Easy Way to Fix Screen Door That Won’t Slide

– Welcome to Tomahawk DIY, everybody. Today we’re gonna take a
look at a sliding door, a screen door, that’s stuck. The runner’s come off the track. There’s a very simple
and easy way to fix that. I’ll show you how to do that. So here’s the screen door. It’s struggling to move and that’s often a sign of the rollers on the
bottom, one or both of those have the slid off the track
that they roll on easily. It can be a real pain. Little bit frustrating. And over time, can lead to more damage. Can lead to more damage from your door if you don’t take a
few minutes and fix it. So let me show you how that’s done. All right, so the first
trick is to figure out which roller, on your screen door, is the one that’s off the track. Usually you can tell that as you try to move the screen. In this case it happens to be this one. You can see it’s slid over, it’s a little closer than it should be. There’s a bit of a gap over on this side. Also this side freely moves. This side freely moves when I wiggle it. Whereas this side, you hear it grinding and scraping. So what we’re gonna use,
is just a simple flat edge, in this case, a putty knife. If you’re the type that
uses your kitchen utensils, you could actually use
a butter knife as well. It’s very easy to fix. We’re gonna pick this up. That allows you to push the screen door back into place. Once it’s lifted up, it’s a grooved wheel, that needs to sit directly
over this metal track in order to roll smoothly. Very easy to slide up and move around. On this particular door,
it moves in one direction, so if I apply pressure from
this side, it will not lift. If I apply pressure from this side, it lifts up very easily,
and as you do that apply a little bit of horizontal pressure to push the screen door
back on to the tracks, and then it’ll roll very easily. So that’s the simple and easy way to fix a screen door that’s stuck and
not sliding like it should. If you need to, there are some screws and adjustment levels here that will adjust where the wheel sets, but that’s how you can repair this. Very easy to be done,
and a very handy trick especially if you have
small children or pets that like to push against the screen door and pop it off it’s track, periodically. Thanks for watching Tomahawk DIY. Don’t forget to subscribe,
and watch for more great videos coming from this channel.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Your instructions were so perfect, I was able to fix my patio screen door myself. I am sooo happy. Thank you. Thank you. I'm 66, female, widowed, live alone ….. it only took a few minutes to do this repair and I'm glad I didn't have to impose on anyone for help. You are awesome.

  2. Awesome thx. I've been dealing with an unhinged screen forever…then it got stuck & I was like…WTH? Now it is fixed for good. =)

  3. Thanks a lot!  I was able to fix my balcony screen door so it slides properly (for the first time in years I might add).
    Thinking back, it never worked properly after one of my nephews pushed hard on it!

  4. Thanks … I did fix my screen door in 1 minute after watching your video….thanks again

  5. Works great! Easy fix. As for the person complaining "not good or professional," perhaps you should describe the professional way rather than just critiquing.

  6. Thank you for this simple fix video. Butter knife does the trick. I did have to watch another video to understand the height setting screws for the wheels which helped me tighten the door into the frame. I didn't even think it was square before noticing this fix. It would nearly fall out of the frame until I tightened these screws.

    Thing is, my screen door has setting screws in holes along the vertical edge where it meets the wall: one at the top and one at the bottom (of the exposed edge with the handle, anyway). This video shows setting screws along the bottom and I'm sure it's the same idea, but I had trouble locating mine. Tightening (clockwise motion of) these screws will cause the wheel to protrude from the door lip giving a tighter fit to the frame! Loosening (or turning counter-clockwise) causes them to recess and will cause the door to wobble with slack. 

    All is well and it doesn't mess up nearly as often now. Thanks again!

  7. Ok, my door has been off the track for a year…I finally searched how to fix, and your video was the first to pop up…fixed it in less than one minute! Seriously people. YouTube will change your life!

  8. Nice…just made 20 bucks off my neighbor fixing his screen door that popped off its track.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge.  Now they don't have to call a professional.

  9. Thanks to your advice this 65 year old widow fixed her screen door in a few minutes.

  10. my god, no wonder this world is the way it is if you couldn't figure that out

  11. Thanks so much … Was able to fix it myself without bothering anyone else.. Awesome..

  12. I was about to call my agent to send someone to fix it for the fourth time. I finally decide to do a search in Youtube and found this sensational video. I was capable to fix it in less than 1 min since Tomahawk DIY had shown me the mechanism of a fault sliding door. The rest is history. Tomahawk DIY You are a champion!

  13. Thanks for the simple to follow directions. I used my table knife and fixed the screen door that had been driving me crazy for 2 weeks.

  14. Thank-you! You saved me the extra expense of replacing a door that, as it turns out, didn't need replacing.

  15. I just wonder WHY?! Manufacturers, of such awfull Annoyances that weather, TIME /DURATION /QUALITY,,, of screen doors {tehe}
    SEEMS all of them screw up in a almost self chosen kind of way,
    Nevertheless, they are a severe PAIN IN THE{" ASS-MIND "} ded th individual has chosen… M
    I recommend something different…
    First of all, gain trust by earning it!

  16. So write letters, if one can, to improve an idea, to help a one, whom may work for the corporation, do not demand but offer advice, and if it be a good improvement, then request be part of the company /corporation… As long as it does not infringe upon the ten commandments of God, plus the one of Jesus, Plus the one of Me, number 3…

  17. Thank you! You have helped this newly divorced woman on my own actually fix something and feel empowered. It's the little things that help. Now my screen door works and I can let this fresh fall air in!

  18. Our brand new screen door falls off brand new 1st day they came back put a new door on same thing scratched it all up had to caulk it why does a brand new door come off?company jacking us around.Champion Window and door by the way do not use them!!!

  19. The direction in which the wheels move up is CRUCIAL for success in this journey!

  20. You are so correct how to fix it but for me it keeps coming off the track even when I have fixed it

  21. Thanks for the video. Additional tip is to clean the debris out of the track and then use WD40. It allows the screen door to slide very smoothly.

  22. My rollers still did not roll easily, but that was due to them being rusted to the arm they were attached to. Guess I'm not just resetting rollers, but replacing them. Yea! So excited! (not)

  23. Thanks! My literally just popped off the track. It’s too late to fix it tonight so I’ll fix it tomorrow.

  24. Nice video. Please post one showing how to adjust the rollers. THanks

  25. Thank you! I like that your video is direct and to the point. Fixed in under 2 minutes, after a certain person destroyed the vinyl frame on my new patio door trying to fix.

  26. I thought this would save my day as this looks so much like my problem… But the rail here is so high it's impossible to see the rolls when we lift it. My only way to fix it seems to be using the screws in the 4 corners, but for now I fail, I can't figure how to do it… Will continue to search, but thank you anyway !

  27. Just fixed mine using the putty knife, its been stuck completely open since the previous owner of the house. This southern California heat was my motivation to make it work tonight at 11 pm lol..thanks!

  28. Dude. I’ve been living for two years with this issue and finally did something about it. I'll get to the point by saying your advice worked perfectly. But now I’m embarrassed. I considered myself a pretty handy guy. I even poured olive oil on the track – yeah not so smart. Then WD-40. Then I went to YouTube, specifically, here. I thought there’s no way I could be this simple.
    Victory is mine. Victory is mine. Great day in the morning, victory is mine. I drink from the keg of glory. BTW, that's some ninja s#!T, being able to fix 300,000 screen doors. congrats!

  29. Oh my god THANK YOU! My sliding screen door has been bugging me for months and it took about 2 seconds to fix it.

  30. Thank you! I finally got this screen door back on after summer is over but at least i fixed it

  31. OMG, this was a lifesaver. I thought it needed oil because I steam cleaned the track just a week prior. But it was the wheel! OMG, this was so helpful. Like someone else said, it was fixed in under a minute!! THANK YOU!!

  32. I usually put my garbage bins in front of backyard sliding door. So last Jan 28, 2019 winter storm 15~20com, the door was full of snow. I cleaned it from the outside, but even then, the temperature outside is -12C. Was having problems opening it and somehow it came to a point it would slide a bit only. So I thought I damaged the rollers. So today, Saturday -5C outside, where the channels of the sliding door had melted, I tried the tip/trick above, lo and behold, it's just a roller off the tracks! Thanks for this vid and saved me a call for a repair guy. Will donate!

  33. hello sir, not sure if your channel is still active, but is there a way to repair that wheel if it doesn't articulate up and down?

  34. Thank you — ours got screwed up the other day — and now it works again. Life is good.

  35. Just amazing…was about to rip off the screen door out of frustration but thought of searching on you tube for once…thanks a lot for this simple but effective solution. You saved my door !!

  36. Shoot. Now I have to get a dirty putty knife. Will a dirty butter knife work?

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