EMTV Ep 27 – How to Fix Dimo (Flute Membrane)

Hi, my name is Sung Wah and welcome to another episode of EMTV. And today we are going to teach you the proper way of pasting the Dimo on your Dizi. A well pasted Dimo can bring out the best
tone in your Dizi. Today we’ve invited Kok Wee (Hi everyone) to show us how to paste the Dimo on your Dizi. Kok Wee is one of our instructors and he is also very active in the Purple Symphony. And the Purple Symphony is an orchestra with talented musicians with and without special needs. So Kok Wee, can you tell us why is there a
need to properly paste the Dimo. Can we just anyhow paste the Dimo on the Dizi? For the membrane you cannot anyhow paste. Because when you paste too loose, you can’t play a sound. When you paste too tight, the sound
will be mono and dull. And the tone colour won’t come out. So you need it to be the correct tightness
so that you can bring out the good sound of the Dizi You have to adjust the wrinkles on there to produce the vibration and the sound will be nice Ok, adjust the wrinkles on the Dimo.. For those of you who do not know what wrinkles on the Dimo look like, stay tuned. But for now, Kok Wee is will show you
the proper way of pasting the Dimo on your Dizi Firstly, you have to have this membrane. The membrane is extracted from reeds. And a cutter, some water and erjiao. This Er Jiao is a herb extract gel. You have to cut the membrane slightly bigger than the size of the hole, enough to cover the hole And you cut it open. Adjust the wrinkles. And after that you have to put aside, and
add some water around the hole. And apply some Er Jiao Just spread a bit of water around to make
it nice to paste. And use your pinky to remove the excess gel in the hole Paste your membrane. Remember that your membrane grain has to be in the same direction as the bamboo grain. Adjust the wrinkles properly and its done Ok I hope that was useful for you If you have any questions, do leave a comment below. Otherwise, I’ll see you next time.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Hi, thanks for posting this. One question: sometimes is hard to find or have Er Jiao in some countries, I've listened that a piece of garlic can be used, is that make sense? Greetings from Brazil

  2. Thank you for the tutorial, very helpful. What song was he playing at the end? It sounds very nice.

  3. Hi amazing tutorial ,I am from India and I have purchased my first dizi and I must say Dizi has a lovely resonating sound that is only possible with dimo and with the tape the sound becomes fuzzy .

  4. After many videos and after spending all the dimo, I still am unable to produce any sound from my dizi. It's frustrating. Had I known I had to deal with this membrane thing, I'd buy a western flute.

  5. Is putting the membrane a one time thing like keeping the membrane on after playing and playing it again or having to replace it every time after playing?

  6. Thank you for this video. Is it best if the dimo to be completely flush with the membrane hole or is ok for it to dip down into the hole a little? My dimo has got the wrinkles & looks just like it does on this vid but it's dipping into the membrane hole. I'm only getting stable tones when i rest my finger on the dimo, just like when he was tuning the dimo with his finger except leaving it there while blowing as opposed to tapping it.

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