F4 Solutions Erklärvideo Handwerk 4.0

Franz has a carpentry shop which is doing well and Franz needs higher productivity He knows he could optimize his efficiency with cross-linked production processes, but he is a craftsman … For him, costly Industry 4.0 standards are out of the question Franz needs Crafts 4.0 today He gets the F4® Solutions The integrated complete solution software for the entire production process for every craft business for all machines forever. With F4® Solutions, Franz quickly and easily designs individual pieces of furniture, complete rooms and floors using familiar CAD shortcuts. He directly generates a perspective 3D visualization from the design this hits home and speaks to his customers Planning with library elements in the familiar CAD environment is easy for Franz. Each individual corpus contains all information on materials, fittings or finished parts. Franz produces this data at the touch of a button for his individual production process. Thanks to cutting optimization Franz saves material. Each individual component receives an automatically generated barcode label for further processing Cutting, special work, edge banding and drilling – everything is now cross-linked. F4® Solutions accompanies Franz at all times, increasing his productivity and he is now producing more profitably than ever before F4® Solutions also offers Franz many advantages in assembly and installation: All project drawings are always available and intuitively retrievable. Inconvenient inquiries of his colleagues at the planning staff, double paths and mountains of paperwork – this is now history in his workshop With F4® Solutions Franz has the perfect software package for his complete production process Franz is 100% future-proof. He produces with F4® Solutions Crafts 4.0 today and can upgrade to Industry 4.0 at any time tomorrow. Digitize your workflow with F4® Solutions!

Bernard Jenkins

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