E11 – SOLUTION – Churchills Cigar and Whisky Bottle Puzzle by Great Minds Professor Puzzle

Hi, and welcome again to another episode of Mr. Puzzle. Today we will have a look at the Churchill Cigar and Whiskey Bottle puzzle made by Great Minds. Comes in this nice box here. It has a difficulty rating from Great Minds of four out of five, which should be challenging. Actually, this was one of the first puzzles I purchased, and interesting, this one is, when you see this the first time, it’s, you think, like, how the hell should this be possible to disassemble and to assembly again, ja? No, there’s no way to touch the parts, and as you can see, the puzzle contains one hair clip, one nut, one screw and one ball. And of course, it’s obvious, you have to do something with the ball, because otherwise you will not be do, not be able to do anything here. So, what I gonna show you now is how to disassemble it and how to assemble it again. Since it will take some time, I will maybe shorten the video by doing some parts in fast forward speed or time-lapse speed. So the trick is the following. When you want to disassemble the nut, you need to use the ball. So you place the ball on the on the right side, and you need to start to unscrew the nut like this, from the screw, and, to shorten the video, as I mentioned, I will do this now in fast forward speed… Okay, we’re nearly done. And we continue until the nut comes off the screw, like this. Afterwards, when I turn it around, I will be able to remove the, the screw. Like this, and then, the last one is the hair clip. So I can just pull it out, and that’s it. This is how to disassemble the Cigar and Whiskey Bottle puzzle. More difficult is to assemble all parts again, and this is what I gonna show you right now. So. Assembling the parts again is much more bit difficult, because there is a lot of, there’s some, let’s say, some practice needed until you get the right feeling how to do it. So, at first you place all parts inside the bottle again, and we gonna start with the with the hair clip. And the hair clip need to be inserted here in this hole. Not in this one from this side, but from the hole, the hole is not straight, it’s like, angled. So on the low-, in the hole on the lower lower end. This is what we will start with right now. So, we place, we turn the bottle a little bit, that the hair clip is, can come from the top. Then we will be able to put it in, and push it through the hole. Next, we will assemble the nut in this direction. So means in the same direction as the, this end of the hair clip that is bended. So first we need to turn the nut around, that it is, that the thread will face the open end of the bottle. Like this. And we move the, sorry, the screw, and we move the nut from this side, that the screw can come from the top like this, And then we put it inside the hole. Which can be challenging. But we like challenges. Okay. And then, we will put the nut here, from this assemble the nut from this side. And this is the most difficult part. So it can require a lot of practice, it will require a lot of practice until you will be able to do it fast. I’m also missing some practice here, I think. But the trick is, or the trick I use, is I place the nut below the screw, you get it from the top, and then I turn this around, I turn it around, ninety degrees, like, let’s say, I, I, it’s also possible is, I place it flat, the bottle flat, and then I push on the edge, with the screw, on the edge of the nut, to make it go up, put the screw inside, and then I move it a little bit until the nut will stick to the screw. The difficult part here is that the nut, the rotation of the nut, need to be exactly in the right point to get connected to the thread of the screw. So it’s also a little bit luck… that both parts will stick together. And they actually, they, the hair clip will now give you some support that the screw and the nut will not get too easily away from the screw. And you see how sensitive it is, how difficult it is to get these two parts together. Also take to move it in the right direction. I think, and I got it now. Ja. Together and now I need to go with the, with the ball over here, and start rotating the screw in the right direction, which is this one, ja? If you move in the other direction, of course, it will be disassembled again. And, yeah, basically that’s it. How I start, I will be able with the ball, as you can see, to screw the screw with the nut again on the screw and get it in that way back to the old position. So I will also, to save some of, some of your time, I will also do this in fast forward… So I think it was easy to understand how to do it, but you will notice, as soon as you do it yourself, it will be, even if you know how to do it, it will be very difficult to do. Especially assembling the screw. From my point of view, the difficult, the more, the most difficult part here on this puzzle. Anyway, I hope you liked the solution. If yes, give me a like, or subscribe my channel and stay tuned for further videos.

Bernard Jenkins

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