand the heat cuz he’s from New Orleans all here
all the windows down, the car will run better without an air conditioner does strain
the engine alone, so now you know how to fix an overheating car and at least how
to figure out why your air conditioning is not working even if you’re not going
to go through the trouble of actually fixing it cuz it might cost too much,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

Bernard Jenkins

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