EXTENSO – Revolutionary Milk Analysis Solution

Nowadays health is increasingly at the heart of everyone’s concern. In a changing world, consumer awareness and stricter requirements oblige manufacturers to perform evermore controls to ensure the quality of their products In a connected world, everyone needs to access data in real-time and be alerted quickly. As a professional in your industry you are regularly confronted with obstacles in your laboratory tests. You don’t want to be limited. You need breakthrough test solutions to test more parameters at once. You want to rationalize and simplify test procedures. You don’t want to manage many different technologies from different brands. You need to detect everything instantly. Faster analysis means faster release of your products You don’t want to spend time managing your data or worse losing them. Nowadays, connectivity and traceability are the standards. Unisensor has found the solutions to all these concerns and integrated them into one device. Monitor tens of molecules at once. With EXTENSO, you choose the combinations of molecules you want to screen. Perform tens of analyses in 13 minutes. EXTENSO offers all the latest connecting capabilities with data matrix traceability of your samples. EXTENSO is multiple, flexible, rapid and connected

Bernard Jenkins

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