DTEK50 Teardown – Cute Charging Port – BlackBerry Screen replacement

The DTEK50. It’s time to take apart the pretty inexpensive
budget phone from Blackberry. Besides the plastic earpieces, it did pretty
darn well in my durability test video. So let’s see what it looks like on the inside. [Intro] The back of the phone, thankfully, is very
easy to remove. A gentle nudge from my thin metal pry tool
allows the whole back to just pull off. If you want one of these thin metal pry tools
I will link them in the video description. The back is held down my some simple adhesive
and some clasps. It’s light weight enough that it will never
come off on its own though. On the back of the back cover you also have
the NFC pad. NFC stands for “near field communication.” Just like the name states, it allows for your
phone to communicate with other devices that are very close to it. Because of this communication, the pad needs
to have protection from other electronic noise or interference from the internals circuits
of the phone. And that’s what this huge black rectangle
of metallic tape is for; it’s not to hold the battery in place, it’s there to shield
the NFC pad. It does tear pretty easy though so when you
try to remove it, keep it intact as much as possible. Now for the internals. There are 5 screws down at the bottom of the
phone and then the plastic shield comes up and away. Attached to that shield we get the loud speaker
and the two little golden contact pads that you see let it receive the signal from the
motherboard. There are 3 screws holding down the metal
plate over the battery, which technically I should have removed and unplugged first. The phone is probably still fine; it’s just
a safety thing. Always unplug or remove the battery from electronics
before diving in. I’ll set that silver cover off to the side
and then unsnap the battery and the charging port ribbons. They are connected just like little Legos. The charging port ribbon is pretty much the
smallest charging port in the history of charging ports. I’ve never seen one this small on any other
phone. I would even classify it as a cute little
charging port. It is micro USB which is currently being phased
out on all of the newer cell phones now in favor of USBC. And the little metal circular thing you see
on the side is the vibration motor for the phone. Thumbs up for how cute and easy that was to
remove. The 2,610 milliamp hour battery is held down
by some of those same magical pull tabs we found on the iPhone. Just gently pull those little pull tabs out
from underneath the battery and they will stretch and release. There is one pull tab on the bottom of the
battery and two pull tabs at the top of the battery; three total. Both of my top pull tabs broke halfway through
so I did have to initiate the Pry of Shame. Heat does help with this pry. You don’t want to bend the battery too much
since, you know, explosions and fire and all of that stuff. There is one more metal plate held down by
two screws. This one pulls away and then we can unplug
the little snap on the side and the screen ribbon cable connector. There are two more little Lego snaps along
the side of the motherboard as well, at the top and the bottom. And then we have 4 more screws holding down
the top black plastic piece at the top of the phone. Once that is off we can see the earpiece with
its two little golden contact points on the underside. These just rest up against the motherboard
to receive the signal. To remove the motherboard I’m going to unclip
the big ribbon cable and then the black signal wire as well. And then the motherboard will just lift up
and away from the phone if you are smart enough to remove the SIM card tray. I swear I don’t forget these things on purpose,
I just don’t remember that it exists with like every single tear down that I do. I’ll remember on the next one…hopefully. One cool thing about the motherboard is the
LED flash is built in; that’s kind of fun. The small 8 megapixel camera is still attached
to the motherboard as well. And now that the motherboard is out of the
frame we can see what these little side ribbons do. The bottom one is for the front capacitive
buttons. The middle one is for that programmable convenience
button on the side of the phone. And the top ribbon is for the volume rocker. The 13 megapixel camera is still sitting inside
of the phone frame. This plugs into the back of the motherboard
which I’ll show you in just a second. All of the other components like the front
sensors and the all-important headphone jack are attached to this ribbon cable here. Now if you want to replace the screen, it
is very much attached to the frame. Kind of similar to how the recent Samsung
Galaxy phones are. So only attempt removing your screen if it
is already broken because it will not survive the removal process. It will require a lot of heat from a blow
dryer or hair gun to soften the adhesive as you remove it. Replacement parts to this phone are actually
pretty hard to find. Blackberry doesn’t sell a whole lot but
I’ll link the parts that I do find down in the video description as soon as they become
available. If you find any that I don’t have linked,
let me know in the comments and I’ll add them as soon as I can. Remember that rear camera? This time I’ll be plugging it into the motherboard
before setting it down into place. Just line up the little plug with its counterpart
on the motherboard and it will snap in like a little Lego. Make sure everything is out from underneath
the motherboard before setting it down into place and then clip in all of the ribbon cables. There are those 3 tiny ones along that left
side. The screen ribbon in the center and the top
sensors need to be plugged in as well before that top black plastic shield goes down over
the top of them. And there’s always that black signal wire
that gets clipped in as well. The built in flash is actually dual color
which does help with the image quality when taking pictures while using the flash. The cute little charging port gets tucked
into the little slot at the bottom of the phone along with the circular vibrating motor. And remember that the battery gets tucked
underneath the charging port ribbon cable. You don’t want to be pinching things that
shouldn’t be pinched. The bottom plastic gets pushed down over the
charging port and the two metal plates protecting their ribbon connectors get set back into
place as well. The metal plates are important. These are so that the connections don’t
pop loose if you ever drop your phone, which does tend to happen with almost everybody. And we can screw back in all of the screws. It is important to keep these organized during
the repair process since there are so many of them. Quick note on the camera lens… We did discover it is made out of glass in
our last durability video, and it just rests inside of the black plastic back. If I find any replacement lenses I will link
them in the video description. So if yours breaks you can replace it. And that is it. Everything should snap into place relatively
easily. If you have to apply too much force, something
isn’t where it needs to be and you should recheck all of your connections. Let me know if you have any questions down
in the comments. Let me know what phone you want to see torn
down next. I do read all of the comments and the phones
I see suggested most often will definitely get the Jerry Rig treatment. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you around.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Hey so my friends screen just broke for this phone. Cracked glass. screen no longer turns on. just blackness. black black blackness. lol

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  3. Have you ever checked if after the teardown when you break any of those shielding foils the GPS, NFC, WI-FI and other wireless connections work fine? Just because the phone turns on, does not mean it will work 100% as it did before. I know, because I tore down some of the old phones and I had discovered that damaging those foils as well as some other connection pads may give you problems with for example GPS. Maybe it could be a topic for a separate video?

  4. Oh God! In my LG G2 mini I can replace all the internal guts including whole motherboard, with just a phillips screwdriver. The only things that require heat and/or performing some circus tricks is the screen and touchpad replacement. This phone however seems like a nightmare in comparison.

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    you should link this to iFixit, no Dtek info there

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  19. Hello and thank you!! I have one of these Blackberry DTEK50 phones and it has really good reception. I live very rural in a valley. It gets reception, in fact all my Blackberries have, Curve and Bold. Even if the wind or whatever is blowing the wrong way, I can still txt. just a good phone really!

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