ERP Software Solutions for Modern Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing used to be simple. You made lots of the same product to an acceptable
quality level and you measured manufacturing success in your financials. But, then things changed. Consumers want more choices more often and
you need to bring more innovative products to market faster. Quality has become a key differentiator as
well as a critical competitive advantage. To stay ahead of new global competition you
have to use many of the same low-cost sources they do, which demands careful supply chain
management. Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP Systems,
address some of these challenges, but they have limitations. Most are expensive and require significant
capital investment and costly maintenance contracts, and they demand IT resources and
attention both initially and whenever you upgrade. Legacy ERP Systems are geared more towards
accounting and back office operations then the needs of your plant floor, including:
quality, control and traceability. In short, you need a better tool. An integrated system built for a manufacturer
that solves operational automation from the shop floor to the top floor. The system needs to change and adapt quickly
and without costly upgrades. As your operation becomes more and more complex,
it also needs the flexibility to respond to varying demands and product designs, as well
as more variety in your products. It needs to offer real-time visibility into
inventory, manufacturing processes and performance, and it must empower manufacturers to be more
responsive in their manufacturing operations. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud gives manufacturers
a competitive edge in a challenging environment. We were born in The Cloud, as the ERP solution
for a modern manufacturer. With the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, you get
quality management that’s real-time, closed-loop and ensures you always adhere to regulatory
compliance in industry standards. Tracking and traceability that enables you
to stay on top of your inventory and plant floor activities for faster, more efficient
corrective action. And because it’s a cloud-based solution, it
scales with your business. With Plex, you get agile manufacturing execution
and supply chain performance, industry-leading quality and compliance management. A proven secure cost-effective cloud-based
solution. Learn more about the Plex Manufacturing Cloud
and see how hundreds of successful manufacturers are using Plex to their advantage. Visit us at www.plex.com, or call us 855-534-8012
for a demonstration.

Bernard Jenkins


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